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    This just in from Rick....

    Hi Space Pilots,

    Some of you might have been wondering why lately we’ve been posting fancy painted images on our Facebook page. These images are moodboards, which we created to help us define a visual style for the future of DarkOrbit, both in terms of in-game graphics and the external style used for marketing.

    A little more info for you all concerning marketing… a very large re-launch campaign will begin within the next weeks. This will include an updated logo, trailer, company characters and a brand new mission system.

    About the mission system: all old missions will be replaced, though old missions that you have active will remain until you abort or complete those missions. The story started in the new game entry missions has been continued, with a different version for all 3 companies. This story fills in a lot of blanks and we really hope you enjoy reading and discussing it. Sadly we were not able to finish the story for all missions, so level 13 to 20 missions will have temporary text until the beginning of February. Yep, you read that right – there will now be missions for level 18 to 20.

    Regardless of your level, all of the new missions will be accessible – so a level 20 player can play, for example, the new level 7 missions if he or she so chooses. Also, the total amount of Uridium given out in the mission system has been increased, so doing missions is not only fun but also makes economic sense. The amount of Uridium given out in a mission is balanced on the effort required to complete the mission, so a mission where you have to kill 10 Lordakia will give out only a fraction compared to having to kill 10 Uber Kristallons. So don’t be shocked by the low amount of Uridium reward for level 5 missions.

    Other features currently in development are the previously mentioned Auction rework and a new Contacts List feature, so you can add friends inside the game-client and be able to see whether they are online or not.

    Some other cool features are on the horizon, but it’s still too early to talk about them, though maybe we can divulge more next month…

    Best Regards,

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