Remove Ammo Capacity Limit!!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by .Šuяaj., Feb 15, 2014.

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  1. lol i doubt they wanna make one that holds 30mil ammo. just give us the ammo in boxes. it's not hard.
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  2. -Corex-

    -Corex- User

    and im still waiting..... lol
  3. Removing the limited doesn't hurt at all, Guys when the ammo limit is removed will your damage increase? Yes? No? I wonder what they're thinking about. Cubikon Graveyard? collecting unlimited x4 ammo? really? How long can an average player last there? Less than 1 minute of course!
  4. An average player will last 15 seconds. A topped out player will still be less than a minute.
  5. How about a Phoenix? :p
  6. I have 6 million x2, but no X3 or Sab.. and I can't bid on X3 or SAB.. But don't just "Remove" it, add something that makes you have unlimited space for UFE players with 10 million ammo and stuff, like Premium members get unlimited space or something, I don't know, but yeah.. +1
  7. i agree with the prem thing. they have taken a lot of things from being premium, only free pet reps and port reps are useful now. premium should have unlimited ammo.
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  8. Dreadlok

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    I say remove the limit at least for lasers.
  9. Agreed, could even entice free players to get premium.It's a win/win for everyone:cool:
  10. ravodon

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    I agree in so many ways..
  11. That is true on so many levels.
  12. I sense this game is slowly becoming pay-to-play, why should only premium players benefit? -.-

    Premium only adds bonuses it doesn't keep any restrictions between free and premium players. Think again please. If this idea is for premium only then I dislike it.

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  13. Jesus, even without freaking premium, there would practically be no differences in the game. The unlimited ammo/no capacity should be made available to everyone.
  14. Premium = 1 game co$t. Lasts 1 year. Most free 2 play have NOT reached the ammo limit anyways with exceptions.
  15. A few reasons this would be a good addition to premium.

    1. Premium should be updated a couple times a year with ideas like this anyway,
    to keep the game fresh.

    2. Since this is a business 1st. every good idea can't be free.

    3. If your a free player and you like this game you should be able to afford premium.
    It's like 1.99 a month.

    TBH if you don't at least have Premium on your ship you gonna have a severe disadvantage in all areas of the game. As a matter of fact premium should be so
    good and stay cheap enough that everyone has to have it.We need ideas like this
    to get free players that are on the fence to spend a little:cool: Really, in the end people
    just wont to make sure they get what they pay for or work hard for.:)
  16. Don't you think there's already too much pay-to-play items already? The trinity pack, Log-disk Packs, pet fuel packs, etc. Alot of UEs have premium but not all.

  17. Yes there are a lot of pay to pay items already because DO is a pay to play game masquerading (very badly I might add) as a free to play game. Premium is the best
    bang for your buck on this game. I feel it should be made stronger because it's probably the first thing a free player will buy. It should be a perk for a premium player.If your premium you should get to keep everything you pick up. Speaking from the perspective of a player that fluctuates between free/mid/to who some may consider a big spender. We all should be able to carry a little weight free players and big spenders alike. If the Dev's can add good stuff to premium to get free players on the fence to buy would that not be good for the game?
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  18. Sounds fair and logical to me.
  19. Reload B!tches - 'can't reload ammo limit has heated the gun' - 'fix' bayonets!
  20. Not for premium,even the x2 rocket fire speed is overpowered but we still don't mind and you want to put limit for ammo for non-premium, this is so balanced, go on. DarkOrbit itself said Free-To-Play, not pay to play, so quit it. If you think bigpoint is greedy for money, then you're wrong! If you think bigpoint will only accept ideas with pay to play included, go home! how many has been accepted? Like none!

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