[SC] Best ship and config for killing big NPCs

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by §§•ƦƠƬƲƝƊʆЄƦЄ•§§, Jan 30, 2018.

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  1. I wanted some help from the community for this. I wanna know which ship is best for taking on cubikons, uber kristallons, uber lordakiums and so on, all solo. I have a wide array of ships and equipment but I don't know how to use it best, specially when you have to kill these npcs fast otherwise other people'll come and take the kill. I really need this because I'm kind of stuck with my missions since they ask me to kill all these big minions that take half an hour each.

    What I have right know is: Aegis elite, Citadel Elite, Spearhead Elite, Vengeance all designs till lightning (no pusat or beyond), Goliath all original designs, almost all skill designs (no diminisher, no sentinel) and no tartarus.

    -I have enough lf3 and b02, some lf4. 8 iris drones all max level. My pet is lvl 14 with the most useful non-combat oriented gear + kamikaze but no premium so that's out.

    Just some regular advice would be fine too. I've belonged to many clans in the past but I'm no consistent player so I don't really stick to one. Again, I'd really like if you guys could tell me how to do all this solo.
  2. batata

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    Solace is the ultimate ship for heavy alien pve.
    For cubes

    ship:all speed, drones: 4 shields
    ship:all shields, drones: all shields (charge with ring)

    Start in cfg 1 with, say, X and sab the cube (sar2 missiles help but if you sab high enouth they are not required). Then switch to ring cfg2 and x2. When ring bonus runs out change to diamond. No premium, "cheap" ammo (if you are luky maybe you can use just credit one). Most of the times you wont even need solace ability.
    Also never forget to put seprum in ammo/shields.
  3. Cool! Thanks for the info, I didn't know Solace was a good goli design vs the bigger aliens. sadly I do not have the ring formation but I do have diamond, moth, drill and some others. I'll try to use mostly cheap ammo + maybe x2 and the credit missiles with shield leech. I'm saving my uri in order to buy Apis and Zeus (have 420k atm)
  4. I solo Cubikons easily in my Surgeon my drones are split best laser/bo2 both configs. Ship I have 4 speed the rest shield and the other is 4 shield the rest is speed. I start on my speed side using SAB switch to shield config when the cube loses its shield and use x-2/3 depending on what I have the most of, when I lose my shield on this side I switch to the speed side (which still has full shields) and can usually finish the cube and then use the speed to outrun the Prots that want to follow you to the Portal, my PET is usually only looting so if you are using Guard mode it should be a little quicker. When I use Kami I only get about 3 pops before I have to set it to Looter for the Cargo Box, but it is not necessary to use if you don't want to.