Regarding Solace (Thread for Newbies)

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  1. Hey there!

    I've noticed in chat that people are asking if Solace IS currently the best ship for an all around use, and i'd say it DEPENDS.

    Why it depends? it is because Solace is currently one of the most capable ship competing with the Cyborg, and how? the reason behind the Solace's ability to have better stats than most ships around is because of its Ship Modules.

    Ship Modules are one of the latest features introduced by D.O, Ship modules has the capabilities of increasing the Ship's Shield, Damage, Health and other factors as well such as accuracy, speed, ability cooldown, evasion and more.

    I will list down the specifics towards the ship modules that i've mentioned:
    • SPC-SL01 - Improves accuracy of laser and rocket by +5%, reduces shield power by -5% however. [Can be equipped on Solace and Sentinel]
    • SHD-SL01 - Improves shield power by +10%, reduces HP by -5% however. [Can be equipped on Solace and Sentinel]
    • HP-SOL01 - Improves HP by +15%, no other negative effects in description. [Can only be equipped on Solace]
    • DMG-NPC01 - Increases Damage towards NPCs by +15%. [Can be equipped on Mimesis, Berserker, Solace and Sentinel]
    • SPC-SPD01 - Improves speed by +5%. [Can be equipped on Goliath, Goliath-X, Hecate, Solace and Sentinel]
    The SPC-SL01 is the least that i recommend any newbie should use, out there when you're trying to kill NPCs, having less shields means an easier kill for the enemy, The accuracy bonus doesn't mean anything and the actual negative effect outweighs its benefits, it is best that you avoid equipping this ship module, not unless you have something to do with it. [Was available during the Halloween event as a reward on the Objectives].

    One of the most useful and very recommendable ship module to equip on your solace or sentinel is the SHD-SL01 that improves your shield power by +10%, even if it reduces your HP by -5% the benefit is still very useful. [Was available during the Halloween event as a reward on the Objectives].

    I also like the HP-SOL01 ship module that can be equipped only on Solace, since it increases your hp by +15%, and in Combination with SHD-SL01 it will however reduce the HP bonus by -5%, but you will still be left with +10% of HP bonus, its a win win and negates the negative effect of the shield module. [HP-SOL01 available during the Galactic strife event as a reward on the Objectives].

    DMG-NPC01 is probably the most useful ship module you could have ever obtained through the Halloween event just this year, with this ship module you deal a bonus +15% damage against any NPC you encounter, this is like having an Alien Hunter skill tree if you don't have one, but with that skill and this ship module, that's a +27% damage boost, farming for NPCs would be a breeze. [Was available during the Halloween event as a reward on the Objectives].

    The latest addition to the Ship module family of Solace is the SPC-SPD01 that increases your ship's speed by +5% when equipped, meaning your ship with only a maximum speed of 540 with all underlying speed boost improvement (not with wheel) will improve your ship speed further, giving you an edge with other ships that has a speed of 552. You can attain a speed of 566 on normal circumstances. [available during the Frozen Labyrinth event as a reward on the Objectives].

    That said, those are the reasons why people are recommending to use the Solace, BUT if any newbies out there doesn't have all the Ship modules for this ship, i recommend you use another ship such as the Venom or Diminisher if you have either, considering that Damage is an important factor for you to kill an npc as fast as you can to earn the uridium faster and more efficient.

    I repeat, if you don't have ship modules for the Solace, but rather have atleast a few of them to equip your ship then you can stick with it at the moment.
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  2. I'm on the fence to which should I assemble... this or Dimisher....
  3. Going off the test server for the upcoming event the HP module is coming back, might change though
  4. I like this post. I also am using the Solace with it's mods. Unfortunately it's like all the past ships that had their day. (Enforcer,Surgeon,Spectrum and Cyborg) It's like dating a beautiful woman until a better one comes along. In the not too distant future I predict an addition to the game that will be the next "in thing" as far as ships are concerned .
    I used the Solace long before mods. were introduced because I always seemed to be on the defensive in battles and it's original HP repair ability increased my chances of escape. Now everybody has one.
  5. well...fine. i still run with tyrannos centurion.