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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DJXL.SA.TX, Sep 11, 2014.

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  1. .ionel99.

    .ionel99. User

    my pet :(
  2. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Of course, I hadn't taken evasive protocols into consideration :/

    I use the standard guard mode but my p.e.t has never behaved out of the ordinary.

    On a side note, I need to find a good recording software. Most of the ones I had were barred by my anti-virus software :/

    Lastly, as the OP has got his answers, this thread should be closed.
  3. .ionel99.

    .ionel99. User

    I know it's a pet, but want to change it with a new or at least look like the beginning
  4. i have no idea man
    honestly me personal
    get A LOT of
    • uri from my pet ... by boxing
    • help from my pet when hunting
    • help from my pet when i am in gates (damage and sell ore)
    also i have invested a lot of uri on it
    i cant even stand to the idea to sell it !!
  5. .ionel99.

    .ionel99. User

    When your pet is hunted by 12.13 times daily (one time and more) calculates
    13x350ur = 4550ur and you're about 5000ur per day (profit 450ur)lost time per day: 5h
  6. if u want to keep it
    the solution path is 1
    • 1-2 evation protocols
    • 10-11 damage protocols
    • 8 lf4 on it
    • gombo gear for pet protection
    • pet hp & shield maxed !!

    this way ur pet is almost immortal mate
    keep in mind that ..... pet use is not free for anyone
    especially if u want to hunt with it
  7. .ionel99.

    .ionel99. User

    know any solution or not (and by the way I am 3 lf4) is a rookie who made the mistake of seeing the pet at maximum lvl
  8. Silviu

    Silviu User

    Imagine how much uri all that costs. Converted into money is much more than just buying premium and repairing pet for free, and the kamikaze gives you a great help into killing anything and making a lot more uri.
  9. .ionel99.

    .ionel99. User

    I still expect a helping hand,maybe someone knows the answer
  10. Silviu

    Silviu User

    It is impossible to replace pet witha new one or level him down, the only thing you can do is buy premium, stop using it or talk to the people who kill it and ask them not to.
  11. Zyher-SuB

    Zyher-SuB User

    Do gears of same lvl stack up? For example can i have two lvl 1 auto pally collector to get a range of 1400 instead of 700?
  12. Sir .ionel99.

    If you Keep your PET Repaired it will be very Difficult to Destroy, obtaining a Level 15 PET, being NON Premium, like me.. shows you can earn enough Uri to repair it..

    Its your Pet.. manage it..
    IF you Keep your PET Damaged. so you can Use KAMI, this Shows Poor Judgement in a Atmosphere of Extreme Danger, Pets are Mislocked and Destroyed too Easy, and Some Players will just Pick on Weak Pets.

    I box 350 uri in under 1 min of Boxing.. my pet is a Level 12 with only 4 Radars, your Request is totally Selfish and Lazy..

    Your Only Alternatives are as Follows:
    Stop using your PET if you Can't or DO-Nut Wish to Manage/Pay for it..
  13. :eek:
  14. no :(
  15. my only feeling about this post is how to help the poster to his problem
    none of the feelings u mentioned before exist
  16. •Jinx™

    •Jinx™ User

    If you even cared to look at the video I posted, it clearly says "With Evasion Protocol X" on the top right of the video when I use it.
  17. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Sorry you posted a video?
  18. Ddraig

    Ddraig bp_phrase_Forum_General

    I'm going to move this thread to speakers corner since this has turned into a discussion thread, and the original question has been answered already.

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  19. •Jinx™

    •Jinx™ User

    This protocol has no effect towards boxing.
    I do not have any box collection gear as I don't box. My P.E.T is strictly for PvP.

    Thanks! :)
  20. getrecked

    getrecked User

    More pet questions.

    I now plan to take my pet to lvl 4. Of course ill get prem so i dont have to worry about reps. I plan on using it for pallying with ONLY a lvl 2 auto pally collector. And use only a lvl 2 kami for x-5 maps.

    1. Does a lvl 2 kami insta kill a lil sib?
    2. When the kami is activated, does the pet receive any ep for the npc he kamied?
    3. Is there any benefit for using radars regardless the lvl or how many when u are pallying? When i pally i either go in with my pet, or stay cloaked and let him do the work
    4. Does the pet automatically receive free slots of whatever kind or do you need to buy them?
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