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  1. Solid_Eye

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    Yes, we have access to admin accounts but that does not mean we can go in and pick out botters. So again, even if we went in and observed what we felt was suspicious bot-like behavior, we would still be waiting on the detection system.

    We don't have all the details on the detection system because we are held to it just as you are. If a mod were caught, their account would be terminated (and we'd be removing them from our team). Information on the detection system & methods aren't published as while honest players might appreciate it, those making the programs everyone wants gone would too.

    There is a dedicated team working on it, but again as Rick said, these are not all picked up in one sweep and take time. The detection system isn't the only thing being updated, the people making the programs update those as well. It isn't a once and done factor

  2. You used to be able to send VIDEO evidence to SUPPORT but that has gone by the wayside with the implementation of the botting system. The reason your guy may not be getting caught is he may not be using the same code as has been detected and programmed for searching. The reason for the failures of catching ALL botters is because as D O makes changes the CHEAT PROGRAMMERS make changes. Just like fixing glitches in the game it takes time to deconstruct code and reprogram programs to fix the problems, same with the anti botter program.
    Updates being posted would be the wrong thing to do as the cheaters are now informed it is time to buy a new cheat program. I know players on USA West using a Macro that copies what they are doing in the maps and then they run this while they are not playing the game, I do not know exactly how it works but they say they get tons of stuff but since they are not actually logged into the game they can not be caught by the botter programs. I do not know if they can be seen in the maps by other players or anything about this cheat except that the players using say they have been doing it for years and never had an issue just update the program as often as a new one is available.

    They have limited access to assist a player having trouble with their in game experience (equipment not working correctly or things like this) but not actually anything like botting issues.
  3. -»orfa«-

    -»orfa«- User

    Hi Solid Eye.

    Thank you for your reply.

    It would appear that DO is doing as much as it can and for that I am grateful - just annoying that people are still able to cheat and get all the equipment they want. I do hope that anyone who is caught cheating now is completely banned. No second chances.


    Hi HelpMeHelpYou

    I'm not to sure if your point about "Updates being posted would be the wrong thing to do as the cheaters are now informed" is changing anything that the cheaters don't already know. Cheaters seem to be able to update their bot very quickly, which leads to me believe that someone has access to sensitive DO date. My point about showing that their has been an update is to demonstrate to the gaming community that DO is actively doing all that it can to tackle cheats.

    Equally, if you know people on your server who are cheating what are you doing to tackle them? Have you emailed support with details about the program they are using? are you popping them when they are no "online". Since you say that they have boasted about doing so for years, even if we take into consideration their natural tendency to over estimate, it only furthers the case that the DO botting detection system is not working. :(

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  4. YES the accounts are banned and the only way to get them back is to prove it was banned in error, which since the player no longer has access to the account they are hard pressed to prove they were not botting.
    I do not have the proof of who or when they are doing it. I do know the people are spouting off in TeamSpeak about using the Macros when not actually playing and receiving loads of stuff I would like to have. I had tried to report cheaters to SUPPORT and as nothing had ever been done about it I stopped reporting them (this was before the inclusion of the botter detection system) and after hearing the mis-fires of the system I have decided to box only while trying to locate targets for quests so as to not be wrongly accused of BOTTING (4 1/2 years of working to get to the point where WE are now is not worth losing account for a few boxes), unlike back in 2011 when we could box all day killing StreuneRs when they came around to maintain Top User Ranking, to buy our FE Equipment with boxed uridium (12 hours boxing would get us 10 units - LF-3 /BO-2 whichever we needed).
  5. -»orfa«-

    -»orfa«- User


    I may be slightly missing something but, from the way you say, "I do not have proof who or when they are doing it" but, go on to say "people are spouting off in TS", this would lead me to believe you do know who is doing it. But equally, perhaps you don't have the proof. Is my understanding correct?

  6. I know the name they use in TeamSpeak not necessarily the name they play in D O. As they do not have to be logged in with the same name in both it is hard to just say they are macroing. And as ACCUSING players in chat and forums is frowned on I am further not reporting them as I do not have video of them doing it. I just know they are still getting away with what they are doing and they don't seem to think they will be found out as they are not AFK botting.
  7. -»orfa«-

    -»orfa«- User

    Just to give an update regarding the player I have seen using outside programs.

    He is still at it!! No idea how he has been missed again by ban wave since bot detection script is running 24/7 as already advised in one post by solid eye. If Admin would like more info on him - as i have already suggested - this would be welcomed.

  8. THE ONLY way to report what you see is to video it and send it to SUPPORT but again since they have the BOT SYSTEM in place I do not know if they deal with these reports anymore. The more videos produced the more chance they will be terminated but this is not guaranteed either.
  9. iNSANE(BG)

    iNSANE(BG) User

    Can i ask you guys what you understand under "Macro"?
  10. USS-Aries

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    A macro (short for "macroinstruction", from Greek μακρο- 'long') in computer science is a rule or pattern that specifies how a certain input sequence (often a sequence of characters) should be mapped to a replacement output sequence (also often a sequence of characters) according to a defined procedure. Useing such an instruction to gain an advantage is by definition a breach of terms and conditions and will result in a perma ban
  11. We have one player on east 1 that I catch regularly in 2-2. He is an easy kill with slow down rockets. But then later he gets revenge by having a faster ship that hits harder than us with higher shields. It took 5 UFE golis to kill him the other day and he got 3.

    How do we know besides when he is not at his keyboard flying? Well in that map battle we watched how he changed locks on players from center map while we were at port! I had him lock me while at the the 1-4 4-4 port from the left side of the map. He had just killed a member on TS who was giving the location.

    I guess its lag when the red dots light up on the mini map far from you 3 to 4 times in a row?
  12. -»orfa«-

    -»orfa«- User

    Thank you for letting me know that I can post to support. However, as I have previously stated Kara and her friends do not act upon this information. Therefore, this is a waste of my time. By speaking directly with Admins, who have access to peoples account, I am looking to catch the cheats out in other ways - since ban wave is still missing certain people. If Admins do not act on my information there is little else I can do, but at least I can say that I have tried other avenues since support is a useful as a chocolate fireguard.


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