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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by LEO|123, May 8, 2019.

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  1. LEO|123

    LEO|123 User

    Hi guys, i was inactive for quite some time now and boy how things have changed..
    Are servers nowadays empty, are people still playing?
    Can you guys recommend me some active server?
  2. Actually, the servers you see on the list (allowing for the fact you have returned in a 'new' account) should be the active servers now.
    The server merge should have the active accounts at the time of the merge.
    There is the possibility that time zones may show a low activity period.

    Hope this helps at least a bit. :)
  3. olleH

    olleH User

    From my personal experience I can say, German servers aren't very populated, but Germany1 more than Germany4.

    Pretty active ones are:
    Global Europa 1,
    Global Europa 3(sk1/2, hun1)
    Global Europa 5(GE4, GB1/2)
    Global Europa 7(GE6, IT1/2/3, Asia1)
  4. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    There are servers with a lot of active accounts, sadly too many of them a botters
    Take them out of the equation and most servers are pretty dead
  5. olleH

    olleH User

    What I wrote was active players playing the game based on personal experience while playing the game myself. .

    Most active was ge3 and GE7...
  6. USA|Czerka

    USA|Czerka User

    Come to USA East, I have a solid top 80 clan right now that you may join.
  7. Huge LOL East? I only mainly see ships that bolt to port when I come in the maps.
  8. tarantolas

    tarantolas User

    But you see ships :)
  9. Compared to GE1, USAEast has far less botters.
  10. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    You will indeed see many many ships on East - Unfortunately a large majority don't have a person controlling them.

    As with many servers a good 60 to 70% of those on East wouldn't be if DO enforced the EULA which makes finding an "Active Server" difficult.