Requirement for 5-X maps

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by SkyHero-42, Dec 22, 2023.

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  1. SkyHero-42

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    Hello to the good players,

    what should i do for going in 5-X maps
  2. You have to access them from one of the 3 Portals in the 4-5 map. Jump into them map from your x-5 map and then proceed to one of the 3 gates closet to you. You'll then have to go thru the 5-1 map maze to the gate at the other side on the left side of the map. Jump thru into 5-2 map which you'll see the asteroid mass in the middle. Inside there you will be in a De-Mil Zone. Go past that to the left side of the map to be able to Jump into the 5-3 Map. There you can navigate down to the Palladium Field where you can collect Palladium. You can exit 5-3 out of the gates at the left, but be repped up before you do because you'll have to go thru a Mine field to get to them.

    You may want to Warp a ship into the middle of 5-2 since that is the only place you can sell you Palladium. Keep it there and when you want to get back to 5-3 to collect more Palladium you can switch Hangers. It's best to keep one of the ships in your Hanger in 5-3, that way you can log out in 5-3, your switch to the ship in 5-2 to sell and log out and go back to the Ship you left in 5-3 to collect more
  3. SkyHero-42

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    very clear now ..

    Mr. Iron-throne: may you also explain how to reach R-zone, i've noted a daily mission is associated. thanks
  4. The R-Zone has been broken for YEARS! I Honestly do not know why those quest are still Listed in the Quest List.

    but as for the 5-X Maps (also regarded as the Pirate Maps) You do have enough ships to keep in the 5-2 and 5-3 Maps so you can log out and switch hangers to sell your Palladium (Palla) in 5-2. Try to keep a Citidel in 5-3 and have your PET in Resource mode to collect the Palla and when your Cargo Bay is full,.. log out. Switch to the ship in 5-2, Log out again and switch back to your ship in 5-3. That will gain you Spins for Galaxy gates so you don't spend Uri

  5. There is a tab on the long shortcut bar that looks like a triangle. Depending on which server you are playing on you may or may not get in. Since most can not, unless you have a mission for going to coordinates, there is no reason to be bothered with it. I normally just overlook all refraction missions because a fix is not priority it seems. They thought they had it fixed about a year ago There are regular missions for refractions as well. Just skip them.
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    i play on GA-5 server not featured now but it was before, I noted. i think the interesting thing is harvesting palladium on 5-X
    preparing the tactics as advised.

    thanks a lot and wish you a good play.
  7. On occasion I can get into r-zone, I think it has to do with another ship trying to enter at the same time, or other ships already in the zone
  8. I don't think refraction zone is broken at the moment, but we just cant get in since they are all empty due to lack of players. Sometimes I only need to wait for 30 seconds and other times over 30 minutes to get in. I think the game wont let you join an empty map so it will wait in line until someone else is trying to access R-zone as well and then you can get in. Most of the time when im in there is only 1-2 ships and sometimes 0 if the other player leaves immediately after joining.
  9. SkyHero-42

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    Happened to wait but no jumping in with much repeats, according to PSKSUNDANCE advice, not available on all servers and depending.
    no issue at all the game have a lot of fun..