Removing RSB ammo & Jump CPUs.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ™†•M.B•†™, Jan 8, 2014.

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    VESPID User

    Oh I'm not trying to remove RSB anymore, I'm trying to convince the OP to restrict it to credit ships.
    As far as boring fights, I'd say the notion of strategy will come sharply into play making it exciting again as opposed to just overpowering someone else before they can respond.
  2. I personally love RSB. If I didn't have that ammo, I would have a much harder time popping people before they reach safety. For those that want to remove it, I am guessing that y'all are on the receiving end of the lasers instead of the giving end. Better to give than receive right?;) So keep RSB. For those wanting to remove the jump cpus, it is most likely that they are having issues with the PVP quests. Removal of RSB would in my opinion make them even harder. I still want to keep both of them.
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    VESPID User

    Nah...I say restrict the RSB or any white laser ammo to credit ships and remove the jump chips, after all quests shouldn't be easy.
  4. Quests shouldn't be easy. Good idea. Then leave the jump chips in game so nobody can get kills in bmaps.:p

    As far as credit ships go, whatever they can have, uridium ships should have as well plus more. Pray tell, how would restricting RSB to noob ships help noobs seeing as how it is the most expensive ammo??

    VESPID User

    Because not just noobs would be piloting them....You say how much you luv the RSB ammo, well prove it.....In a credit ship.
  6. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Or! Make the best use out an expensive ammo that costs uridium by using it in an elite ship like a bloody normal person.

    Restricting rsb to credit ships ... you have got the be the worse "troll" I have ever seen on these forums.
  7. Personally i like the RSB and would hate it if it was removed. I tend to fight a-lot better when i have RSB rather than X4 i guess i just depend on RSB? Jump Chips i would mind if they were removed because tbf, they've made everyone on the game lazy. However i believe that changing the way they work would be a-lot better than removing the whole thing. Like retricting players from jumpping from Lowers to higher - meaning they have to fly there manually. But allowing the cpu to work when jumping from Higher to lowers ( like some has already suggested). This would be great 'cause some players ( like myself) just find it longer to fly up to upppers, rather than down to lowers.

    Rsb does add skill. Those that have awsome timing could hit RSB spot on straight after it cools down and switch back x4, and so on therefor giving an advantage, over someone for e.g. who cnt switch to RSB quick enough.
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  8. RSB is awesome plain and simple. Vespid, your challenge to prove I love RSB in a credit ship doesn't make sense. I prove I love it by spamming it out in a goli and popping people.

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