Rail Gun Cannons.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by VESPID, Feb 27, 2014.

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  1. I still think this idea is stupid and pointless.
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  2. Blah

    Blah User

    This is another one of those ideas that are supposed to "help noobs" even though it costs them more then helping them. First it will cost them 75k uri to get the 5 lazers... noobs simply do not have time to waste their uri on things that cost them more then they help.:mad::confused::oops:o_O:eek: Lets look at the dmg these things would do...
    • With R-310 it would cost 500credits per fire, and would do 2500dmg max
    Comparing this to a goli with full lf2 on their ship, they would do 1500dmg x1, being able to do 9k max in one shot. (rsb) The lf2s cost is 3,750,000 which is way easier to get then the 75k uri needed. The cost per shot is 150credits if x1, 75 uri with rsb
    • With Plt-2026 the max dmg would be 5k. The cost per shot is 2500credits.
    The max dmg is still not as much as a goli with just lf2 on their ship and no drones. And don't go blabbering about how they aint got uri to get rsb because if they don't, then how are u supposed to get them to buy ur lazer guns?
    • With PLT-2021 the max dmg is 10k. And this is at 25uri per shot!!! This won't help noobs, after they save up for so long to get these cannons, it ends up making them lose 25uri per shot. :eek:
    Comparing this to that goli above with only lf2s on his ship, if we give him some sep and rsb, he will do 14,400dmg. Still more then ur rail gun cannons when they're using the second best rocket.
    • Now for the best rocket, the PLT-3030! This means that AT MAX these rockets will do 15k. Not sure if drone designs work or not for this since VESPID was too lazy to answer that question.
    Even a goli with full lf3 can do around that with just sepped x-2!!! Do you think this idea helps???????

    Now, to do the math if you lose credits on a bk or not using the best credit rocket (Plt-2026). You will do 5k dmg max. Bk has 700k health +shields together. It will cost you 350k credits to kill it... assuming u don't use normal rockets or hellstorm. Therefore, you will only gain 50k credits per bk. Yes you still gain some but 50k is only 1/8th of the normal reward. If you use x1 on a normal goli full iris full lf3 no boost, you will do 4650 per shot and will cost you 310 credits each shot. For each bk, it will cost you ONLY 46,666.665 credits to kill it. That means the player who killed it will gain 353,333 credits from the bk. From this, we can tell that this idea will not help out players, it will only help out those who want to be in ships with 5lazer slots but have some uri to buy things.

    What bans, I have never been banned... If you think I'm going to get banned somehow for saying that this idea sucks...its up to the forum mods to decide that not you. And I am thinking about the ships I own... this idea wont help me except me in my spearhead trolling around. I have an aegis and a spearhead. This idea will not in any way help my aegis and the only way this would help my spearhead is by getting rid of my rockets on noobs or aliens while trolling enemies that try to shoot me. I am just a little over fe, and even though I'm still a noob, I can already tell this idea won't fit in.
  3. Now that's some explanation right there, Nice work Blah. I, myself cba to have wasted my time typing all that though since I can already tell the OP will just look at this and give an illogical response in his defense.

    VESPID User

    The cannon I am proposing fires LCB augmented non-hellstorm missles instead of just the lasers. The range of the missle is upgraded to long range and the accuracy is upgraded to standard,"if needed" but the missle damage is reduced to exactly 50% of the full damage of the missle. No more or less for each shot.

    The missle type can be different from the launchers selection.
    A restriction of 5 cannons per ship will be imposed and this tech can not be used in concert with other lasers at all.

    This tech uses only un boosted ammo, the ammo may be ore boosted but the ore remains untouched while just the ammo is used.
    The LCB used with this tech deals no damage, instead they assist the range "if needed" and the targeting system.

    Electro-optics and Heat-Seeker abilities both apply to this tech. The visual and audio effect will be similar to company color looking sab ammo being fired from the ship.

    The suggested price of this item would be 15k Uri each.
    This tech will only be available to the Leo outside the Lower maps.

    There, I improved it based on your complaints.
    R-310 missiles deals just 500 dmg per missile per cannon equipped to the ship.
    PLT-2026 missiles deals just 1k dmg per missile per cannon equipped.
    PLT-2021 missiles deals just 2k dmg per missile per cannon equipped.
    PLT-3030 missiles deals just 3k dmg per missile per cannon equipped.
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  5. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    I want these cannons on my Leo, why not just let the Leo have them in the lowers?
  6. I said "Like laser" I didn't say they are lasers. I don't know which kind of railgun you're talking about, the one I was talking about uses super-conductors and fires projectiles with high velocity that it leaves a trail that looks like lasers.

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  7. That's not Darkorbit standards so won't be implemented.
    Neither is that. We don't have restrictions on what equipment we can use.
    Neither is that. When we fire a laser or rocket with sep(or prom) on it, it uses the resource.
    Neither is that. The range of missiles cannot be increased by using laser ammo...that doesn't even make sense.
    75k uri for all 5.
    Makes the idea useless.(as if it wasn't already) A leo outside of home maps has 64k hp...gl even using this tech before being blown to smithereens.
    Spelled missile* Does that mean that each R310 actually does 1k because it does 500 for just the missile and 500 for the cannon? Also, why the random damages on the rockets? An actual R310 does 1k, 2026 does 2k, 2021 does 4k and 2026 does 6k.
  8. I don't ike this idea lol just explaining...

    VESPID User

    There, I improved it based on your complaints again.

    R-310 missiles deals just 500 dmg per missile per cannon equipped to the ship.
    PLT-2026 missiles deals just 1k dmg per missile per cannon equipped.
    PLT-2021 missiles deals just 2k dmg per missile per cannon equipped.
    PLT-3030 missiles deals just 3k dmg per missile per cannon equipped.

    I'm sure DO is open to change....
  10. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Didn't he still came thru in the end by helping those chumps?
    I see some similarities there.
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  11. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Wow....so you aren't end game players.
    Dread is right, you are no better then the "chumps" he was referring to....
  12. Oh grats, to congratualted to the chumps school. So you're the chumps, not us.
  13. Was liking this idea till I figured it out don't really think it is needed but did sound cool at first till I understood it lol.
  14. He writes to confuse just for the record. Hence the redundancies and big words lol.
    You didn't answer my question VESPID. Typical politician. Puts out a stupid bill and then refuses to explain it, but instead skirts around the issues and replies with insults when confronted.
  15. SauronL

    SauronL User

    looks interesting
  16. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Hey bro, I still think this is good for the lower map leo's.
  17. VESPID

    VESPID User

    No can do....Look at the way these guys are crying now.

    "It's too expensive, It's too powerful, You can't have more than 5, It's making my butt hurt just thinking of them!!!"

    Blah, blah, blah....Making them available to Leo's in the lowers will send them barefoot into the streets attacking cars with rubber chickens.

    Let's just keep the answers simple and soft since according to taser most forum members are too dumb to understand elaborate thought.
  18. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Hey VES he is also too lazy to look that up for himself.
    What's so special about this taser guy?
    Just give him the thrashing he"s askin for.
  19. Rail Gun Cannons = LF-5 , Rrr..Umm...No. :);):(:confused::cool::mad:
  20. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    How can you make a point on what you don't know unless the b.s. questions you ask are just for show since you do have answers to them already.

    I'll invite VES over to my house later to see what you chumps got to say.
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