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    Happy Chinese New Year!

    Indulge in festivities this Prosperous Event! The latest line of Prosperous Designs have arrived; Prosperous Cyborg Ship Design and Prosperous Pusat Plus Ship Design!

    From Wednesday, 7th February until Tuesday, 13th February, there will be some Prosperous Daily Missions, Prosperous Booty Boxes, Gift Boxes and Prosperous Fragments available in the game.
    A Prosperous Mutation event takes place and you have the chance to obtain Prosperous Achievements!

    The Galaxy Gates Special Rewards Weekend 1 takes place all day long from Friday, 9th until Sunday, 11th February as well as the Double Galaxy Gate Rewards Day and a special 15% Discount on Galaxy Gate spins.

    In addition, the WIZ-X ammunition is available in our shop area again.

    Log in everyday until 16th February to get exclusive Prosperous Calendar rewards, including Indoctrine Accelerator, Extra Energy, CC-C ammunition Diametrion and Prosperous Fragment! There are rewards on 8 days and you have 10 days to claim them all.

    Here’s an overview of the details of the Prosperous Event:
    DateProsperous CalendarProsperous Quests, Boxes, Mutation event,
    WIZ-X ammunition in shopGG Special Rewards weekend 1 / GG Double Rewards Day / 15% Discount on GG SpinsAdditional Special Days
    7th Feb, WedXXX
    8th Feb, ThuXXX
    9th Feb, FriXXXX
    10th Feb, SatXXXX
    11th Feb, SunXXXXNew LF-4 Day
    12th Feb, MonXXXDispatch Day
    13th Feb, TueXXX
    14th Feb, WedX
    15th Feb, ThuX
    16th Feb, FriX
    Prosperous Mutation event & New Achievements
    When using WIZ-X rockets, you have a 30% chance to transform the target into the following ships:
    • Prosperous Berserker Ship Design
    • Prosperous Goliath Plus Ship Design
    • Prosperous Citadel Plus Ship Design
    There are some new achievements that can be reached:

    Radiant ChampionTransform 200 players into Prosperous Goliath Plus, Prosperous Berserker or Prosperous Citadel Plus using WIZ-X rockets40Radiant Champion
    Fortune MasterTransform 500 players into Prosperous Goliath Plus, Prosperous Berserker or Prosperous Citadel Plus using WIZ-X rockets75Fortune Master
    Prosperous EmperorTransform 1000 players into Prosperous Goliath Plus, Prosperous Berserker or Prosperous Citadel Plus using WIZ-X rockets100Prosperous Emperor
    Prosperous SuperstarDuring the Prosperous Event, you successfully receive an auspicious sum of 88,888 Credits via Prosperous Package from Alpha, Beta or Gamma Galaxy Gates (see Special Reward Chance below)100Prosperous Superstar

    New Ship Designs: Prosperous
    During the event, it’s possible to get 2 new ship designs:
    • Prosperous Cyborg Ship Design
    • Prosperous Pusat Plus Ship Design

    Prosperous Booty Boxes
    The new Prosperous Booty Boxes appear on the following maps:
    • X2 – X8
    • Battle Maps
    • Pirate Maps
    You need the Prosperous Fragments to open the boxes which can be obtained through finishing specific Galaxy Gates, a daily mission or just get them via one of the payment packages that will be offered during the event time.

    Main Package

    Additional Content60%

    Epic Package

    ContentDrop Chance
    Inferno Orcus Ship Design
    Inferno Cyborg P.E.T. Design
    2 Inferno Drone Design
    Ocean Venom Ship Design
    Ocean Mimesis Ship Design
    Ocean Phantom Drone Design
    Ocean Spectrum P.E.T. Design
    Lava Mimesis Ship Design
    Lava G-Champion Drone Design
    Lava Hammerclaw Drone Design
    Lava Sentinel P.E.T. Design
    Skull Red Drone Design
    Reaper Red Drone Design
    Blaze Spectrum Drone Design

    Legend Package

    ContentDrop Chance
    Prosperous Cyborg Ship Design25.00%
    Prosperous Pusat Plus Ship Design25.00%
    Prosperous Berserker Ship Design10.00%
    Prosperous Goliath Plus Ship Design10.00%
    Prosperous Citadel Plus Ship Design10.00%
    Prosperous Solace Ship Design10.00%
    Prosperous Hammerclaw Ship Design10.00%

    Rare Package

    ContentDrop Chance
    Argon Tartarus Ship Design20%
    Argon Sentinel Ship Design20%
    Carbonite Cyborg Ship Design20%
    Argon Goliath Plus Ship Design20%
    Blaze Berserker Ship Design20%

    Common Package

    ContentDrop Chance
    Blaze Spectrum Ship Design13.5%
    Blaze Mimesis Ship Design13.5%
    Sandstorm Tartarus Ship Design13.5%
    Poison Mimesis Ship Design13.5%
    Blaze Pusat Ship Design13.5%
    Ocean Enigma Drone Design13.5%
    Blaze A-Elite Drone Design13.5%
    Cerberus Drone Design5.5%

    Additional Content Package

    ContentAmountDrop Chance
    Salvage Core302.00%
    Indoctrine Oil100.50%
    Log Files103.00%
    P.E.T. Fuel1,0002.00%
    Important: The rewards aren’t affected by any boosters!

    Prosperous Event Missions
    Daily - Minimum Level 6

    Travel in X-3 (own company) map for 10,000 Astronomical Units
    Kill: 10 Devolarium or 5 Boss Devolarium
    IAC: 2x
    EXP: 200,000
    Credits: 200,000
    Uridium: 500
    Honor: 80
    Kill: 10 Uber DevolariumIAC: 2x
    Ex: 200,000
    Credits: 200,000
    Honor: 80
    Uridium: 500
    Take 400,000 Damage
    Don't damage any player for 1 hour
    IAC: 2x
    FLX-L: 3
    Honor: 300
    Use 1 FWX-L in X-1 map (own company)IAC: 3x
    ProsperousFragment: 1
    Honor: 300

    Epic - Minimum Level 12

    Finish Galaxy Gates
    • Alpha
    • Beta
    • Gamma
    ABR: 30
    Indoctrine oil: 5
    Exp: 500,000
    Credits: 500,000
    Uridium: 10,000
    Honor: 2,000

    • Cause 650.000 Damage to Emperor Lordakium
    IAC: 25x
    Exp: 500,000
    Credits: 500,000
    Uridium: 10,000
    Honor: 2,000
    Important: The quests won’t be finished when done via Dispatch. The Galaxy Gates need to be done manually!

    Special Reward Chance
    During the event, Pilots have the chance to win a special additional reward for completing the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Galaxy Gates

    ItemDrop Chance
    Inferno Spectrum Ship Design10%
    Inferno Sentinel Ship Design10%
    Prosperous Package including the chance to get
    • 88,888x Credits (will definitely be in there, not chance-based)
    Additional Content: 1 of the following
    • 8,888x Uridium (80%)
    • 8x Extra Energy (0.8%)
    • 8x IAC (0.8%)
    • 8x Diametrion (0.8%)
    • 8x Indoctrine Oil (0.8%)

    When you get this Prosperous Package a brand-new achievement with a new title „Prosperous Superstar“ will be unlocked!
    Prosperous Fragment: 2100%
    *Each item is rolled individually, meaning there is a chance to get all 3 for 1 gate!
    Important: These rewards aren’t available for players who complete these gates via Dispatch! The Galaxy Gate Double Reward Day doesn’t have effect on the additional ABG rewards!

    Bonus Damage
    With using some special ammunition, you can deal bonus damage to specific NPCs:
    CC-C ammunition7,5Emperor
    Uber Devolarium
    Uber Devolarium
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