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    Resources FAQ

    Please do NOT quote this post in responding. Everyone knows what you are referring to and it will help keep the thread usable. Thanks, Z-Hawk

    Everything you never wanted to know about Resources:
    written by Z-Hawk
    • Bottom line:
      • Two major uses for Resources:
        • Credits from selling at Base
        • Updating Weapons & Engines.
      • Resources (except Xenomit) occupy space in your Cargo Bay, limiting the amount of Resources you can carry on board your Ship, determining how frequently you must return to Base to sell.
      • How you use Resources depends on your Play Style and needs.
      • Resources ("Ores" or "Rocks") come in 4 Grades or "levels" from 4 possible sources.
    OrePrometium-1.png OreTerbium.png
    • Prometium (Red),Endurium (Blue) and Terbium (Yellow) can be collected as individual Resources in the Lower Level Maps -AND- are part of the Cargo Box Drops of NPC's* and Players**.
    OrePrometid.png OreDuranium.png
    • Prometid (Pink) and Duranium (Green) can be refined in the LAB from Low Grade Ores -AND- are part of the Cargo Box Drops of NPC's* and Players**.
    • Promerium (Gold) can be refined from Mid Grade Ores and
    • is part of the Cargo Box Drops of some NPC's* and Players**.
    OrePalladium.pngPalladium - The newest form of ore found in our galaxy.
    • Collect 15 Palladium, they can be traded in Sector 5-2 at the Pirate Base for 1 Galaxy Gate Energy.
    • Collecting Palladium can be done in the Pirate Maps 5-X .
    • Uou can also obtain palladium through Ship Kills.
    • Can be received from special loot boxes that are dropped by NCPs in selected Galaxy Gates during the event time and is also available in payment packages (Chromin pack). Can be used to craft event recipes.
    NPC's* - See NPC charts for locations of NPC's and Cargo Drops (NPC Charts for ALL NPC's) -OR- (The List of Aliens) and (Alien Bosses) and (Uber NPC's).
    Players** - Players drop a portion of their Cargo (~20%) when killed. The exact amount depends on what they are carrying at the time they are killed.

    Resource NamesNPC's containing ResourcesNPC TypeAvailable in Shop
    Mucosum mucosum.png Lordakia & LordakiumRegular, Boss, UberNO
    Devolarium & SibelonRegular, Boss, UberNO
    Kristallin & KristallonRegular, Boss, UberNO
    Saimon & MordonRegular, Boss, UberNO
    Aurus Aurus.pngInterceptors,Barracudas,Saboteurs,
    Annihilators & battle Rays
    *Please note: While there are resources that can appear in the shop, they may not always be available.

    Tetrathrin Tetrathrin.gifGained from completing Daily Quests
    Kyhalon Kyhalon.gifGained from completing Galaxy Gate Weekly Quests
    Bifenon Bifenon.gifGained as a drop item from specific NPC’s

    • [*]Refining:
      • Resources can be combined in the LAB, reducing the Cargo space they occupy. The resulting Resources DO have a higher individual value, both for sale and for Updating Weapons and Engines, BUT their combined value in Credits is significantly reduced (See Impact of Refining, below).
      • Ratios (starting with 600 units of Low Grade Resources) are:
        • 200 Cargo units of Prometium and 100 units of Endurium make 10 Cargo units of Prometid.
        • 200 units of Terbium and 100 Endurium make 10 Duranium.
        • 10 Prometid, 10 Duranium and 1 Xenomit make 1 Promerium.
        • Using these ratios, 600 Cargo units (200 each of Prometium, Endurium and Terbium) can be condensed into 20 Cargo units (10 each of Prometid and Duranium), effectively "freeing up" 580 Cargo units for more Resources.
        • With 1 unit of Xenomit, those 20 units of Prometid/Duranium can be condensed into a single Cargo unit of Promerium; effectively "freeing up" 599 Cargo units for more Resources.
      [*]Use - Selling for Credits at Base:
      • The amount that Resources sell for at the Base depends on (a) the Resource and (b) the amount of Honor you have.
      • The Honor factor for Resource price is [1 + (Honor/500,000)] and maxes out at 2 times the Resource Base price at 500,000 Honor. Ref: (Honor and the Honor Points).
        i.e. 150,000 Honor will increase the base price of all Resources by 150,000/500,000 or 30%. For Prometium that would make the sale price [10 Credts * (1 + {150,000/500,000})] = 10 * [1 + 0.3] = 10 * 1.3 = 13 Credits.
      • Sale prices (for 0 and +500,000 Honor) are:
        Prometium: 10-20 Cr______Endurium: 15-30 Cr______Terbium: 25-50 CrPrometid: 200-400 Cr______Duranium: 200-400 CrPromerium: 500-1000 Cr
        This is another reason NOT to become an Outlaw - Your resources are worth less due to the Honor Factor.
      [*]Use - Weapons & Engines Updates:
      Resources can be used on the LAB/UPDATE page to enhance Weapons and Engines.
      • Prometid Provides +15% to Firepower of Rockets or Lasers at a rate of 10 units (Lasers or Rockets) per unit of Prometid.
      • Duranium Provides +10% to Speed or Shield Engines at a rate of 10 minutes per unit of Duranium.
      • Promerium Provides
        +30% to Firepower of Rockets or Lasers at a rate of 10 units per unit of Promerium -OR-
        +20% to Speed or Shield Engines at a rate of 10 minutes per unit of Promerium.
      [*]Impact of Refining:
      You do NOT "make money" by refining; The Credit value of Refined Resources is always LESS that the Resources used to create them.
      • From the 600 Cargo units example above; 200 Prometium + 200 Endurium + 200 Terbium = (200 * 10 Credits) + (200 * 15 Cr) + (200 * 25 Cr) = 2,000 Credits + 3,000 Cr + 5,000 Cr
        = 10,000 Credits possible.
      • The resulting Prometid and Duranium = (10 * 200 Credits) + ( 10 * 200 Cr) = 2,000 Credits + 2,000 Cr
        = 4,000 Credits (a loss of 6,000 Credits or 60% of the potential original value)
      • Taken all the way to Promerium = 1 * 500 Credits
        = 500 Credits (a loss of 9,500 Credits or 95% of the potential original value)
        HOWEVER , that same Cargo Capacity (600 units) worth 10,000 Credits from Prometium, Endurium and Terbium is worth 300,000 Credits from Promerium. WARNING: Refining those 600 units of Promerium will require you to collect 120,000 units each of Prometium, Endurium and Terbium -PLUS- 600 Xenomit. Those Low Level Resources HAD6,000,000 Credits and did not require you to have any a potential value of Xenomit...
      [*]Why do it if it reduces the value of my Cargo?
      Player's choice based on what you need to support your Play Style at the time.
      • (1) To gain Resource Updates for Weapons and Engines.
        An extra 10-20% Bonus to Engines -OR- 15-30% Bonus to Firepower can be worth the price.
      • (2) To make fewer trips to Base with more valuable Cargo on each trip.
        Spending more time in the field killing can be worth the price.
      • Generally:
        • Lower Level Players need the Credits so they are better off selling Lower Level Resources for Credits without Refining.
        • Higher Level Players need the Updates so they are better off Refining Lower Level Resources to have Mid and High Level Resources for Updates.
        • Middle Level Players will typically switch between the two depending on their need for Credits or Updates at the time.
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