Refining/Upgrading FAQ

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    Refining/Upgrading FAQ

    Refining & Upgrading

    On your Space Map in the Upper right corner you will see the stationary hexagons. You are looking for the one with the + symbol and the Rocket, this is the Refining tab.
    When open you have 2 options, Refining and Upgrading.

    As seen below, the ore’s you have collected in your ship’s cargo will have accumulated. As you notice under the Prometid, Duranium and the Promerium are buttons marked Refine. These buttons give you the option to use the ores above them to create more of each individual ore.

    refining 1.png

    As seen below, across the top are your Raw Materials/ Resources.

    The top is actually your Raw Materials. The amount of ore you have available to refine down into your resource ore. The ore across the middle is the ore that you can use to upgrade your ship with.

    How to upgrade:

    To upgrade your equipment, you simply Drag and drop the resources over the desired item. *Note Seprom will not drag and drop into the generator (Speed Engine) slot.

    refining 2.png

    Buy using the ores available to you on your Laser, rockets, generators and shields you are adding a little extra boost to your ship.

    Prometid - 15% increase in firepower
    Duranium - 10% increase Performance in Shields & Generators
    Promerium - +30% Firepower/+20% Shield & Generator performance
    Seprom - +60% Firepower/+40% Shield & Generator performance
    Palladium - Collect 15 palladium and traded them in at Sector 5-2 Pirate Base for 1 Galaxy Gate Energy.
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