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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by VESPID, Dec 6, 2014.

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    VESPID User

    The chip I'm proposing is such that reduces all shield penetration damage to 0 in the home and battle maps.

    Once the chip is installed and activated, all shield penetration damage is brought to nothing till the ships shields are gone and damage is then taken normally from any source of damage.

    All non penetration damage happens to the shields but penetration damage is reduced to 0 hp damage.

    The ship takes a semi transparent look when the chip is active.
    The activation cost is 10 promerium and 10 more for every 5 min. to maintain.

    The suggested cost would be 2 million credits.
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  2. but i don't run shields on my suicide config :/ lol

    would kind of defeat the purpose of having crab design, and the Sentinel along with the spectrum have a good shield abilities already.
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  3. sunds cool
  4. uhm, i dont get the math on this. If shield penetration is 0, then how would someones shields run out during a battle?
  5. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Yea, is shield damage alone what would happen and no damage to the ship till the shields are gone?
    It would be cool if that's what u mean.
  6. We already have, what you are proposing, though it's not ridiculously cheap chip.
    2 million credits is nothing.

    100% agreed.
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  7. We allready have crab formation and curently its 92% to shields and 8% to hp demage.
    With this CPU it would be 100% to shield 0% to hp all time!Even with Crab formation when you use Moth formation it goes back to 92%/8%.With this CPU it wouldnt change anything,other words formations would be useles!
    Now if someone has 10k HP and has 1 mill shield it means you wouldnt kill him and he could escape easy with this CPU.
    (A lot of people do have 1mill shield with boosters!)
    Because 10 promerium per 5 min is nothing at all..... and cost 2 mill credits???????
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    VESPID User

    Crab formation is no comparison to this idea, and yes this is to counter the moth.
    If you wanna save creds or uri when attacking pilots without this idea just remember that this is a pvp game and war is supposed to be expensive.

    Spare me ur excuses and frailties concerning a less than dangerous environment when entering enemy space or just stay on ur own maps and hide behind the real fighters.
  9. Shifterai

    Shifterai User


    As I will say this nicely. Stay on topic, if it goes off topic and is spammed it can be closed. If others can't say anything that isn't useful or improving on the idea, then there isn't a need to post.

  10. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Wow, I do like this idea but u gotta b careful VES.
    Seems kind of unfair that the same ppl flock to ur posts to troll and ur ideas get shut down because of it.
    Is the cost of this thing 2 mill creds to help noobs?
    If so does the chip stay active in the lowers only or is it active in the uppers as well?
    Does this chip cover damage from PvP only or does it include npc's as well?
  11. Well on one hand, it might be good for noobs but then again they'd still get insta-popped anyways, it would never be level restricted so only noobs could employ it though, besides that its so OP(overpowered). Forgetting all of that, this already exists in-game in the form of bio points, the crab formation, Bo2s, etc.

    With max shield mechanics and crab formation and all Bo2s, it's 100/0 ratio, moth brings it back down to 80/20. Your point still stands though.

    The crab is already a counter to the moth formation. It's not supposed to be free and shouldn't be to cheap and its already pretty damn expensive to compete in any PvP atmosphere but this downright takes it to a whole new level of robbery, beyond BP standards. You want this for noobs so they stand a chance, they probably wouldn't be able to afford a drone formation and crab wouldn't help any noob to begin with, even slower, without bio and high shields, forget it. But anyways, this would be useless in essence to the ones you want this for and would make a UFE or any random Joe with ridiculous shields immortal. Don't get me started on or even attempt to bring level restrictions to the table.

    This wouldn't be wasting excess ammo for the same kill, hell you wouldn't be able to get any kills, this would defeat the purpose of even attempting to PvP, for that reason, I give this idea a big fat no, it is ridiculous in its nature and would devastate the game beyond measure, though this is still hypothetical but still. I hope I've made a good enough case against this idea and destroyed any possible reply or argument you could make for it. If I missed something, you'll of course quote me on it and give me something to reply on :). Have a nice day.
  12. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    I know that most ppl don't get's the same bio abilities, ship designs, drone formations and extras items. sayin just get this or that item or pp abilities is a waste and not a good reason to say no to this idea since u gotta have all that stuff just to make it work.
    Think of the players that don't have or can't get for a long time all of those things you said.
    Hunters using too much ammo, hunters can't get kills with this idea in play and the ending of this game are all pooch reasons.
  13. But if you manage to get all those items, you will be about 1 million times better than someone with this chip.

    But if this chip is implemented, you simply make the people that already have this item even more stronger.
  14. You didn't mention how long the chips duration lasts. This is where the idea gets thrown away as to another NO here. It don't take long to travel from portal to portal and taking no damage, uh-uh. There has to be some damage.
  15. I think I can discredit your opinion since you say bio points, especially shield mechanics is a waste. How foolish of you. Bo2s aren't really extra items though drone formations could maybe be considered just that if your a real noob. It might be difficult to get some of the listed items but some dedication goes a long way and it really wouldn't be that hard, on the other hand, this chip is so OP and you have some lame reasons for wanting it. Your argument is bland as well.

    Considering how many shields some players can stack up, this idea would waste so much ammo and to not even get a kill probably 100% of the time. This is a PvP game and this idea takes away all of that, unlike the things I listed which are balanced and mostly fairly easily obtainable. So ya...try again.

    The description made it sound like it was a permanent booster type thing as long as you had the Prom for it.
  16. NO. why? because ike others who posted previously already said, we have crab formation, spectrum and also they didn't mentioned...ISH :) 3 second invulnerability. oh and then theres back up shields. and also that design that boosts your shields whats it called? sentinel. and then again why not? we needmore variety in the game. but that would be in another thread I believe.
  17. VESPID

    VESPID User

    I may keep it for home and battle maps only, it is priced for noobs but obviously everyone can get it.
    I believe the time limit is right on the post, it requires an activation and continuance charge of 10 prom and 10 prom every 5 min.

    Dread, trying to reason with Adam or the rest that agree with him is a waste of time....just say no.
    Hopefully they'll all get noticed by the mods and booted "in some cases again" from forum soon.

    Obviously this idea it to prepare those that don't want to wait for pp abilities or drone formations they can't afford or any outlandishly long list of things to merge together for that perfect defense most of you are acting as if it is freely offered to anyone playing for their first month in game.

    Wrap your reasons around that notion guys.
  18. Well actually I got everything I listed in 150 hours or less than a month of game play on my new account except the Crab formation but I could've gotten that to..so ya, though I did have pet/kami and premium but some dedication goes a long way :D.

    Your moronic delusions of me being booted from the forums for disagreeing with you/your idea and lap dogs' points in both a respectful (Up until this point) and informative way are fantasy. I'd suggest keeping your rubbish/conspiracy theories off the forums.

    This idea is both OP and just a complete mess at this point, map restrictions, and just ridiculous in nature, all remaining PvP would be ruined, etc etc.
  19. What about the players that have the PP abilites or formations and can afford every "outlandishly long list of things for that perfect defense?" They get full access to this chip too.
  20. So...no more PvP.
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