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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ∞§†ØÑΣMΔ§ØÑ∞, Sep 19, 2016.

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  1. They don't seem to do feedback threads for events in the game discussion & Feedback section anymore. So I thought I would make one in here. I think it will be good for them to know our opinions with the events that they are bringing out.

    Here is my 2 pence worth.

    Event missions: The first 3 missions had me interested in the event but those missions were non repeatable. Then we had the daily event missions, which for once is good that they decided to have daily missions rather than just 2 or 3 for a 2 week event. So well done to them for that.

    Unfortunately, the daily missions are boring, repetitive and one of them is near impossible to complete. The rewards for these missions are also poor and not really worth doing.

    Bonus boxes: It was nice to see them back in an event. I don't think we have had them in for a while. They have also taken the R-310 rockets out of them which is a good start. In my opinion they need to swap the PLD-8s and the ECO-10 rockets for something else. Maybe Hellstorms and DCR-250s. Also the boxes are scarce in the maps, they have definitely reduced their numbers.

    New lazers and shields: I like the thought that they are trying to make the game more diverse. Whether they are a welcomed introduction is down to the individual. I for one might experiment with them. The lazers however are not worth the uri or money to get, so I will wait until they are in the shop. Only being able to acquire them from crafting with another new material from gate rewards is far too expensive.

    Ship Balancing Update: Having these updates makes the ability ships more user friendly. There is now a lot more variety in the maps which is good. That being said I believe that they only changed the cool down times of these ships so that they can make their cosmetics more appealing and make more cash. Just the same thing they did with the new hangar system.

    Overall I would rate this event a 3/10. Once again heavy on cosmetics, light on content and some of the event is either not worth doing, too expensive to do or near impossible to do.
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  2. I used to be able to build 1 or 2 gates from the EE in special event boxes..........This event = 0 gates built
    Now we have an event that actually demands a gate to be built to complete a mission............duh .... and I do not need a delta at this time......
    I GUESS if you spent $$$ you could build the required gate.........
    But this is a free game, so I have NOT spent $$$ in the 5.5 yrs of playing.
    It is pretty hard to even get enthused enough to play on a regular day, considering all the current "GLITCHES", many of which have been around since the "April Fool's FARCE".

    I really hope that the Halloween event is at least , as good as last year
    Saimon Rebellion, score 3 out of 10
    All of this is in my humble opinion..............................
    Enjoy what you can........
  3. I just wanted the scrap - so many Saimons poof'd for nothing o_O Hunting Saimons whilst getting hunted is not fun, hence I didn't really play life busyness. But, haha :eek: was available in shop ( - if you read the fine print it doesn't mention "buy" to complete the quest :oops: Still go out there get get that scrap before the Oct. events kick'n the door :rolleyes: or a piece penetrated your (sk)hull.

    The event was a shell game...give in one area and take out in another - aka 'balance'...hehehe. That is DO for you :D

    Would be great if there was an "achievement" for using the "abilities" on the re-balanced ships ;)
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  4. Ship Balancing:
    It seems the Venom did get nerfed pretty good, but the Diminisher seems to have been set to an overpowering leech ability. Did not see any change to the Solace.
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