Rank points and how are players getting them so easy?

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by blaster7012, Apr 7, 2021.

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  1. how do you get 405,980,046 player rank points in a week?
  2. You don't!

    Not without some form of cheat, I'm sure the team will look into it. But weather they'll do anything is another matter.
  3. Well probably they won't do anything. If they do, they should ban most of players that use bots.


    BP is aware of the issues in the game,and they are currently addressing these issues.
  5. LOL that's what I thought for years, keep waiting.
    The game is so out of BP's control even if they ban players they have multiple other account's to login to.
    Seems to me that hackers have more control over the game.
    Don't believe me just wait till the next ban wave and see how BP takes care of cheaters.

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    Building in stacks of 100% EPHON Booster give them lots of ranking with little playing time, and of course 24/7 GG botting on Sunday.
  7. Also every event for top placings.
    I've seen ships even 10 UFE players couldn't kill even if they all ganged up on it.
  8. Oddessey

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    Closing as this thread has essentially become a rant.
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