Remove Ammo Capacity Limit!!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by .Šuяaj., Feb 15, 2014.

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  1. .Šuяaj.

    .Šuяaj. User

    As the title says everything please remove Ammo Capacity Limit.I have too many mines on board [1k emp mines and 1k dd mines].
    This restricts me to bid on ACM-1 Mine on Auction...

    That is so frustrating.As we all know ACM-1 is needed for SBM as well as ISH which are very much required in battle... o_O

    I have 350k xeno but NO USE WITHOUT ACM-1 Mines :confused:

    What you people think of
    Please leave your valuable feedback down below!
    thank you and have a nice day! :)
  2. chixonator

    chixonator User

    they are already planning to do this
  3. It's coming man. Just gotta bear with it until then. I've currently run out of SB and ISH because I quit palliing so I can't wait till this comes.
  4. They already announced they will be removing the limit when collecting bonus boxes. Not so you can boy a million x1s or something, but so when you collect a bonus box, and it has x2 and you have way more ammo then the limit allows, you can collect still.
  5. I agree completely. I rely on instant shields alot... and with the max ammo i cannot get these without spinning the generator ( on average 100k uri is 21 instas for me) not much. Need another way to get mines or just remove the limitation
  6. .Šuяaj.

    .Šuяaj. User

    I know that they are removing the limit with relation to collecting bonus boxes but does it apply even to Auction??

    Can a Mod conform this?Please..

    SS_HELIOS User

    They need to hurry, I have a boxing doubler and there is no telling how much ammo I can build up by collecting like I already do. They also need to do something about jackpot dollars and the players who live in places where they can't even win.
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  8. I doubt it, they should leave it alone so the noobs have a chance to get ammo, cause the big players are greedy, come to GA1, a lvl 20 wants x3? okay, 100mil.
  9. They can't do anything about players who live in places where they can't win, because there's a law in those countries/states/cities or whatever, which prevents players from doing that - gambling. So B.P can't really do anything about that.

    SS_HELIOS User

    you have no idea what I mean. They should replace what is in those boxes with pet fuel or something we can actually use.
  11. I cant wait. Do we know if you can BUY ammo (like the mines) if you are over the limit...OR only be able to box over the limit ?? anyone know for sure ??
  12. Darkorbit only said, they are getting rid of the limit when boxing, not once did they say your could buy ammo, that would completely throw off the game, wallet warriors and the still remaining bots, and those who saved millions of uri will stock up and constantly hunt, and don't think "oh well, they have to take a break at one point" you will be surprised how many of them are account sharing.
  13. Definitly agree, Had no idea they planned on removing the limit but hell yeah
  14. Alky-jr

    Alky-jr User

    they are taking there time to do this as they said at the end of november they were going to remove it in the next month or 2
    "We are looking at removing the ammo limits completely, but we won't be able to get this done until 1 or 2 months, as first we have to do a proper analysis."

    will be good to pick up ammo as it a waste think about 40-50% of boxes i pick up is ammo and all i see is
    You cannot gather laser ammo because your cargo is full.

    You cannot gather laser ammo because your cargo is full.

    You cannot gather laser ammo because your cargo is full.

    You cannot gather laser ammo because your cargo is full.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2014
  15. Next-Rise

    Next-Rise User

    Agreed, I'm sick of the message popping up saying I can't get more ammo, I mean honest what purpose does it serve or what reason was it created for?
  16. OK enuff is enuff!!! DO you said back in NOV that you are looking into removing the AMMO Caps, here it is MAY and we are all still seeing Cannot collect blah blah blah... It is way past time to allow users to collect the ammo they need to make their ships stronger, today was MAYDAY and all i could see was you cannot collect any more rockets, so no rockets or mines for me, and we are not talking premium ammo here, we are talking 2026, wiz and eco10s, only rarely was i seeing SAR02 or Slowdown mines!

    Either remove the caps or make a new Armory Upgrade at 300-500% and put it in the shop, the former bots who did not get their equipment and ill gotten gains taken away still have millions of Ammo in their cargo holds and are able to take out most noobs with their unlimited supplies. It is time to step up and allow ALL players to be able to gather what they need to advance in the game, not just the people DO failed to ban years ago!!

    Prometheis2000[ITGS] / user ID 55523439 /User since 11-08-2010 / Playing time 5k+ hours
    TGC Member / Leader ITGS
    Lvl 21 goli USA East 1 (5,244,152,483 EP and counting!):cool:
  17. true, they did say they would get on it, yet we have not seen it, yet another lie by DO. Really caring for the players right?

  18. LOLZ Proper analysis. Judging by how long It's been that analysis
    must of sucked really bad when they seen it.
  19. SauronL

    SauronL User

    want to complete remove it or really increase normal capacity (10mil+)
  20. ♥♥♥

    ♥♥♥ User

    they still not done this lol.... how about a bigger (MUCH !! bigger) Armory Upgrade extra thing.. come on DarkOrbit...

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