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Discussion in 'Technical Event Issues' started by Bismarck[US2], Jan 23, 2024.

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  1. Every time the Agatus event is available, the servers lag big time. You kill an npc, go to shoot the next one, and it won't fire for about 15-20 seconds because you haven't gotten the rewards from the prior killed npc yet. This only happens with Agatus Breach. Get rid of it, no one cares for it anyway
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  2. Seraphim

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    Agree. Not only that, Agatus breach is the most boring event there is.
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  3. Agree. And the number of ammunition/time when, for example, you try to collect 8000 agatus splinters.
    Not everyone has time or a ship with the power to be able to shoot x-8, x-7, x-6 on maps where you get more splinters of it,
    becose : three players with the most damage will receive a reward box.
    Yes, you can also buy it, 1000 pieces for 19.99 and something small in addition, rockets etc.
    this means if u buy all of it when 8000 needed, it cost 159.92 ( in this case EUR ) Which is insane, to compared what u get .
    This is not meant to be achieved by playing ( For all players ), which is possible (For some players),
    but who has the time and endurance to bang only these Spinels ,most of it don't even give shards... After 2500 shards,
    I couldn't shoot a single spinel anymore.. it came out of my ears and eye, I get bored frustrated and thired. And,,
    After killing Agatus, each of the three players with the most damage will receive a reward box with agate splinter.
    That's a game stopper if anything
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  4. this is typical for bp they make an event dont test it and then once it is liked by the botters they just put it on replay any time they want or need money as the botters can do any event without any problems seems that bp needs to actually do something about the cheaters and botters and stop putting it all on the real players to deal with we pay for this game they ruin it by cheating and bp does nothing about it but slap them on the hand and then let them back in to keep botting so the fair play rules that bp has are a joke since we real players get banned ffor calling out these cheaters and they just keep going with nothing being done to help us real players
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    I'll say it again, "Youzu Interactive" has NO intention of keeping real legitimate players' onboard! Excuses after excuses how they're actually doing something about bots/trains and who knows what else they're using!
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    treacherous domain would like a word...
    it seems that agatus is causing massive lag issues, all i know is that i died three times at wave 75 in EBG every time with massive lag, always at wave 75.
  7. Seraphim

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    TD takes like 15-30 minutes a day. It's not that bad considering it pays 15k uri and the TD frags are lucrative.

    Agatus is a chore through and through. It takes a reasonable player several hours to farm enough fragments for a single item, and some things are ludicrously priced. Mega Mine for 50k Agatus frags? That'll take days and days of doing the same boring grind. Thanks but no thanks.

    Try leaving and clearing cache before starting waves 72-81. I'm not having any problems with that wave specifically, though I do get lag occasionally in random waves even when Agatus isn't on. Not sure the event has much of an impact on EBG, if at all.
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  8. I've never participated in this event, just randomly damaged boss when it was near me, didn't get enough fragments for a module I want in 4 years or so.
  9. the fragments stay with you till the next event so your not losing them if you dont use them
  10. yea I know, despite this I'm like half-way through, I guess this event is made for long term progression so you do some grinding here and there and eventually you get what you want but damn does it suck when maps are all mined up, mines should disappear when boss gets owned, I think they cause lags
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