Removing RSB ammo & Jump CPUs.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ™†•M.B•†™, Jan 8, 2014.

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    VESPID User

    They are crappy ships.....Remember???
  2. why remove rsb? what if i wanna buy 200k U. worth of it mhm?
  3. I spent those 600 dollars over time not on a single day or something like that... even for me it would be crazy to spend 600 dollars in one MHH, and nice that u go to school and work.. and used to work and now i dont cuz i gotta a lot of stuff to do in college but like when ur doing ur home work u can place ur ship in a map activate the auto looter and leave there and check it every 20 min.. cuz stuying for 1 hour straight doesnt work for anyone so having some little gaps works fine and take 1 or 2 min of that gap and move ur ship so u can keep collecting and u dont play until the weekend and surprize u collected lots of uri without playing... u can easily be 31 lf4 in 3 months ofcourse taking adavantage of the double lf4 day...
  4. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    And they're meant to be crappy, some have bonuses such as the leo in lowers and thats for noobs to survive. If you have some common sense you would use an elite ship. No point trying to balance the scale between the weaker ships and elite ships (I'm touched that you attempt to do so in countless threads already........NOT!).
    Suck it up, noob ships stay at noob level. elite ships stay at elite level, unless you want the game to get 'ruined'.

    SS_HELIOS User

    To be truthful the first time I saw the 600 I thought it was 600, especially because you were talking about becoming UFE lol. I have spent more then I should as well, probably 300 now that I think about it. Also thanks for the advice I am going to graduate soon and I am definitely going to either college or possibly a technical school so I could try that.
  6. I personally like the new client better than the old one. I had a profile back in 2008 and it was really hard back then without a clan. My 2013 profile became fe in about 3 months. It is easier now to become good, which is why I want my good ammo to go with it. I can remember being blown to bits by ufes, but I worked on defensive abilities and as a result, rarely die now. It's really not that hard to get away from someone doing 150k damage. Speed config has a heck of shields and I have emp, cloak, ISH, slow mines, and more to help me survive. I say, keep RSB in the game. I finally hit 100k combo lol, and I like it:)
  7. chixonator

    chixonator User

    no,no, and no. i like rsb and i like the jump chips.
  8. They will never ever remove RSB, it's the Ammo they get their Money with.

    VESPID User

    Well as long as the game gets ruined for the right people and just improves for everyone else I'D SAY IT IS WORTH IT!!!

    SS_HELIOS User

    And you were against my idea to make havocs work like a herc in a way? wow...
  11. RSB is the best ammunition in-game. And its sound cool either *chichichichichiouv* :D If they remove RSB , BP will lose a important uridium mine ;)

    Advanced Jump CPU (AJP-01) why dude ? Do you want to go to a x8 map from x1 in a 20-30 minutes ? And add elite enemies attacking you , network errors , nub friend attackers , enemy clan attacks etc. ... no sir. This cpu is good.
  12. Actually this would not solve the problem. it would only make it harder for smaller players who dont yet have hangars.

    Why not just put something valuable in pvp maps, so players would want to go there?
    You just need to get idea what that "something" is.
    Wouldnt that remove this problem?
  13. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Escaping battle???
    Yea those two ideas must be removed for the runners to actually engage battle for a change.
  14. You're the guy that makes a bunch of ideas for noobs to be better, so why would you agree to removing the jump chips? That's a good way for noobs(like you) to escape isn't it?
    Sometimes, engaging in battle is futile and as a result, an emp and cloak/jump chip may be used to prevent dying. I also use the Advanced CPU to save time. Time saving is good and that is why I'm against this.
  15. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Jump chips are a tool to avoid damage from the ships that may be guarding the entry ways of the lower and higher maps not to mention the ships that inhabit the battle maps that I believe if they want a fight they will find it there.

    It makes it too easy for well armed pansies to attack the unprepared, even you should know that.

    That time saving jump chip is a cowards tool!!!
    I say take it away.
  16. I like the RSB because it adds a new skill to the game and also i like the CPU jump chip because you have to wait and stay still for it to work and jump but the home map x1 jump chip I hate because yes many people have used this on me and it does get annoying.
  17. VESPID

    VESPID User

    RSB does add a new skill.....for the credit ships.
    It only raises the power of the ships that are already powerful. I believe restriction should be the case for RSB and any similar ammo but the jump ship should be removed with full authority!!!
  18. No the reason why you don't like rsb is because you probably have never used it on people effectively (so i think) so if you think that it is really over powering then don't complain about it but instead join in and then you will become over powering.
  19. REMOVED RSB adds no skill what so ever, RSB adds unnecessary power, i have plenty good scraps with x4 only, RSB is not needed on the game, and jump chip isnt good, the BMS are utterly dead because people are just to lazy to fly through maps.
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  20. Without RSB all the fights would be the same and wouldn't make the fights have any fun in them if both of you are shooting the same ammo all the time.
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