Saturn and Surgeon / Epsilon and Kronos..

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by AnimalLOU, Dec 2, 2023.

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  1. AnimalLOU

    AnimalLOU User

    Does anyone know as of now what the percentage is for the Saturn design, as i've passed Kronos 5 times and still never managed to get it.. I also read around the forum that Epsilon is likely to drop Surgeon, but even with 15 passes of Epsilon - none of it.. I tried on double rewards, I tried on special weekends... but.. nothing
    Is there any changes among the portals or am I just being a not lucky guy? Are there any subtleties? Thanks!
  2. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    I got Saturn on my first Kronos... it's just random luck. I'd advise against grinding hard for it as it isn't all that relevant anymore. You'll get it eventually.

    I don't know where you read Epsilon gives Surgeon, but as far as I'm aware it doesn't.
    If you want Surgeon you should do Kuiper during Special Rewards weekend version 1 (check the calendar for the date. This weekend is Special Rewards version 4). Unknown drop chance.
    You can also camp Lambda during the Nova weekend. I believe there's a 10% chance for Surgeon from the gate during the event.

  3. I would say the odds in Kuiper during GG special rewards weekend are the same as the ones in lambda during Nova weekend so 10% chance in each
  4. AnimalLOU

    AnimalLOU User

    Next week is N.O.V.A week and according to information, there is a chance to drop Surgeon from lambda portal - 10%.
    1x G-Centaur15%
    1x G-Peacemaker25%
    1x G-Sovereign25%
    1x G-Vanquisher25%
    1x G-Surgeon10%
    Does that mean if i have a Vanquisher Sovereign Peacemaker and a Centaur, the chance of dropping a Surgeon is pretty high?
  5. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Not 100% sure. I think so.
  6. No, the chance is still 10%. If you get one of the other you already have 10k uridium will be booked instead.
  7. tibstar

    tibstar User

    on the daily log-in what happens if you already have the frost design
  8. You get nothing in that case
  9. AnimalLOU

    AnimalLOU User

    Ok.. after 10 passes of lambda, i still haven't dropped Surgeon.. I guess it won't, despite that 10%.. xd
  10. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Do more! 10% odds means you're still only 65% likely to have obtained Surgeon in 10 Lambdas :)

    Edit: 3rd Lambda today...
    I'm so sorry xD
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2023