Pusat design too OP?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ¤hüñ‡ë®¨¦MKЦ¨¤, Apr 3, 2015.

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  1. Generally the aegis might beat the pusat because usually the aegis should overpower the vengence but this is different. this new veng has an added 6 lasers and even more shield strength. The extra damage alone makes the pusat ideal to fight the aegis because the extra damage means the reps of the aegis less significant

    of course everyone thinks aegis can just sit on moth with high dmg because the reps will heal its hp but the way to counter moth fighters is to hit as hard as possible so you're not giving them the chance to take down hp as quick thus, the pusat would be the perfect counter for this as it should hit the hardest out of any other ship- disregarding dmg designs on goliath aegis etc.
  2. At first I thought the Pusat would be stronger considering it has 16 laser slots (only 1 more than a goli) and I just about only use a goli at the moment for its power... but the Pusat's thing is only having 16 laser slots, 12 gen slots and reduced hp, theres no additional damage boost therefore a goliath can still be stronger. The only time the Pusat is stronger is if the goliath is in a shield design.

    And it would also be a bit stronger against certain goli configs that are in a power design
    Like if a goli is hitting less than 4k (5% of 4,000 ~ 200. And the Pusat having just 1 extra slot assuming a lf4 is what 212? and thats 12 more dmg considering the goli has non upgraded lf4s, even 15 lf3s x 150 [lf3 dmg] +5% ~ 2.3k [if non sepped non upgraded lf3s].
  3. it's not the thing in dmg but in trolls who will get advantage of its speed and high dmg.
    just imagine those annoying ppl and now days more and more ppl play like that hit and run like little noobs, no one stick to fight to the end.
    ppl will have to use more emps and more ammo will go to waste coz trolls will fight and then run like crazy.
  4. We are not talking about Pusat vs Goliath. I think it is clear to all that the Goliath will still stay the strongest. The problem is that any other Vengeance design will be useless, Spearhead will be useless (same speed, but 5 lasers?? :eek: even Pusat will have more HP than Spearhead too (?)). If we consider the Leonov and other credit ships, it's going to be really unfair, unbalanced design.

    ^^ Exactly what I wanted to say meanwhile I was writing my post.
  5. ramnik

    ramnik User

    Normal vengeance wont be useless, have you seen how much hp a pusat can get? it may have less lasers but more hp.
  6. How much HP can Pusat get than? And you tell me that +6 lasers is nothing special? :D
  7. One thing. Speed config will be so OP :D If base speed is 380 Pusat needs only 7 speed gens to match Goliath speed which means you can put 5 more shields compared to Goliath while going same speed :p So u can put more LF4 in drones while having same or more shield than Goliath and even hitting more, one thing I must remember is that to never try to chase these things :D

    Pusat fast config will destroy Goli fast config if Pusat has 450 speed (or 460 to still have the speed advantage while hitting more and having more shield).

    And to the normal Venge comparison, 2 more generators and 6 more lasers, gap is bigger than between Venge and Nostromo :p
  8. Exactly as you said. There will be space for trying a lot new configurations with Pusat. The main problem is the speed, it is too fast and if we compare the stats with Spearhead, which has the same speed, Spearhead is 0 compared to this design. :)
  9. When I saw the pusat design, I think it was a spectrum-like design with a similar ability. But with 6 extra lasers and 2 generators makes the vengeance a too strong ship. You can't escape and you can't catch it.

    Maybe isn't a big problem for advanced players, but for rookies... no words...
  10. That's the general point I'm getting. Rookie's are obviously gunna die from it (like they do from every other ship) but I personally think it will be no trouble at all. I'm just looking forward to playing in it.
  11. By Rookie you mean FE players? Currently, FE players die from UFE Vengeances when attacked. So, +6 lasers and rookies will die more I guess?
  12. Lol you realize this will create a whole different meaning of the phrase group hunting.

    On my server there was a small group of say 3-6 vengs who used to hunt. Some ufe some not. All lightning. They used to destroy everything with ease. Just think about that, all of them on assassin configs with ish emp rsb x4. None would die because they'd back away quicker than you could chase and before you even got there, you'd already have taken too much damage.

    Giving these vengs even more power allows them to hit even harder and finish you off even quicker. Now, there is even less of a chance of survival because they are so speedy as well. 3 Pusats jump you and you emp and cloak in a goliath, normal veng, spear, aegis you will not escape

    If you still believe it will be a walk in the park with these perfect for guerrilla fighters, I hope you get jumped by 4 of them on assassin so you can experience how much trouble it really is
  13. Other ships you would most likely get killed in if 4 of them jumped you:

    • Vengy
    • Goliath
    • Aegis
    • Spearhead
    • Citadel (freeze rockets = no escape).
    I'm being presented with arguments like none-UFE players being killed by a Pusat (obviously) and 4 pusat jumping on 1 goliath would be certain death; obviously guys. In 1v1, the Pusat is really not overpowered. And I would also say in group fights with the same numbers, goliaths would most likely come out on top due to the advantages that they have (shield/dmg boosts, skill designs) and on the odd chance that the Pusats win I'm guaranteeing that it's because someone in a goliath messed up (think about it, sentinel and spectrum are the overpowered thing here).
  14. Sentinel and Spectrum are not overpowered at all. You use the ability, there you go. 20 minutes cooldown, do your best. That's not power when you have to wait 20 minutes for something to be able to use again.

    What power for me is, make a ship as fast as Spearhead, give him more HP than Spearhead and yeah, give it 11 more lasers. Let the game begin!
  15. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    I believe the Goli will remain the strongest ship because of it's extreme flexibility (many designs with different boosts/abilities and generally it already is a very balanced ship).
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  16. I have said in the previous posts like 20 times, it's not a comparison between Pusat and Goliath and what will be stronger. GOLIATH WILL WIN AGAIN.

    I am trying to compare Pusat with other non-Vengeance designs and other ships in the game.
  17. Maybe you should change the title to Pusat too OP versus Spearheads (even though everything is OP versus spearheads).
  18. ramnik

    ramnik User

    pusat vs aegis, aegis wins^^
    pusat vs citadel citadel wins :p
    pusat vs spearhead pusat wins :D
    and the other ships are too weak anyway unless its a leo in lowers.

    thats all the ships i guess :p
  19. no they made the spearhead as a recon ship, it says that, recons dont have alot of stuff, there fast and lightweight, the vengi is not however a recon ship, besides, its most likely going to stay on the turkish servers for another year, giving you enough time to save up on youre uri and buy an aegis and lasers to go with it, aegis vs that, pusat loses,you act like one design is going to make the vengi sooo much, like exponentially better than any other ship ever, like you could cube in that thing and solo one being fe in like, 2 minutes. yeah no, the goli is still going to be better, the citadel is still going to be better, the aegis is still going to be better, a pro in a pnut is going to be better. as for the pvp side, i understand, but its a competitive game played with other humans, humans like winning, winning is easy when i can do 80k dmg do a ship with 120k hp. leonov is a bad ship for new players as the vengi is now the easiest thing to get in trade, and a vengi in lighting can easily destroy this thing, its simply another version of a goliath, that instead has been rewired.
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  20. goliath if used right can destroy anything, anything if used right can destroy anything, im surprised you arent in a bunch over the 25 friends design for nostro, its nearly twice as much as this in terms of hp and lasers, or might as well be as a credit ship, but an aegis, 250k base hp, and the ability to repair itself and its shields... you have gotta be either the noobiest noob ever or just be stupid to lose in that thing
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