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  1. 11 am GMT.. I have a rare day off work and was chilling in kappa gate shooting a few npc and thinking about how powerful my ship was going to be when I get the booster /sarcasm

    Seriously though why is it not possible to give more than 120 sec notice to a server restart or should I say server meltdown. I will not rant on about how you guys n dolls at BigPoint should be more considerate towards us gamers. Please copy n paste the above mantra, laminate and place around the various workstations in your office, garden shed or wherever you people work from.

    11:14 GMT.. GB1 meltown!!

    I am off to bid on a life on ebay
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    terror it gives a window between 5 and 30 mins before the countdown it pops up on screen for like 3 seconds but I reckon they should do what they do on seafight keep it on the screen until u click ok to say uve seen it cuss u could of been on backscreen

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