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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Peo0pl3GA5, May 13, 2015.

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  1. gooler

    gooler User

    i think you are right rich players toy
  2. Too many spearhead players have got lazy. It's not enough to just run away any more; you'll have to work on your tactics to evade players. Boxers in PvP used to be untouchable (shoot them once and they fly off into the sunset) and now you're going to have to work harder to collect your boxes and remain alive.

    The general idea I'm getting from this thread is no one knows how to run away? Have you heard of EMP, Cloaks, Slow Mine, Slow Rocket and freeze rocket? Can I also take a moment to refer to my signature.
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  3. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    1. You'd be suprised, we even got a ''complaining cafe'' at dutch forum

    2. Do is getting more expensive, i don't think that is attractive for new players

    3. It's not about goliath being crushed by pusat, it's about spear, i still hate the combination of firepower and speed, even with its low a hp a spear doesn't stand a chance against pusat while (due to it's higher number of generators) against a normal vengeance, it could still cause some decent damage. Spear used to be the runner ship, even with emp cloak or the super expensive slow rocket, a pusat could still fire emp as well, loosing the debuff and since it's almost always faster then you are, you will most likely die.

    Overall I think darkorbit introduced a to OP sniper design, or a variant over the spearhead. I hope that people who are saying that it will eventually die out are correct, but I fear not.

    More snipering, less pvp ^^
  4. jackknife

    jackknife User

    bisphenol says
    "low HP" argument would work for me if I was double damage/HP/shield boosted, full Havoc and LF4 - i.e. UFE. But I'm far from this status... So the Pusat is a new toy for UFEs to even more efficiently trash around new and weak and even moderately strong players."

    I'm running a vengi and I just got owned by one or two one eic the othe other vru both ufe or close

    this can be a game changer for new players as as colonels and generals come hunt those that got away or can get away

    no more checking this game out as in new players, us older new players are used to being popped but that being said the game has taken a change for the worse
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  5. bisphenol

    bisphenol User

    Seems you have to work harder to kill a spearhead, don't be so lazy as it's certainly not untouchable... Equip yours (it's only 45k uri if you don't have one) with Elite design (easily bought from trade for credits), make a good fight/damage config and follow them into "the sunset" - it's a PvP map and they can't jump out while under fire. Use DCR, Ice rocket, or set a Slow Mine trap - you heard about these, right?

    How weird, but I can't buy anything effective to protect myself against UFE Pusat. And even when slowed down, Pusat fires EMP and catches me. I assume you are familiar with EMPs.
    Buy but still die...

    Since Pusat came out, I'm seeing noobies mostly in Bigboys, Nostromos and Leonovs with three or four flaxes respawning on port constantly. There are of course Vengeances and Goliaths with few Irises among them as well. All of this is happening on my x-3 map and I'm keeping a lock on an UFE Pusat killing all these players.
    Well, some darn brave player, I must admit and give him a due credit...
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  6. I'm never going to equip a spearhead as it's too weak and doesn't match my play style. If you are beggining to talk about uridium as if it's nothing why dont't you instead buy a pusat (it's only 250k uri if you don't have one).

    How am I also able to evade multiple pusats at once with the items I am able to buy from the shop? I assume you are familiar with the items you can buy.
  7. bisphenol

    bisphenol User

    I experienced how hard UFE spearheads can hit; 20 lf4 on the drones, 5 on the ship plus good uri rockets, HST and PET, along with the Elite design. Add double dmg booster, and good drone formation and this will kill noobie spearhead and even goliath in few seconds.
    Regarding Pusat - I clearly explained that it doesn't give me any more survival chances. Otherwise I would probably buy it for "olny" 250k uridium.

    Then please share your wisdom with me - tell me how and what do I need to buy. Maybe because you are UFE?
  8. spear on full dmg conf can hit up to 60k with x4 with everithing you mention up there, rsb 90k.
    but we cant use full dmg conf. for hunts spear have uber low hp, and with shields on ship is to slow.

    btw pusat is not 5 times stronger than spear as someone mention it up in coments lol.
    i bet someone with skills culd pop pusat with spear in 1 on 1.
  9. bisphenol

    bisphenol User

    Yes, I agree this can pop Pusat flying on suicide config if Spearhead fires first (using its ability) and probably uses ISH. If the Pusat's pilot reaction is not adequate and fast enough there's little for him to do - except repair...
    Now, imagine the reverse situation; the only difference is that Pusat cannot approach to Spearhead without being visible on minimap.
  10. I do remember rumors years ago of designs to alter ships stats and equipment slots...at the time I was thinking another bogus lie but now I see its becoming very true.
  11. The new DO...fire 1st...we have a winner...fire 2nd...we have a loser!
  12. bisphenol

    bisphenol User

    Surgeon is not different, actually. It gives an extra generator slot that will in most cases be used for a speed gen, so that is another ship for hunting noobie goliaths.
    In fact, neither Pusat nor Surgeon are designs - they are completely different ships; the only similarity to a design is that they require having a ship (vengeance and goliath, respectively) in order to use them.
    The difference between ship and a design melts here...
  13. You put way too much thought behind the concept.And the Surgeon(Ancient Master) is equally great for npc hunting as it has dmg and rank boost with extra speed if you use it.
  14. What do you expect? The game is designed to make players pay for uridium and get a better ship. Bit like every other game, you will obviously die really easily against players who are stronger then you and who have a better ship.
  15. bisphenol

    bisphenol User

    There are already so many overpowered things that give unstoppable edge to the UFEs. Like LF4s, Havocs, Hercules, Apis and Zeus, Upgrades, double boosters, stronger and stronger ammo is not enough, the game gets even more firepower upgrades instead of bugfixes and changes to keep the new players.
    Because when newbies will finally leave due to insta-popping (well, there should be an insta pop ability for a future design/ship for only 750k uri) and the lack of any help from experienced/UFE players, then DO will have to shut down the game. But as long as the balance is positive, the show will go on with less and less "player<->developer" communication and players on the maps...

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