Remove Ammo Capacity Limit!!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by .Šuяaj., Feb 15, 2014.

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  1. TBH I just don't want all the great ideas to turn into another money grabbing tactic
    by DO. So add some to premium so everyone can afford to benefit from it.LOLZ been
    here to many years to go home:pPlus I've decided to watch this DO Reloaded thing play out.;)
  2. Premium players already have too much benefits,
    1. Double rocket fire, while other players do 25 k dmg er sec with their rockets, they will be doing 50 k. (Overpowered)
    2. Less Drone Damage.
    3. Skylab timer reduced by half.
    4. 500+ cargo.
    5. 5% reduced on uridium items.

    Don't you have enough?

  3. No many things were taken from us. Free Repair is now for all. Everyone has an increase in repair. We need retribution.
  4. With more money grabbing updates on the horizon, I don't think it's enough:eek:
    So we should make premium better,stronger more affordable. OSRS It's the
    cheaters and the wallet warrior that have too many benefits.Here's the thing
    when premium get new updates 1 previous updated would be passed down to
    free players.Then the premium status can keep moving forward and free players
    continue to get some perks also:cool:
  5. Not everybody can buy premium, not every country has credit cards, not every country can buy things from bigpoint or others. Use your tiny brains, sorry had to say it cause you're just spamming for it, why not make all the ships for premium too?
  6. Use your tiny brain again, Premium players can repair at gate and on the spot for free. while we had to pay 700 uri for gate rep and 1 k uri for on the spot, not fair. Stop crying.
  7. And don't you guys think you benefit alot already? isn't 5 of those that I've listed already enough and I forgot to mention free pet repairs, you guys benefit from 6 things while non-premium players benefit from nothing! If you think it isn't enough to play mario and cry about your brainlessness.
    and btw we need more mature players on the forum, not stupid kids who cry cause they can't get what they want and thinking bigpoint is only money greedy and they've actually did alot of them.
  8. this limit is awful when I don't play for a long time and I use all my GG I have full ammo and I can't buy x1 for npcs
  9. [=The-Juggernaut=] chill off.:cool: Have you read anything. All I'm saying is this could
    benefit everyone. When premium get updated free players get updated. can you not see this.How would you feel if they took an idea like this and made it cost loads? At least if it was a premium update free players would eventually get it too.They wouldn't have to grind for it. So if premium is update regularly everyone get an update. It helps to keep the game moving along.

    I'm old enough to be most people on this game daddy and some their grand pappy. Been playing this since 08. Have multiple accounts some free some not so no need to hurl insults. It's just and idea. Besides It seems you like the game. You seem to be able to have internet service and a computer so I don't think this is about afford ability. Premium is pretty cheap now. Unless you one of those free loader types or moocher types:p 1.99 is not much.
  10. Clack321

    Clack321 User

    I agree we should remove it from everyone or premium either way but GET RID OF IT!!! It was used to stop botters from having hella ammo now it's stupid for the hitac event will give out alot of pointless ammo too.
  11. I agree, without bots is ammo limit pointless. If BP wouldn't do it for all players, they would do it at least for premium users..
  12. Um, let me correct you nooblet, the gate and rep on spot aren't expensive. It's called repair credits, which most people have them. Even my newbies on GA1 get stocked up on them It's not hard.
  13. They said last year that they will remove it early this year. Useless to even speak about this. They have forgotten us.
  14. We know they said it, that's why we're complaining. We know they don't care lol, plenty of things many of us know we can't share, but still. LOL
  15. Expensive or not, you still benefit it, quit crying you noobish nooblet!

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