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Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by ]Coldheart[, May 26, 2021.

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  1. Regarding the news posted by Oddessey .. ... ....

    This drop down menu choice is working the same way as the regular way to choose,
    IT IS NOT.

    Trying that list gives what appears to be a random selection. Tried Global America and was getting whatever server designation that Great Britain 2 would use. Lately, Global America will default route me to my Global America 2 ship.

    None of the choices will get past the frozen calendar screen.

    The following is a short list of actions that should be helpful:
    1/ Clear your server cache
    2/ Re-boot (or restart) your server(s)
    3/ Roll back the last 'great' update to the previous issue.


    Seeing as it is now fixed, close this a.s.a.p. and/or delete it.
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    none of this crap works..................
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  3. mxmumefort

    mxmumefort User

    it truly vexes me why anyone outside of the Devs would be telling us players to try different ways to log on when im sure all of us have already tried the cache or delete/reinstall game or any of the other 'try this or that' fixes when for now working on 3 days the damn gave is still stuck on calendar page loading.... i mean i understand that the admins be it lower lvl or upper lvl have to respond but i would hope not insult our intelligence by these simple fixes which fix ONLY simple problems... this is on the DEVELOPERS and code writers... its not a simple fix... working into 3rd day now...
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  4. 4 days now... can not play game.. Dark Orbit Programmers... Reboot Last version... Trash this version .. Start over and release it only
    when you know it is properly working
  5. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    so able to FINALLY get past the daily page and to map but with all the time missing logins i'm not going to get the day 25 weapon.

    will DO do anything about that? i'm sure i'm not the only one to have missed daily login rewards and now time is running out.

  6. It still down all I have seen in response to my support ticket is to go to the Forum and see a thread that says it is down!!
    Not impressed!
    It is still broken.....
  7. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    Well it didn't last long but for a few days everything seem to be running well, now were back to freeze frame and game crash and for some unknown reason the venom has turned into some kind of space police ship.
  8. EvilHotDog

    EvilHotDog Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Closing as inactive


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