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  1. I think at this point with constant DDoS attacks, server lag, etc, we're owed essentially a state of the game.

    Devs need to have clear communication with players on what's going on, how they plan to fix the issues, and show us that they're actually working on it. The last Dev's Notes we got was just over 2 years ago.

    Things that should be mentioned:
    -ddos attacks and possible solution
    -are we ever going to see the game code updated to move to Unity or are we going to stay ancient with Flash?
    -poor voucher code rewards (Seriously, who can be bothered with 10 gate spins)
    -future of darkorbit
    -lag prevention
    -solution to the ever-present bot issue (seriously, either just let them do it or handle it, it's clear you can't detect it)
    -updates to maybe skylab or clan page, they're still ancient
    -update to the game's graphics, the last graphic update we got was in 2011

    I think if the dev's show us that they plan to keep things moving, it'd encourage players to stick around and see what's coming. On the same hand, with transparency from the dev team, we'd know what kind of good stuff is coming in the future and more players may end up saving up money to buy large packages (imagine if they put Helix Hour on the calendar and people knew when exactly it was coming)
  2. outstanding i agree 100%.
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    if games on the way out, substatially lower pries(like 80 or 90%) on everything. kind of a going out of business sale