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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DJXL.SA.TX, Sep 11, 2014.

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  1. what will happen IF u use more protocols ?
    what if u use 12 of these ????
  2. •Jinx™

    •Jinx™ User

    I'm not sure of that. I've always had just one. Though I doubt the effect stacks, maybe a mod could test it out. Or someone who has 12 protocols.
  3. i guess u use it to keep pet safe from locking
    is just 1 lvl3 protocol effective against locking ?
  4. •Jinx™

    •Jinx™ User

    It's effective enough for me, Yes. I use 11 laser protocols and 1 Evasion protocol.

    EDIT: So, I confirmed with
    Okapi32. The protocols actually do stack. However, the movement speed of the P.E.T does not increase anymore than that shown in the video.

    "if the combo guard is being used that makes the pet go mental sometimes" -Okapi32.
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  5. ahh kk then I am wrong then. Thanks for clearing that up. I never noticed any difference between my PET's movements with these protocols. Maybe it is just me.

    BTW @•Jinx™ try not to double post :p
  6. •Jinx™

    •Jinx™ User

    Shh. You saw nothing.
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  7. radar protocols stack = i have 12 of them ... all in same time make pet almost autonomus
    protocols that give more uri per box do stack ( i forget their name) - 12 of the same time gives +36% more uri in a box
    so .... most ... or most possible ALL protocols DO stack !
    just do not know the effect each one gives when got 12 of them same time on pet
  8. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    I said that it was evasion protocols first and no one believed me :(
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  9. •Jinx™

    •Jinx™ User

    I know that feel. *pat pat*
    ROULOUS___HELLAS I meant the Evasion protocols when I stated that comment, but yes. They stack aswell.
  10. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

  11. Ddraig

    Ddraig bp_phrase_Forum_General

    Thank you all for your assistance in this thread.

    Does the original poster have any further questions?

  12. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    What I am going to have to do is record it, and post it up to youtube so you all can see what I am talking about - these pets move in an aggressive movement not like your ordinary lvl 15 pet or any pet I have ever seen in this game... If there was a level 20 attack pet thats what it would move like
  13. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Regardless of what the P.E.T's equipped with, The P.E.T will move 30% faster than your ship's speed. This includes effects from speed generators/ slow mines/ deceleration rockets/ vengeance design 'Lightning' ability.

    The reason why sometimes a slower P.E.T will collect palladium before your P.E.T in the scenario of you being in a spearhead at it's maximum speed and another player being in a goliath at it's maximum speed is due to a 'first come first served' principle.

    Hear me out:

    If both P.E.Ts arrive at a palladium rock but the goliath's P.E.T gets there a split second earlier; both P.E.Ts will attempt to collect the ore. The goliath's P.E.T will no doubt obtain the ore and move on to the next nearest palladium rock. The spearhead's P.E.T will fail to collect the ore a split second after. That split second is the handicap which almost always keeps the spearhead's P.E.T behind the goliath's P.E.T. This is only true when the palladium is within a small vicinity, a detectable region around the P.E.T. In a situation involving both P.E.Ts traversing a slightly longer distance, the spearhead's P.E.T will overtake the goliath's P.E.T and thus remain the one step ahead.

    I am slightly aware about the movements of the 'aggressive P.E.T' to which the OP is referring to. From what I've perceived, it is a static, rapid movement present on an attacking P.E.T. This could be due to the owner being on their 'speed' configuration. Or as Okapi32 mentioned, a side effect of the combo gear.
  14. •Jinx™

    •Jinx™ User

    The O.P got what he wanted. You can keep your arguments to yourselves now. Lol.

    O.P literally was looking for the protocols that increase the speed of the P.E.T during an attack. Why you gotta make yourself look like an idiot with that comment? Obviously O.P got what he wanted.

    I can do another video showing my equipment. Tank configs. The P.E.T would still have a faster speed while attacking due to the Evasion Protocol X. But, you're always welcome to prove me wrong with a video evidence. ^^ I just know I'm right because I use this stuff on my P.E.T a lot and also since quite a long time. In my video, I was on a tank configuration anyway. Also, Okapi32 mentioned Combo Guard gear. I was using the standard Guard mode.

  15. .ionel99.

    .ionel99. User

    I someone can help me, I have a pet lvl15 , and want to sell (or to take him adm), or make it lvl 1. Does anyone know any method. thank you
  16. why u want to sell ur pet mate ?
  17. .ionel99.

    .ionel99. User

    everywhere I go all the players have a problem with my pet , and is 350UR for repair
    (I lost too much uridium)
  18. 3 solutions
    1 do not use it
    2 fix what u do and make them brake it
    3 make it so they cant brake it

    i am like u non premium player = 350 uri repair
    believe me u can prevent it happen .. atleast not so offten
  19. .ionel99.

    .ionel99. User

    there is no way to get rid of them? (I would be able to pay 50,000UR just get rid of him)
  20. of him ?
    u mean pet ?
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