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Discussion in 'General Issues' started by sk.eic.r.easy[Halo], Dec 2, 2019.

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  1. too risky in 4-5 today with the daily pop 5-* players quest so spent most of day in lowers popping small npcs, collecting scrap and picking up those delicious little pet only boxes

    then sudddenly noticed that i'm only getting 6 uri for a mordon. is this that stupid diminishing rewards system again ?? you know? the one thats supposed to penalise botters not real players

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  2. Planearium

    Planearium User

    Yes, yes it is.
  3. had a look at the terms and conditions (the ones that DO keep quoting when they want to pensalise a player) and couldn't see anything that says that even though i pay for premium that when i have played for a time that, even though i use the same amount of ammo, DO reserve the right to, in effect, change the cost of the game. Also the longer i play the more i act as cannon fodder for the auto lockers and other cheats that DO love so much, so it seems a bit unfair to penalise me

    thats like saying that if you do a long drive on the motorway then the gov can charge you more tax the for the fuel that you use (probably a bad analogy since thats probably what the greens would like to happen anyway :) but you see what i'm saying)

  4. PacificNW

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    I notice that they never said what the time limit was before the reductions start.

    And if, when you notice the reduced rewards, does logging out and back in reset the timer?

    USA west
  5. I also noticed diminshed rewards, because i played about 3 hours one day. They just want to force us buy things instead of farming
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  6. i've got tomorrow free so was hoping to make a dent in the 1200 interceptors i need for my current 100 quest but i suppose that amount of intensive effort will make me a de-facto botter in the eyes of the DO police
    i hate the idea that i'm being penalised because i'm spending my time doing this. like most games DO gives you a choice of pay or play and not being overly rich i have to go for the play (turn my time into rewards) method. My 35 billion EP has come the hard way but now i'm being penalised for a shortcoming on the DO system that they don't appear to be able to sort more competently
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  7. Bibulus

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    Unfortunately BP is desperate for money and they don't want you long term players anymore who play mostly for free.
  8. Maddust

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    didn't they do enough money with premium alone?

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