Protection system for new players

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    Protection system for new players

    As the DarkOrbit maps can be a dangerous place, we want to protect our new players. So, we have a few things in place to help keep you safe on your space adventures:

    This is the home base map. (Example is map 1-1. The same applies in maps 2-1 & 3-1)

    Locate your Mini Map.

    There is a blue bar located on the left-hand edge of the radar screen. This is your Enemy Indicator (as shown below):

    Lower level protection.jpg

    Protection item #1
    The single yellow bar on the Enemy Indicator (commonly known as the "Threat Meter") indicates that there is one enemy ship in this map. Look out for this, as it is important information.

    The "Threat Meter" will be active on your own company maps X-1 and X-2, and will function for all players, regardless of their level.

    Protection item #2
    In map X-1 only, any enemy ships will appear with a red dotted square around them, to make them easier to spot.

    You will also be able to see them no matter where they are in the map (this feature will only remain in effect until you reach level 6).

    Protection Item #3
    Another protection system in place, is that you cannot be attacked on your X-1 map by enemy ships, unless you fire on them first.
    So if you see enemy players on your home base map, the best tip is to leave them alone. They cannot cause any harm to anyone unless they are being shot at.

    This protection is for all levels, so everyone is protected in their home map.

    Tip: Remember, they can attack you if you attack them!
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