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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ŊΛŘΛÐΛ, Nov 26, 2016.

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  1. As you know there were some changes on Darkorbit especially the cooldown for abilities on Diminisher ,Venom ,Spectrum ,Solace ,Sentinel and Lightning due to those changes some people started not to use Surgeon anymore and rely on those old ships for PvP or even Tartarus.

    So my question is what's your opinion on what ship gets the title "Best Ship For PvP".

  2. Neo7

    Neo7 User

    I'd say it's spectrum, since it's ability is still the same lenght, but the cooldown is extremely reduced, Diminisher is now even deadlier, since you can use the ability again in no time and just eat through enemy shields, and maybe tartarus, I must say, because of the rapidfire ability. These I think are the top 3 PvP ships now
  3. Tartarus: If you will win the 1vs1, chase him to death. If you will lose, run away. So it's the best ship in reality.

    If you want to "stay" and fight, I would take Solace: Wait until you lose half of your life, then turn the fight shortly with all the HP bonus stuff (Herkules, Heart....) and activate the heal ability.
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  4. I agree with the solace...ship..and also tartarus ship
  5. I'd say Spectrum is a good ship with a good defensive skill but the drawback of -50% laser damage for 30 sec is not good for PvP if you want to end the fight quickly. For me Tartarus would be the best.
  6. And don't compare the weak Venom with Solace, its heal exceed easily the damage of Venom. Besides Venom ability can be interrupted with EMP.
  7. my fav to use is always gonna be aegis with cooldown boosters :)
  8. Lol, tartarus is only good for running. Even a vengi would beat it in a 1v1

    Hes asking overall not just if you have boosters or not.
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  9. lol a vengie would be hard pressed to pop a Tart in a 1v1:)
    TBH in the hands of a halfway skilled pilot you wont be getting popped very much
    in a Tart;)

    As for the best ships I would say it's really up to your particular style of play. Personally, I like the Dimi and Tart.
    Even without dboosters, cool downs and techs these ships are quite effective. If you have your configurations lined
    up an decide to run everything these ships can be quite Devastating. These ships can do huge amounts of damage
    very quickly. They will also have tanker shields and speed to boot. IF your UFE and have these ships you already know what I'm talking about:cool:
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  10. Uncas23

    Uncas23 User

    It depends on the situation.

    For big teamfights: spectrum is the best, tartarus is decent
    For big teamfights versus a lot more ships: Tartarus is the best, spectrum is decent
    For 1v1 and smaller fights: Sentinel with energy leech is the best but if you don't have energy leech it's solace. Spectrum is also decent for this
    For fighting alone versus multiple enemies: Surgeon is the best
    For UBA: Spectrum is the best

    This opinion is based on experience, I have tried everything. I can share the actual reasoning if there is demand.
  11. why you say surgeon the best for fighting alone?
  12. Uncas23

    Uncas23 User

    Because it is very good at kiting multiple ships and using SAB on only one.

    Surgeon is slightly faster than most ships and it has more damage as well. Unlike tartarus, which is faster than most other ships but it has lower damage so it can't really use SAB effectively while running.

    Just look at the compilations when people kill multiple enemies alone! They usually use this tactic. And Surgeon is the best for it.

    And I'm not saying that if you play alone you should use surgeon. It is weaker than solace or spectrum for 1v1 for example. And it dies way too fast in teamfights.
  13. so you are saying it would be good to use as long as nobody else has one or a venge? because then the kiting method would be useless then. As for tartarus, it was a mistake ever adding it to the game so im not gonna even count that.
  14. Uncas23

    Uncas23 User

    Sorry for the delayed answer.

    It's not a problem when there is a faster ship in the enemy squad. Faster ships usually hit much less than surgeon so they are the perfect target for SAB. When they start to freeze you or there are too many of these fast ships it becomes a problem.

    I don't know why you hate tartarus so much. It's just a fast ship that is on the level of tier 1 ships (goliath, aegis). Don't get me wrong, it is weaker than goli and aegis but the speed advantage makes up for it. Vengeance had too many disadvantages. Now it's just a decent tactic to use a fast ship.
  15. the damage is like 10% weaker than a goli, and it hits harder than an aegis so the speed not only makes up for it but it also makes it a hit and run Goli type ship that gives it the advantage
  16. Uncas23

    Uncas23 User

    Exactly, a bit more than 10% damage difference. Or 5+% damage and 10% shield if we talk about golis with shield bonus.
    This difference is huge. Don't forget that people spend millions of uridium to upgrade their lasers. And that is only for 6% more damage.
  17. Ok, but i still hate tarts
  18. Uncas23

    Uncas23 User

    Me too!

    When I don't ride it. XD
  19. The focus on winning a PvP is destruction of the HP of the opposing player. I prefer the alligator with the 50% restoration - Solace.
  20. The Solace has NO CHANCE against a Sentinel/Spectrum in JPA conditions (nano-hull)... The Solace is good for group fights, a full group of 8 players and all with Solaces isn't for underestimation!
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