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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by xGEMINIx-[GUN]-, May 30, 2024.

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  1. So recently decided to start back playing, most of which know me is from EAST 1, originally and still is a pvp server:

    Now whats going on with pvp, as soon as u kill the same player 5 times or 5 kills and 3 deaths by them its consider pushing, then you get banned, boom goes your ranking and now your 1 step from perma banned.

    Bases: none of us try to have bases no more because you cant protect it based off of people trying to push ban you.

    new tactic on game is for low lifes.

    Anyways i would like a cm/b.a respond to this and give ideas how to stop this, whats the point of a PVP server!!!

    take away anti push, it doesnt make sense to even have it as a feature because these pvp quests are garbage anyways.

    point is either remove push banning or MAKE THE KILL/DEATH AMOUNT LIKE 35!!! within 30 mins, maybe it would bring back some players...
  2. Lithinir

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    Another thing that bothers me is that there is a gameplay tactic using a certain ship that can cause players to attack said ship... Ever been stuck in a map where a player will respawn and not repair their ship but cloak on you and activate said ability and it forces you to kill them? (Citadel + Draw Fire ability)

    It's a "legal" tactic to ban players, and it's getting exploited. Why would the developers implement game design that lets them exploit a legal tactic to force players to get banned?

    I'd like this to get fixed.
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  3. your 100% right the citadel draw fire is one big issue for people exploiting its ability to push others

    i dont see why the community is not helping us in response to this post, this is a major issue on this game

    fake pvp..
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  4. Apparently the push ban is not for everyone as there is a player on the US East server that is using a bot to get ship kills at a rate of 1500-1800 per DAY.
  5. Damn, thats a lot of ship kills. I remember when I used to be happy with about 100 a day, of course I didnt use a bot to get them.
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  6. ZabusXant

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    I join in on this, I had a concern for myself where I had to kill a player 8 times to defend my base. So I wasn't certain whether to kill them or let them solo the base because they can. I'd appreciate an official commenting on this and give their ideas since defending bases is really a grey zone for me. Some enlightenment would be appreciated
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  7. test020

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    rule of thumb is that if you don't get any honor or EP when killing a player, you are on the pushing ban range and you should stop killing that player.
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  8. LOL, I kill them even after it says i am not getting any rewards and have never had a problem their just scare tactics to protect the bot's that aren't in the game. I get ban more times just talking about it just kill them you won't have any issues.
    Players abuse this rule while they kill their own other ships to win pvp events so don't think this will change anything.
  9. surprised not even a mod would address this issue,
    (cant defend base if u gotta kill the same enemy)
  10. test020

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    push bans can only be applied when one of the players gets reported and a investigation happens, what makes you think most people are willing to lose their account? the forums do have a bit of a explanation about what pushing is.

    also in last galatic strife someone shared in the discord a picture of the top 3 players that had over 3000 points being banned one day before the event ended, it's like if you get reported when doing something wrong and the investigations prove to be true you get banned :rolleyes:
    their detection scripts are garbage though :D

    it was, a long time ago.