Pusat design too OP?

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  1. Hey guys/girls,

    I have been watching some videos today on YouTube about the new Pusat design on Turkey servers. What I have seen so far is ruining of the game, or I am wrong? From the videos I can see that the Pusat has the equal speed of Spearhead (?) or a bit faster? Plus more firepower than the Goliath, meaning 2 Pusats in a group can hunt almost anyone down without a chance to survive?

    Just look at this video:

    I don't know, for me it is better this design to stays on Turkey servers, cause I think it will destabilize the game.

    Do you have any thoughts on this guys? Vengeance is already really powerful if played correctly, I don't think we need this design. If this really goes live on all servers, I think we need immediate Goliath counter design.

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  2. Well, from what I've seen the Spearhead pilot(s) didn't use any of his abilities to escape. The Pusat ship looks like a Santa (etc.) bot compressed. The playa has boosters probably double. I dunno, but the numbers when hitting was in the 40,000+ range. Not that hard hittin' compared to a Goli. But, the speed is a factor where the Vengi shines.

    Actually you need 3 Vengi's to cause Hell and you don't need to be UFE just FE :eek:

    Haha - many hunt in 2's when hunting regardless of ship, so that is a non-factor.

    Need to see the specs to know anything else. If I don't know it - I don't know o_O

    Thanks for the video - OP.
  3. The problem in the Vengeance is the speed. Basically, Vengeance is really weaker than the Goliath. But, there are many experienced players around that are flying Vengeance for ages, and know how to kill a Goliath in 1v1. That is true, no one can't say no to this. Vengences are more used now than before, I think. As every player gets strong and stronger, understands that sometimes speed can be a BIG factor in PvP. It's not everything in hit power.

    I don't know what server you play on, but on Global Europe 7 sometimes is one Vengeance enough to make hell around and escape safely. With this Pusat, they will be unstoppable.

    What could the Spearhead really use? They were hitting him, meaning no Ultimate Cloak. He can't cancel any ability, cause those things don't have ability. So, free kill I guess? :)
  4. People are overestimating how powerful it is.

    This ship has 270k HP with hercs and double HP boosters. Play around with some configs and you could kill it with 1 using moth. It has only 1 more slot for lasers then the goliath; this is hardly noticeable like the damage increase in Influence designs. The extra speed means next to nothing also, and would only be good for running away from goliaths (good luck running from a Lightning). It was quite apparent that people were also worrying about it winning in JPA - No chance that this ship will win vs spectrum or sentinel 1v1. Someone suggested that the player could just run for 2 minutes while the other guy is using the sentinel ability, but if that's your tactic you shouldn't be in JPA you should be doing a marathon.

    There obviously will be some good players in Pusat but overall it's a weaker ship then the spectrum and sentinel and probably beatable in bastion as well.

    There's not a lot of maths to back up the points I've made but do them yourself and you'll see that goliath design ships are generally better.
  5. Let me tell a story about this game first, something I have experienced my self in the last couple of days. Here we go:
    I have made new account on another server, just to see how this game went forwards with all the changes. That's when I understood why this game doesn't get many new players around. Here's the thing: UFE's camp low maps and don't let new players move from port, even box. Yeah, I got shot 50 times in 1 hours because I was cought boxing in x-2 map with no uridium ship. With this Pusat, they will be even faster and will hit harder. We all know that UFE's this days hunt with Vengeance cause of the speed, and still hit 80k+ dmg and kill almost everything around. It is true that one laser won't change much, but the SPEED changes too much things. They made lightning speed boost as a skill, and now someone proposes to make overall Vengeance much more faster?

    If this idea really goes live, we need Spearhead boost (HP mostly likely needs to be boosted) and also Goliath counter design. It is true that it won't win JPA, no one talks about this.

    What I was talking is about everyday boxing on PvP map for example (and even camping low maps, doing more and more kills). If one UFE starts camping maps, they can just clear everything around. We all know that when someone boxes on PvP map, doesn't usually go with fight config (except it is a case of UFE players, non-UFE's players need 2 speed config to escape from attacks).

    Overall, I feel it's overpowered. Just watch the video I have posted, you will see it is a real massacre over everything, even Spearhead. First time in my life, I can see my Spearhead useless.
  6. I don't know why everyone doubts the pusat in JPA, the difference in HP would make a difference yes but I'm sure good fighters would learn how to counter this... But if it were to come up in JPA, I believe it wouldn't be too bad

    people are forgetting, 2 more generator slots doesn't necessarily mean more speed. Remember, shields can go here too. And to match a goliaths speed of 540, the vengence only needs 7 G3N-7900 generators. This would leave five extra slots for B02s. Which is an added 50k shields (at least) or an added 57.5k (maximum due to upgraded bo2s-disregarding shield boosters).
    Obviously as you think about it, its not that much but in pvp small details make big differences.
    Also add the extra LF4 which is an extra (potential) 212 dmg (disregarding boosters), again ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Then add on whatever is on the drones, this could make the Pusat have a much better speed configuration than a goliath

    However, when we speak on the battle configuration side, the pusat lacks 3 generator slots in comparison to the goliath. This would make the difference of maximum, 56925 shields (3 level 16 shields, the shield design and two shield boosters). But it would have the extra 212 damage (without boosters).

    so effectively to use the pusat, the player would have to focus mainly on their speed config as that is where they could completely outpower the enemy goliath/aegis.
  7. That's I wanted to say. Pusat has 6 more lasers than any other Vengeance design, also 2 more generators. It is much if we compare to the other designs. With this new design, it becomes the fastest ship around.

    When DO introduced Spearhead, it became the fastest ship. That's why they gave it low HP, so it won't be overpowered (also, low number of lasers too). But now, they are making new fastest ship, giving them more firepower than any other ship around. For me, the combo of speed + best firepower is overpowered.
  8. Yeah the assassin configuration is extremely overpowered but not only this, I just can't wait for players to start unlocking the secrets of the pusat because only then will people realize how truly OP the ship is
  9. It is good that I have finally found someone that understands how powerful this design will be. No matter what, speed + best fire power is the best combination around. I just really don't want it to become live on all servers, or it can be available on all servers, but DO must give us another design that will counter this design, and make Spearhead more viable. With this Pusat design, Spearhead is a useful ship.
  10. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I can never see a Pusat being very successful in JPA, at best the Goliath can just not chase it and wait out until the rad zone closes in. A good player in a Pusat will beat incompetent Goliaths, however that would happen with a regular vengeance as well.

    However the JPA is an event that should only happen for about 3 hours each month, so the Pusat's performance in the JPA isn't a good representation of how it will be in the game. When it comes to hunting with assassin configs it will be the absolute best, it is a hit and run machine that can outpace everything bar the lightning - which is has greater firepower than instead.
    A tag-team of Pusat's will be an absolute nightmare in battlemaps, however currently regular vengs are as well - on GE1 there is a clan of 7 or 8 lightings that just shoot, emp and run over and over to kill whoever they are fighting, they will just be better at it in Pusats.

    The biggest issue is, we can sit here and theorize all day what it will be best at, will can't actually find out because we don't have access to it. On top of that we aren't even being told when we will be able to find out.
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  11. Okapi as I have wrote above, the problem is NOT in JPA. No one doubts that, face on face battle with Goliath is a loose for the Pusat for sure.

    If we take into consideration face in face battle Pusat Vengeance and non-Pusat Vengeace, this second one won't stand a chance at all. So, we come to a step that all the other Vengeance designs are being useless just by releasing one new design?
  12. Okapi32

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    If the aim of JPA is to win it then the regular veng is just as useless. If you read what else I wrote then you will see I say JPA is irrelevant as far as the power of the Pusat is concerned.
  13. Hello ¤hüñ‡ë®¨¦MKЦ¨¤

    The video was removed you can carry on the discussion on the said topic here and if needed you can post the same video in Media Section.
  14. True, and I have said that I didn't thought of any problems with the Pusat in JPA at all :) I am worried about the overall power of the Vengeance on all the maps and maybe on some events, NOT including JPA. :)

    Sorry Poseidon, I didn't knew that I shouldn't post videos here. :)
  15. STED

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    Please explain me - what means "JPA"?
  16. JackPotArena Abbreviated to JPA.

    Maybe so but as stated I do believe the speed configuration would be the advantage in JPA and so I wouldn't expect it to run away with such benefits. (As in I'd expect the Pusat to stay in close combat, especially when "running").

    But yes, in the maps, it would be extremely OP and I think this has been established. I don't really understand why bigpoint released this design because it
    A) increases the speed of the veng so much so it is as quick as a spearhead, which undermines the appeal for the spearhead
    B) creates an even more un-level playing field -not that bigpoint care about as it gets them more money but you'd expect a company to listen to the customers

    I can't really say much more than what everyone has already said^^
  17. Exactly what I have tried to say above. With this design, Spearhead is nothing, really. If DO releases this design, they must change the Spearhead too, or give the Spearhead new design that will boost maybe the HP so we have some equality between the Pusat and the Spearhead.Or maybe not HP, DO can give the Spearhead, let's say 10 lasers or 11 maybe, so it's somehow equals cause the Spearhead has some cool abilities.

    If we talk more on this, it comes out that they give you the same speed and the BEST firepower with just one design, plus more HP than the Spearhead. Cause of this, I think that Pusat is just too much unballanced.
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  18. STED

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    Thank YOU)))
  19. ramnik

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    You guys talking like spearhead, vengi and goli only ships that can fight it lol, what about the aegis? aegis would destroy it lmao. not everyone in maps goes flying around in spearhead and vengis^^
  20. I don't think Aegis has the chance of fighting it face in face. +6 lasers is much more damage. If Goliath can destroy Aegis, than Pusat can for sure.

    I was talking about those too cause they won't be viable ships anymore. Face in face battle with Goliath will be loose for the Pusat for sure (according to me Goliath is still the most powerful ship). But, when it comes to the other Vengeance designs and Spearhead, they will fall behind. Also, I didn't talked about credit ship above, or Leonov which is the best ship for new players. They will be in a very bad position too.