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  1. I just wanted to know how many active players are there in whole darkorbit game including all servers?
  2. You will never get this information as D O does not know an active from a BOT. And many "Active" counted are like me that have been reduced to SkyLab Transfers as the LAG is killing us, or just do gates when they sign in.
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  3. Ok but just can u guess the number? Around 50k or more or something?
  4. Probably judging from the servers less than 100 per server at any given time. We had a brawl the other night with roughly 30 ships and the game reduced to a slideshow. At one point I didn't have enemy ships on my screen and was getting shot by invisible ships. The guy shooting me was hitting me and said he couldn't see me either. Many nights you can fly upper maps and not run across 1 player.

    So until a 'merge' figure unless there is an event no one will be around.
  5. Sapphire

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    Around 7k.
  6. Yeah idk where Darkorbit is getting the 90 million registered account figure but yeah probably 7k or less in all servers.
  7. batata

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    7k *0.1 (non botters) = 700 active players :D
  8. It is the total of all accounts created using different logins. People who created accounts using the server change do not have the additional accounts in this count. D O never reduced this number when they removed any accounts for banning, inactivity, purges, or any other reason.

    This number just represents how many people have created a main page login and accessed the client using that login, they did not even have to gain a single level in the game just "registered" the username.
  9. Basically its a "Mcdonalds" number. There may have been 12 billion served because they get counted every time they come in.
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  10. Actually not the case as at "McDonalds" every sale is counted, if you eat there 3 times a day then you are 1095 of the 12 Billion served every year, where D O uses every NEW Registration created, so it is only when you create a NEW login account (not Server Account) that adds to this number.
  11. I was thinking more like: Not good food no one likes it but they got a large number through fakery and marketing to look better than they are.

    You know like thinking "Hey over 8 million people play must be decent" to "12 billion served they must be tasty or good" and we learn numbers mean nothing.
  12. Sorry to say the numbers for McD's is not faked it is actual sales counts for every store they have across the US and other countries added together to provide these numbers.

    The numbers for D O are only misleading because there is NO disclaimer that to become a REGISTERED USER you have to reach a certain level, or be an active account. The numbers represent every main page log in account created, including looky looes who never played the game but took a look into it as if they wanted to play, and is misleading only because as accounts are PURGED from the SYSTEM, whether from inactivity or BAN the numbers are not decreased.
  13. How many people that got MCd's in that number simply got a soda or one bite and never came back?

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