[SC] Bigpoint sold?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by *Rob9614*, Mar 22, 2016.

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  1. Can't do mobile and slap my screen :(
  2. Slapping screen could prove to be expensive, whether mobile or not. LOL
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  3. Playing a game on a smartphone, compared playing on PC, the claims are completely different. Players expect from mobile games a less complex handling, for PC games you want to use much keys on your keyboard for more action, on your mobile you want to use only your 2 thumbs. Also the strategy and the content of mobile games are much simpler. If you play a mobile game on your PC , it can bored you after a short time.
    D O, a monotone, simple MMO game, will fit well in the world of smartphones.
    BUT most of this simple games doesn't have dramatic, emotional defeats and low points. Unfortunately this things exist in D O, e.g. if you've got popped and need around 3 min for flying back. That's not good for a game, which want to thrill many player/customers.

    But they won't forget the D O PC players, who are still spending money.
  4. *Rob9614*

    *Rob9614* User

    " Who are still spending money" Not many spend now
  5. DO is still here, do you want to say indirectly, that BP takes a loan for operating this game?
  6. Might be why they sold for such a cheap price of 80 mil euro, for the shares only.
  7. Mmh...it make sense...
    Wait, does it mean that BP are all the time "graceful" to the players?
  8. I would suggest we wait and see what happens... European Euro and US $ and UK £ may save this DO game but the Chinese market is a lot different and DO servers are potentially not going to be the Goose laying Golden packets that might have been touted when the buy-up was agreed...I think we should all 'look to our Laurels' and encourage new players and growth from the root up... I dont want to be here fighting you few without some new input... that would be super boring!!!
  9. Well they did only buy the SHARES of the company so that might be the saving grace as they have basically given B P a cash LOAN to have a say in where the games might go.

    But D O is going to have to show profitability or it will become a stagnant puddle that no one wants to play in, this assuming the shareholders do not stage a Hostile Takeover of B P. But that is another place and time, Good Luck D O, Lame Events are not keeping the community happy and overpricing the Cosmetics is not going to bring the game up out of the pits it is slipping into.
  10. Is it your speculation or do you get this information somewhere? I'm very interested in what's going between BP and the Chinese company.
  11. I've seen that 'AD'ver ;)
  12. RaidenxX

    RaidenxX User

    After reading all the posts here, I think that most players will be confused (including me) about the future off the game. The personal opinions here expressed on an *official* way may be misleading and may create false assumptions.

    Reading the official announcement, it stated that no changes will be done in any games that are currently online/under development by BigPoint. But, these posts here messed with my head, really.

    You are talking about cheap LF4 and I guess new shields - BO3. Do you have the evidences to prove this, or it is just personal opinion (and it is not noted as it is)?

    I don't believe this game can be reduced to smartphones. If you have played the game only once, you will know that this game requires a *wide* screen to be played on, because of all the things that you need to see/interact.

    All in all, I think you should all stop with false assumptions (or true?!) and wait to see the results. Personally, I am not happy either by this situation, because Youzu Interactive is a company know by the game League of Angels, which is a browser, highly pay2win game. There are a lot of features that were not available to free players until they spend money. I just hope that this game won't become that.
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  13. That's not a proved fact. It was a joke with a touch of my slowly destroyed hope.

    ***, League of Angels?! I hate this game, but Youzu Interactive owned it? I know LoA for the first time in a very hateful, cheap, crappy advertisement.
    But I can't imagine there's a game, which has a higher P2W content than D O :p, isn't there? Right? :confused:

    My hope...it bleeds...
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  14. I'm sorry :oops:, next time, I will write "kappa" to let the others understand the irony:D
  15. RaidenxX has a point... and I am sure that your digested information HelpMeHelpYou has given you an opinion and that is fine... maybe we should all wait and see... I personally think nothing will happen for several months or until the new community has had its say (above our heads)... this Community will grow and we need to prepare ourselves fo the possibility that change is necessary .. I hpe it goes forward for us all but there are always losers in any game.. Politically or Company-wise..
  16. RaidenxX

    RaidenxX User

    The community will grow for sure, especially if they expand the game on the Chinese market (and I think they will, cause the company is Chinese, or I am mistaken?), which will bring (hopefully) lots of new players, new challenges, will raise the need of new, multicultural events :) May be a lot fun than it is currently.
  17. As has been said the Chinese Market is not the same as the 'rest of the world'.. and also that they may even prefer to have their own Server for obvious reasons... Language aside, there are many differences...
    I would hope that your view may be reasonably, but time will tell...
  18. RaidenxX

    RaidenxX User

    My view might actually not be reasonable at all, considering the situation with the Turkish servers, which I totally forgot about them. :D Still, I guess I want the servers to be *mixed* a bit, for example, it would be cool if DO could unite most active European servers with Turkish servers. :) I would kinda like the same to happen with the Chinese market.

    My point of view is that it is not always good to split communities apart in different servers. That brings a lot of challenges, some technical challenges too (ping and stuff). But from ours perspective, it can be a great challenge to play the game with such a huge community on a server, like the old days. :)
  19. Hmm, seems to me I no sooner figure out all the answers and they change all the questions o_O

    Will be interesting to see what happens, hopefully it will be a good thing for this game.

  20. this company is the same that put out LOA that game is huge pay to win events are made to grab cash very little left to the FTP player witch is the backbone of any game for server population.

    LOA they open a server grab cash till the server dies then open a new one. there are over 1200 servers on one gaming platform, platform being a company like big point. with multiple platforms i know of 3 company for the USA offering the same game with their own servers. this is a cash grab game company yes they do merge servers once they die out and we are talking a couple months until they die mostly because they open a new server every 2 weeks sometimes 2 or 3 servers at a time.

    like i said their events mostly revolved around cash to get this special thing or hero that is way overpowered for the FTP player to even compete with the Elite credit card warrior hell when i was playing a dude in my clan spent 3000$ in one weekend to win a cross server event and did not win by much but the epic thing he got put him ahead of everyone else until the next event witch was the following week.

    with BP still going to manage DO we hope to see the power gap get better but with this new company's rep will they keep their noses out of our game and let it be competitive for the wallet warrior that wants to buy their way and the free player that will put the time in to catch up to CC power.

    people think its bad now with events being centered around UFEs this company is notorious for coddling the cash flow and blowing off the free player

    just my 2 cents
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