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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello everyone,

    As several of you have mentioned this repeatedly, we would like to remind you that all except one of the special activities and events that have been organized until now by our Turkish sales team located in Istanbul, have found their way to the rest of the world after some time.

    A while ago Bigpoint has opened a subsidiary office in Turkey with the intention to strengthen our efforts of opening up the markets in the east.

    The guys in Istanbul have been tasked with coming up with ideas to support local markets and trying out these ideas on their home turf.

    As DarkOrbit is going strong in Turkey and the guys in the office there are well connected in their area, this was a logical decision for our management.

    Since the exchange of ideas between the TR and the Hamburg office has started, the DO team has implemented some of the ideas that did not require too much manpower, as we still believe that DarkOrbit is a global game, catering to a global community and therefore all players everywhere should have access to the same offers, items and features.

    The only feature exclusively available on the TR servers compared to the rest of the world is (and will be) the Hezarfen Ship design – which essentially has been skinned with the Turkish national flag. Everything else so far has been offered to all other players as well.

    The so-called “One Turkish Lira Sale” has been revised and been turned into the “Super Boosters”, the “Pusat” design will be made available to everyone else soon and even the map we have created for the “Turkish Tournament” will be available to everyone once we have gathered first experience with it and tweaked it.

    This “Tournament” is not automated! Instead it does require a lot of work by the Turkish team.

    So naturally we want to gather some experience how to run tournaments best, what to look out for and how much effort it actually takes.

    Once this is achieved we can share that information across all communities and invite everyone to organize and run their own tournaments.

    Until then, we can assure you that the DarkOrbit team is NOT favoring one community over another (please remember that on the US servers only, you have access to the “Independent” design) but we are indeed running sales on these servers first to see how they perform, if and how we have to tweak them and learn something before we screw up royally in the rest of the world.

    On the topic of special designs: When we have rolled out the “graphical update”, from a technical point of view it should be much easier to add different ship skins for different languages/servers, so we are already looking into this.

    Let me repeat: With all that is happening on the TR servers, it may at first look like we are favoring them but essentially we’re trying out things in the Live environment there and gather data that will help us in implementing these changes on other instances.

    If you have any more questions, please let us know.

    Your DarkOrbit Team
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