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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by T0MFL0[TFE], Dec 15, 2023.

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  1. Hello! What is the easiest and fastest way to rank up? On X-BL i'm still not competitive enough for Invokes to be in the top 5 and Mindfire is also hard as there are no people for it..
    We lean towards portals where I guess spamming Kappas is a better option than ABG as it takes a lot less energy and uridium to create that portal.. I don't have a strong active clan nor can i find one group, since the server is quite weak in terms of active players (USA West server), and therefore the Hades portal is dropped, otherwise it is certainly the best option.. And for the finale, maybe X-6 for Cubikons and Kristallons?
    I'm level 20 (I currently have about 35 Prometheus, which are enough for me at this stage) and the pirate missions are still pretty easy and i wouldn't mention them (if they even have any significant importance for rank..)

  2. You need Proms for your PET as well
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    An extremely useful opinion - as always on this forum.

    5-2 missions bring more OP to help you level up faster. At level 20 it's still not that difficult, but above that you'll be bombarded with much more complex quests. At X-BL, there are groups with whom you can farm together, but the bad thing is that you sit for 15 minutes and think about the meaning of life, and clans often come to have fun against the bots, which makes the situation quite difficult.
    About the portals - there was some calculation somewhere that the uridium/energy used for Kappa is equivalent to alpha portal + 90% beta and 50% gamma, where you go alpha and reinvest in ABG for an eventual beta portal, then Gamma and so on to infinity or until the system screws you up.. I've personally tried this and it doesn't work, so better Kappa. Otherwise, on Sunday you can find a group, since there are players like you, and if you find a good group, it is possible to pass Hades let's say about 5 times in an hour, and if you dedicate a whole day to Hades, you can certainly do a good rank progress.
    Considering the ship specs, i'd probably go for invokes and mindfire on x-bl and hades on sunday..
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  4. I hardly use PET, even though i have filled it with Magmadrill and Hyperplasmoid with updates. Sooner or later i'll anyways get to BL for farm and do a rinusk for them, it's just that my concept of playing and progress is different at the moment..
    I'll still try invokes and mindfire as well as hades tomorrow and see how far we go.
  5. Always use your PET for the extra Fire Power
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    It's funny how the guy asks between 4-5 strategies, he wrote that PET is not his priority at the moment because he's focused on another game concept, but you keep talking to him about PET xd
    As for the topic - I personally came to the conclusion that on BL maps it is very rare to come across players and beat Mindfire, which personally brought me 5k uridium and a lot of OP, which for a low level was great to make 20k per hour and level up from 18 to 22 in no time.. I had read somewhere that a cubikon brings as many points as an ubersibelon, which logically means that 4-5 for ubers will get you a lot more points than cubikons and kristallons on x-6.. Otherwise i'm also looking for a group for Hades, i think we can get together and figure something out.. Ofc as long as they fix the portals soon.. xd

  7. I disagree, Animal. He needs All the help he needs to Level up, and if he can not do it from OP, what can he rely on?
    What is the definition of Full UFE? The inclusion of the PET. Plain and simple.