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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by I-Am-Jack-Crow, Dec 7, 2013.

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  1. I think it would be cool if since we can have multiple hangers we should be able to have ammo, rockets and mines equal to the combined total ammo capacity of all our ships in all our hangers. this would make boxing a little better for the free players and for special boxes.
  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    In the next few months - yeah that does sound oddly long - they will be removing the ammo cap completely

    "We are looking at removing the ammo limits completely, but we won't be able to get this done until 1 or 2 months, as first we have to do a proper analysis."

    Sooo eventually yes, you will be able to pick up as much ammo and rockets as you like :)
  3. tallnut

    tallnut User

    Wow that is actually a good idea, I have always seen the Ammo Cap to be kinda useless and more or less limiting people for no good reason. I hope they get this done soon so that I can buy as much ammo as I please and I can go in and not worry about when I complete a galaxy gate will the ammo I get at the end be just thrown away or what? so yeah this is really cool.
  4. Good idea +1 Because i have full ammo and rockets and for example i would like to get the rockets from spaceball but i cant because i have full rockets so i cant get any, this is because i have over 5k Mines and i cant get any other rockets.
  5. Well yeah i don't see why there is a limitation on how much ammo you're allowed. You can have 200k x4 and that number can still rise but when you want to go bid for sab you're not allowed...

    BTW Diamonds, sell your mines
  6. Noooo i have about 700+ insta shields and smart bombs :p

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