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Dear forum reader,

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    This just in from Rick....

    Hi Space Pilots,

    As I mentioned in my previous update, the DarkOrbit Reloaded marketing campaign is now on its way, so you’ve probably caught a glimpse of our new fancy trailer when visiting various websites. I hope you’re enjoying the music of the trailer too, and of course I trust you’re “making friends” with the recent recruits on the space maps.

    We also recently introduced the updated Auction system. With this update you can bid on many more high value, and previously exclusive items. While there was strong feedback that previously Uridium only items are now available for Credit, an overwhelming proportion of the feedback we received via the open beta test was that this makes the game better, as this creates more competition and a balanced game experience on the long term. I am looking forward to seeing you getting your hands on powerful ships and gear and seeing all of you out there in action.

    I also hope you’re enjoying reading the full story line that is now available all the way to Level 20. By the way, make sure you complete the old missions which were left in the game when the new missions were introduced, as these old missions will be removed at the end of March.

    At the time of writing, we are completing the Contacts List feature which I mentioned in my previous update. We‘ll most likely ask you to help us test this feature, and to invite you to give your feedback very soon. Further, to give you another reason to use this new functionality, we are also updating the rewards pilots get when they recruit and mentor new pilots in the game. I can tell you, some powerful designs and equipment will be available when you invite and encourage recruits to stay in DarkOrbit Reloaded.

    And on that note, a quiet word of warning. Make sure you can tell your friends from your enemies, because spring may bring light and life, but it may also bring war…

    Best Regards,

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