Pusat design too OP?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ¤hüñ‡ë®¨¦MKЦ¨¤, Apr 3, 2015.

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  1. i posted this in the wrong place:

    here is my 2 cents or however much that breaks down to Turkish $$, DO is going to do the same thing to this design that they have done to others it will just be a matter of time, after a boatload of players have purchased it before they make a change to make it weaker or less of the ship it came out as, remember the Kami??? this is whole heartily a $$$ for DO and nothing more. so everyone take a chill pill and fly the ship you have and make it stronger the heck with other servers DO wants to make $$$$$ and right now the Turks are forking over their money just like alot of players have done in the past. Does anyone see that many players on their servers anymore?? NO because they got tired of the DO promises and let downs and said the heck with this game....The players left here are dealing with the fact that they have put either a lot of time or money into this "investment" and are just riding the wave to see if things will ever change....
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  2. are you taking the mick? Pusat would overpower aegis any day... the best way to defeat a aegis is by hitting hard so you make its abilities insignificant- whatever way you look at it, this is true. and the pusat can do just that

    pusat vs citadel... everything beats citadel it is rubbish in 1v1

    pusat vs spearhead obviously pusat will win

    pusat vs any other ship but goliath pusat will win
  3. Not quite sure who you've been fighting against, but it's not a walk over. If you want we can try it when the Pusat comes out and I guarantee you're opinion will change :) I can usually win vs goliath in Aegis. 1v1 with citadel and pusat in training arena = RIP pusat.
  4. ramnik

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    Lol i beat goli's with aegis easy. but like katiowa said, i'd be more than happy to test out which is stronger :)
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  5. relax

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    I kill almost anything now with my golden vengy, even 2vs1 with ufe players(I'm ufe too don't be mad) so that thing will absolutely be unstopppable on the right hands, but as I said, It will never ever win an 1vs1 in jpa with a goli, oly on maps.
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  6. I don't see the reason for this, really.

    It's my thoughts on the Pusat, we will see how it goes.
  7. Chill out guys Pusat won't be as OP as you guys think it will be, people running suicides with it will simply die with an RSB shot or two... And their other configs you just Sab RSB combo on crab formation since it will counter the moth... Easy kills. Yeah it's fast but we have ice rockets and slow down combos :) as for groups of pusats.. Just fly in a group. It's like fighting a group of aeigisis they'll just keep repping each other making it hard and annoying to kill them, if you have the right skill and knowledge of the game you'll be able to kill them easy.
  8. I fought a Pusat in TA by the way, half configed him xD
  9. Anyone meet the Pusat in TA?
  10. ßőŋεѕ

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    Pusat design for GB1 when ?
  11. No one know for sure :) DO said maybe it will come to all server, but still not a word. :)

    Yeah, in TA Pusat won't last long. Goliath will tear it apart :D
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  12. probably in like 18 months after bigpoint have sucked all the money out of the turk servers and need more money from everyone else.

    if you read up i put some posts on the pusat's speed config and even if it isn't an assassin config, the speed advantage can allow them to lose 5 generator slots and replace them with shields and STILL have the same speed as a goliath. YET hit harder too. So this extra shield and extra damage is what makes it OP.
    I give it a couple of months for people to figure this out and fly without the speed boost and use it only because of the dmg boost which will make it OP.

    Also, its not the same as any other group of ships, this will be the most hard hitting ship in groups. 3-5 pusats fly together and shoot the same opponent at once, they're going to die easy and if they do utilize their speed advantage nobody will be able to escape.

    Now I see what you're saying, any group of ships can cause havoc to another group - true, 5 aegis all on assassin config all use rep pod+ hp rep they'll smash people and survive, yes. But this group is the strongest, the fastest and the "nippyest" they'll fly in an out and destroy people the quickest.

    Again I know the hp will be an issue but I believe this is the only downfall - and no abilities ofc.
  13. Again I'll explain; it only has 1 more laser slot. With a fully upgraded LF4 that will only give the Pusat an extra 600 damage (yes I meant to write 600 not 6000). On the other hand (as I previously mentioned) if a UFE goliath can make max damage of 70,000 with x4 WITHOUT a damage design, in an enforcer design it will have 3500 more damage which is approximately 5.83 times more damage then this extra laser slot of the pusat.

    The pusats damage is not OP.
  14. This has been a fun thread to read, lots of good points...

    my 2 cents: Any 1v1... The Pusat will be shreaded like paper-mache, just crab and sab...done....or go toe-to-toe moth, you would still win easily, Just imagine a heart, herc, saturn, goli. hitting 40-50 k whites still, with 500k plus HP, fighting this pusat hitting 70-80k with less that 150k HP....Pusat is dead dead dead.

    But any noob (or boxer) is toast, no more getting away in a double speed config in a Spearhead, that ship is done for now, that's too bad really...making an interesting ship close to worthless now.

    Groups of these will wreak havok, but groups of anyone typically wreak havok anyways, so no real change from what I can tell there.

    RIP spearhead, that's the sad truth here. Goli will be fine, Ageis will be fine, even lightning Vengies will be in play still, Spearheads are done for.
  15. Let me explain than one more time too, why I was mostly concerned by this design. Yes, the damage is not highest, we are ok with that. The combination of fastest speed + damage is INSANE. :)

    Do you understand why I was complaining?

    Finally, we got the point. There will be too many useless ships after introducing this design. :) That concerned me the most.

    And, I won't lie too. I am huge fan of Spearhead. I don't like to see it as a useless ship soon. :(
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  16. can you explain to me how you only gathered 600 dmg?
    a full upgaded LF4 hits 212. x4 ammo = (212 x4) ... 848 dmg extra on x4 + (212 x 6) 1272 dmg extra on rsb
    Then add in factors like boosters seprom etc you will see a somewhat bigger difference

    sorry but this example is rubbish lol...
    You've interpreted the goliath as the ship with the max hp it can get, without boosters and on what sounds like reasonable configs with the damage it hits
    Yet you've said the pusat "with less that 150k hp" .this doesn't really make sense so I'm interpreting this as you thinking the pusat has 350k hp (150k hp less than the goliath)? and you've also said it hits the maximum dmg it can hit...

    For starters, the pusat isn't the strongest ship as the goliath can hit more due to its design damage, vanquisher for example which would outweigh the 1 additional lf4. So what I'm saying is, if you're going to use the pusat's max dmg in your example surely you must do the same for the goliath and put it on max dmg configs?

    In the fight itself, no matter how I look at this example I can't help but thinking this goliath is going to get shredded. The pusat can sab at around 35-40k dmg so it will be dealing this dmg whilst only taking 0-15k dmg and say it has the shields of around 400-500k, it should take around 27 hits of x4 (minimum) to be rid of this at this constant rate. But 27 hits of the pusats 35k (minimum) sab will deal just under 950k dmg which would surely be enough to take out that config. and once the shields are gone it will rip up the hp with the hits of 70-80k dmg.
    -Not including all other items in fights as both sides can use them so it is almost balanced-

    The other way I'd see this fight going is the goliath mothing the pusat but with the pusat's dmg, the goliath will be losing shield immediately and add on tech items and such to the fight-energy leach and battle rep bot- the pusat would easily counter the moth by using pincer/chevron when their hp is low enough

    Honestly though I do believe there is a way of killing any ship using this pusat... Unfortunately, I won't be able to try it out anytime soon to give any proper factual evidence on this seeing as bigpoint just neglect other servers... but yeah i think the guerrilla tactic could do wonders with this pusat
  17. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    I'm not impatient, I just want the Pusat now (0_-);)
  18. Lol same I just wanna give it a go! prove all these haters wrong xD
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  19. Can't wait for these in my server :)
    Still gotta remember golis have abilities like the spectrum and sentinel the Pusat will hit slightly a little more than the goli but it won't make a difference since it's about like 300 :/ goli will always have second most shields next to a citadel cuz of the shield bonuses :) but we'll just have to see buddy :) Pusat sounds OP but perhaps it might not be :eek:
  20. I wanna give Pusat a go as well tired of using the same old goli :( any ship is OP if you know how to use it btw :D
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