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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, May 17, 2022.

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  1. I'm so sick of the bots now that I'm just shooting them from my own company off the prots and sending them to port. Not popping them as I lose honour but something I did notice which is odd. The moment I start shooting bots off event aliens the server starts to lag. Having an unorthodox player disrupting the flow of bots seems to destabilize this game at times. Also when ever I go on Discord and stream of Darkorbit the bots always seems to be far less as if they are being shielded. Maybe it sounds like conspiracy stuff but there is something sleazy going on in this game.
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  2. I know players who have parked their ships for a long time waiting for BP to make a move but nothing has happened in years so some of those players have lost hope and faith and moved on from the game. No progress from BP regarding this from which we as players can tell and poor management regarding this topic for years. Imagine how many players who've left the game due to the bots. I'm one of them soon. I'm really sick of them just like you are especially now that they've been around for so long and I have seen the same bots everyday for ages not getting punished in any matter. The ranking system has no worth because of this. I mean they bot gates 24/7 so there's no way of competing against them in the ranks. Since BP hasn't spoken & made a statement or given us an update regarding bots in years it makes me genuinely believe that they've decided that botting & cheating is okay or maybe they have just given up and accepted botters in their game but if that's the case they should update their game rules since the current rules say something completely else which is misleading. They have managed to present a game that rewards botters & cheaters and punishes fair & legit players following the rules for years now. I also shoot them to the portals but at the end of they day it only hurts my ingame economy and they are so many at this point that it almost makes no difference. If this keeps going for a little while longer I'm positive that this game won't be around for much longer. It's completely up to BP if they want to run this game into the dust or not. If the botters aren't gone relatively soon, that will be it for this game. At least for me, honestly.
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  3. Star*Fire

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    it does seam that all events are just from the bots anymore, kinda like they designed them just from them.
  4. I play in the evening for 6 hours, I get about 40,000 fragments of chaos
    by the end of the promotion I will get about 500k shards, which will give 600+ rare processors
    I don’t see any problems with bots, there are quite a lot of NPCs on any map, especially around the edges of the map where they appear
  5. The only problem i see with that would be fair play, if you can get that in about 6 hours which is about what a legit player might get in one day.
    Imagine how much a bot that is running the event every minute can get from this event?
    please tell me in your mind how this is fair play which is suppose to be what BP strives for (or so they say they do).
    That is my only issue pretty much with the bot's well that and the fact they use a locking cheat as well but that's for another subject. Cheers
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  6. i feel same round egdes i do same as u as if chase the npcs bots get there 1st ....they wont ban bots let alone help honest out thats why i log in for breath chat with few others after work then log out games laggy all time crashes and totally unfair no challenge left and trust me there do nout bout it as normal just nother player moaning past caring bots fight for rank and win on every event been same for ages and it wont change :)))oh well i dont spend no more avent in 4 years so all good
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  7. Literally 90% of all accounts are botting. Out of 70 bot kills in an hour one player shot me back.
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