Removing RSB ammo & Jump CPUs.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ™†•M.B•†™, Jan 8, 2014.

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  1. burkey

    burkey User

    Good point Okapi, but maybe the other way around cos the newbs struggle to get to Uppers where as UFE can slipstream u lowers... ?

    And the problem with the Jump Chip x-1 thing still exists, being able to use it when running. Maybe give that a few second count down too? Although the whole point of it's creation was to run away lol
  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    If the point of changing the jump chip is to make bmps active again then making it work from lowers to uppers and not uppers to lowers would be counter productive.
    People could use the normal jump chip to go from lowers to uppers, then the old jump chip to go from uppers to lowers (their own x-1 map) and so just bypass the bmps still.

    Unless the old jump chip is changed so it goes to x-8 instead of x-1 :)
  3. A Good idea from VESPID!!! I never thought I would see the day!

    And yes like I said on another thread I would much rather bigpoint take away all of these useless toys even if it does mean money wasted it is worth the fun it will bring in the future. I recently tried out a certain old client server and it is amazing how much has changed and how fun the fights are on there in 4-3, 4-2 and 4-1. I would pay large sums for access to an official server like that on Dark Orbit. Removing RSB would be a step in the right direction since that was a downgrade really, same with the useless jump chip.
  4. burkey

    burkey User

    Erm, yeh, squirly to get my head around but lol, understand!

    And the old jump chip then would mean you need to be whatever level for your own x-8 (16?) to use it.
  5. Following from that post, maybe they should split Uppers and Lowers, so that the annoying map hopping jump CPU only works for uppers maps if you are in uppers, and only works for lowers maps if you are in lowers. And like you said, the old school jump CPU when used in uppers can put you in 3-8 instead of 3-1. That would mean battlemaps are the only link between the 2 and it also means the Jump chips don't have to be removed, just changed a bit. Therefore reviving the battlemaps.

    And if this is too much for the noobs, remove the uppers/lowers restriction above for any credit ships so that they can have a chance.

    Problem solved.
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  6. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    That sounds better to be honest, making it so you can only jump around uppers while in uppers and lowers while in lowers.
  7. I also just remembered, second hangars are another problem that would be used in the same way... maybe add similar restrictions to them? What are your thoughts?

    A bit more difficult to tackle...

    To be honest I use this as often as the jump chip just for convenience to get to places.
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  8. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Oh? In what way do the credit ships need it?

    SS_HELIOS User

    I agree with this entirely but it's far too late to just remove those items. RSBs are useless if you have numbers on your side. Group up with the things you do the only problem is that you need to be UFE or close for even that to work so like it was mentioned before it needs to be easier to become UFE. All the UFE's are against this idea but when you buy something at a store what happens 2 years later? The price DROPS!!! So in turn LF4s should become easier to get.
  10. What we need is just bigger maps... so UFE can be overthere in one corner while newbies can kill something far away from the UFE... its like every free MMO game like let say ragnarock or whatever is called i just played like once i think... making maps different and adding some stuff would take UFE to find the weak players and so weak players can spend their time or their business... thats whay i think... just add a couple of ideas and it would be better..
  11. LF4 CHEAPER? no that would take away the fun of trying to find them... what everyone needs is new ways to get them.. not easier.. but with a little bit of variety to find them... u know what im saying? and ima be UFE this upcoming sunday so im just giving new ideas.. and it cost me hours and hours in pvp and like 600 dollars too.. so yeah yall guys should know that this game is easy... what is hard is to buy ammo... thats all you gotta know...
  12. I am almost UFE, just need upgrades and I am working on that. Spent a hell of a lot over the past few years and especially recently to get the LF-4 etc. and I still think the price should be dropped. I am not against the idea of reducing the prices and would actually prefer it if they did. But I don't think this will be a long term solution. The long term solution would be to reduce the effects of all these toys so that people aren't hitting 200k in the first place. A UFE vs UFE fight can still be a very fast fight. Nowadays both sides tend to just use Moth, X4 and RSB, which eats up HP even before shields run out. Yes, there are instas and EMPs, but SAB is now useless. Especially against Moth. Moth is another major problem. This is also the thing preventing the noobs from reaching ports safely. Just watch some youtube videos of the old days and you will see what I mean. I remember fights that lasted literally ages, back when the smart bomb effect was really cool and when battle maps were alive.

    See this video I found from a quick search:

    If how hard lasers hit is reduced by 50% (so a LF-3 hits 75 instead of 150 and a LF-4 hits 100 instead of 200), and if the ammo costs were cut in half to make up for this, and if shield penetration was aslso halved, we would be back as close as we could be to how it was in the above video.

    Better advertising and incentives for people to be online would help for the activity on the servers, and the above posts about the jump chip would revive the battle maps.

    An example as an incentive for noobs could be to have a % increase in shields at low levels. For example:

    Levels 1-5: 20% increase in shields and shield absorbance (less damage to HP).
    Levels 5-10: 10% increase
    Levels 10-12: 5% increase

    This would give them a bit of a headstart.

    I know the above sound like drastic measures but even if they did half of what I said this game would be a better place for all of us.
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    SS_HELIOS User

    Yeah but not everyone can spend 600 bucks on a game, some of us still spend time in reality. I agree the process of getting them is fun but when you go weeks without 1 it's ridiculous. The idea of making them cheaper or easier to find should be taken lightly considering how hard it is right now.

    SS_HELIOS User

    I played on the old client so I know exactly what you're talking about. The problem with the suggestion of just removing them or changing damage output is the fact that players paid for those advantages. The only way they could change it is if they gave refunds, and that won't happen. They would go through lawsuits from every direction until they could no longer run this game. They could remove RSB without issues as long as they made it no longer available to buy but you could still use what you have left. Jump chips could be removed as well but that would be the same to most as getting rid of lf4s all together. If anyone thinks Im going to far by saying that consider how much smaller players depend on those to survive. The jump chip was put in to make the game a little better balanced as far as noobs avoiding UFE's.
  15. The thing is we can't get lawsuits on them because their T&C states that we don't own the account nor anything on our accounts - they do. So in a way they've got themselves protected - can do anything regarding our accounts any basically 'get away' with it. I guess all players can do if they were to half damage inflicted per laser cannon is forget & move on...just like they usually do. Like that time when LF4's used to do more damage, till d.o lowered the damage inflicted ( after players payed for upgrades ofc). And that time when shields were lowered too, and yet - after played payed for upgrades.
    Despite these changes being for the great of good on the game, they were still payed for hence why some players got so annoyed.

    SS_HELIOS User

    Thats convenient for them. Even if they couldn't take out a lawsuit they would quit making enough money to cover their cost. Don't get me wrong I want all of this fixed just as much as anyone else, I don't want to sound like a troll or anything. All I'm saying is Bigpoint cares about Bigpoint. They want to make as much as possible and while taking away some things would fix part of the problems, darkorbit will never find a way out of the deep hole they have on their hands.
  17. I agree with the RSB removal, since x4 is plenty strong enough to take out others.
    But I don't agree with the jump chip removal, since it's a tactical measure.

    I am a FE goli and vengi, and I do not have much of a chance to use it, either because I get killed fast, or I can't stay out of combat long enough to use it.
    It should be kept.
  18. You mean i dont have a life? are u trolling me or some stupid joke?... First of all I'm more than sure that I spend more time outside of your virtual world than you... I have a ranch, im a college stundent... and most of the time i play on weekends...
    now back to the subject..
    what do u think that im so stupid to spend my keys when theres no double probability? of course not... i always save my uri until the next month and use it on the double probability day.... I'm sure that if u have a pet and leave ur ship floating there on pvp or palladium ur gonna get either energies or uri.. and if ur collecting uri on a month u can make around 1 million and a half if u dont have a doubler... and you dont even have to put a finger on ur mouse u just check your ship every 20 min before it disconnects and thats it... u can keep doing ur homework or whatever ur doing...

    SS_HELIOS User

    Thats the problem I cant check back before it disconnects. I do have a doubler but thats all I am allowing myself to spend. Im glad to hear someone is doing well in the game without playing every hour, but 600 bucks is so much for one game. If it wasn't for my latest epsilon gate taking over 1k spins to finish off the last 3 parts alone I would have completed a gate everyday so thats not the problem. I spend my time in school 7 hours a day then work after so I have very little time on this game. 100% of my uridium from 1 gate has gone into the next lately. I'm sorry if I sounded so rude I guess I am just angry that it cost so much to make it in the game.
  20. Meh 600 buck is kinda a lot, but not much as the amount others have spent...some have spent well over 10k in there d.o lifetime...which idk how one can do that lol.

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