Removing RSB ammo & Jump CPUs.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ™†•M.B•†™, Jan 8, 2014.

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  1. hello all,

    Was discussing with a few players this morning about the removal of the RSB ammo.

    Couple of reasons really, first its just way to expensive for free players to afford even to expensive to afford for people who put a little bit of money on.

    Secondly it goes down to quick, quicker then any other ammo ive noticed, not exactly fair the most expensive and the most ammo consuming.

    Lastly it doesnt make fights fun anymore, its not about skill its about power, old client days people used to fight with sab and x3 ammo, x4 ammo is enough tbh, you die in a couple of seconds when people combo you 200+k, and im a UFE player i still die in a few seconds if people jump on me with all the gear. If i and many other UFE's die quick how do you think basic FE players are going to fare against it.

    Another idea i want to put forward is the removal of the Advanced Jump CPU and X-1 Jump chip. The amount of times people lose out on kills because people just jump chip out of the fight, also the server is already dead, the battle maps (4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4) are always quiet because no one flies anymore, they just jumpchip. Even if you dont fully get rid of all Jump Chips make it so you can only jump from for example higher maps to higher maps, or lowers to another lower map.

    Thankyou for reading.
  2. burkey

    burkey User

    I always thought the old client days of just white on white and numbers won were better, but the highest paying players got their way and will continue to as it's those that keep BigPoint running, not those that do not pay. I pay a little to slowly increase my upgrades and collect booty's etc, and am standard FE plus Apis and some LF4, and some upgrades, but if I have all the toys and RSB then can beat UFE with only x4 hands down.

    The game is really unbalanced but it's the same as every single other premium game, the one who spends the most generally wins and as BigPoint is a business, it's not going to change.

    As for the jump chips, i fly thru 4-x all the time but if im caught short then i slow mine run the x-1 chip on out there. Maybe yeh take the advanced chip so people have to fight thru the maps...
  3. i dont mind rsb bec thats the only colored lasers i got miss having coloured lasers. jump cpu i hate bec now what do people do just jump everywhere without need to move how im i supposed to fin bms quest when those maps never get used now plus this server basicly dead bec you made gb2 that ruined gb1 to the ground and you say was for the better wel hast been bec the server is like dead (want a server were there is afew thousand playing not just afew hundred) you get me :)
  4. in other words youre the exact noob this thread refers to, jump chipping out no skill to stay and fight. Plus you just contridicted yourself, " but if I have all the toys and RSB then can beat UFE with only x4 hands down." well thats not just x4 is it lmao. funny thing is when someone smashes you i see you moan and cry on chat. IF RSB didnt exist that fight might of gone differently you might of got to port or might of won. Removing it makes it better, same with the Jump Chips, all a waste of time, and ruin the game.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2014
  5. I totally agree with removal of RSB ,x4 is enough to shoot hard and other tactics are around these days instead of more powerful RSB . If you remove them more and more ppl would fight fair and not run until they buy RSB. and this will create a ripple effect where there will be more action more players playing not so easy kills and so on.
    Simply more fun to play

    Also agree with jump cpu we will have a higher traffic in all maps if we didnt jump like gods.

    I just have to add one thing you either remove those things or decrase the ammount of money spent for uridium.
    It has been 5 years or more and no change with 100 euro u can get same ammount of uridium if though the inflation of uridium in 5 years is huge more then 50% (simple economics, the money inflation every years happened with uri here too)
    so for 100 euro we should get more then what we geting now at least 50% more

    Please support take in consideration our ideas and dont just throw them into the trash
  6. burkey

    burkey User

    No MB but all the gate bashers to get 10 havocs, i either quit the game, stay on x1 in 3-2 forever or get RSB and hit them back. If you can't beat em, join em; so there is no other way for me to carry on enjoying the game and winning fights except for copying the top guys and get RSB.

    And P.S., i havent cried on chat since 2013 :D
  7. Thats exactly the point u will always run until u have RSB
    That is the point u will always run and wait until u have RSB to fight them , if u dont have to then u just fight them with x4
  8. burkey

    burkey User

    That's what I was trying to say, if it didn't make sense. I use RSB because I HAVE to just to survive. My preference is x4 tops even though UFE would still be kicking ass, but then again that's what a decent clan is for I guess :)
  9. Gb2 is a joke simple as, should never have been made. Jump cpu is a total joke, Slow down mines are a total joke,

    But what really annoy's me the most is the cost to open a galaxy gate, it's like 200k uri for a zeta or kappa so, on a mhh it's nearly £20 worth of uri and that's if ur lucky. Why can't they be grouped together like a,b,c gates. So put delta, epsilon and zeta together then put kappa, lambada and hades together. Even groups of 2 i would be happier.

    As soon as i have got my full hercs i wont go near any of those gates again it's just pure stupidty to lose uri that way.
  10. burkey

    burkey User

    Yep but this is the case why BigPoint have no need to change it, cos players like yourself will happily spend about £800 on 40 gates to get 10 hercs, then everyone else has to follow to keep up and so on and so on. The only way to stop the above wouldn've been all top players a couple of years ago to stop whining about nothing more in the game to spend uri on after iris, lf3 and b02.

    I get all my gate spins from pally, bonus boxes or thru booty (which is also where I got my RSB from!) and spending money on spins that offer very little value (who needs so much Xeno!!!) is a waste of my uri. Oh and the 1 free spin per day for logging in lol
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  11. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    w.r.t RSB: There's already too much different ammo. A pain if enemies use RSB and you don't have it, meaning you sit at port till mhh... so I think it should be removed.

    w.r.t JUMP CHIPS AND CPU's: Battle maps are dead quiet because of them. Remove them and hopefully problem solved. However I still think we should have the jump-01 cpu (jump from a lower map to x-1 home base map) and none for higher maps, simply because of the new players. They would want some sort of advantage for quick returns to home base. None in the higher maps as they're meant to be 'more dangerous' and we cant have noobs (everyone in gb1 knows the lighning veng who stalks 2-6 :p) escaping when they're on the brink of popping from the higher maps.
  12. burkey

    burkey User

    Agreed with seraphim, I use RSB cos i get hit with RSB

    I used jump chips cos I'm not UFE and most of the time cant afford RSB

    Take them both away and I'll be happily flying thru 4-x maps with whites (prolly cloaked round the edges though cos im only old school FE!)
  13. Some valid points.... its hard too do quests now.. but i wouldnt want to have to fly again... also i agree rsb is tooo much lol.. the damage is soo high... i do think you are right.. get rid of it.. upgrades ruined it too... so much damage :(
  14. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Why not just restrict RSB to credit ships since they are the only ones that really need it.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2014
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  15. burkey

    burkey User

    Lol VESPID, love your idea, you can only blast away with RSB if ur in a Nostromo :D
  16. some good points being raised here, as the jump chip for people who are a little bit weaker and need it why not put a level restriction on it. For example, its at level 17 you unlock all maps, so why not set the Jump chip so that level 18 and above can not use it, thereby giving weaker people a chance to get to uppers and lowers. 18 and above people probably would have earnt enough by then to be at least basic FE. and Burkley you keep saying you use RSB because you get shot at with RSB thats the point we are trying to make, get rid of RSB completely and fighting becomes more fun and takes more skill. I myself hunt on x4 alone, i rarely have RSB, obvs i have ISH SMB EMPS etc but they help to put up a better fight. theres no joy in popping someone in a few shots because of the combo hit. I myself and a lot of other decent fighters enjoy a good lasting battle.
  17. DatDino

    DatDino User

    Have to agree with you here MB but don't u spam rsb and x4 everytime u see an enemy player ;).

    But seriously RSB is too op at the min with people hitting you over 200k :/. I would suggest to not remove it but to lower the damage and the ability to combo hit someone and also reduce the price per salvo.
  18. naaa see lowering price means more people will have it, even at a lowered price some people wont be able to afford it, it just makes fights unfair tbh, like i hit easy 210k combo when i have everything, thats a couple of shots pop on a basic FE player if i moth. It doesnt give them much of a chance to get to port. Now i get plenty of kills without RSB its utterly not necessary to have. X4 is relatively easy to get with lower gates like lambda, and of course the main x4 gates like A,B,G. yes they cost a lot but Pally is always a free option. RSB does need to be removed so many would be much happier, fights would be so much more fun and lasting.
  19. DatDino

    DatDino User

    ah yes, i do agree bring back the 2010 days ;)
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  20. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I don't think removing RSB is the fix for the huge damage gap between UFE and FE, I would say make it easier to get to UFE rather than removing rsb, an ammo that has
    been around since the new client came into use.
    Better to work on a long term fix instead of a short term one.

    As for the jump chip, how about making it so you can use it to jump from any uppers map to any lowers map.
    However it can't go from lowers to uppers, people would have to fly through battlemaps if they wanted to go from lowers to lowers.
    I don't think its wise to just remove it considering people spent hours collecting jump credits and even buying them with money in some cases. Plus it's a completely viable tactic for hunting, everyone jump chip to enemy maps and rush a cbs etc.

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