[SC] Bigpoint sold?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by *Rob9614*, Mar 22, 2016.

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  1. I too would love to see the game better populated, similar to what it was before the 'changes' but I am afraid of what a Server merge would achieve(note the above post from Venom~kilzs) and previous Threads on the subject... the UFE want 'cannon-fodder' and would the new players stay if there were 3 times as many 'bullies' attacking them (MCCs would be full 50 player strong and more numerous than now and nothing else on the server need bother to log-on)..
    There is then the in-game Chat issue... I wonder if that could continue if there could be no Moderation with too diverse a Language base...
    Chat is a huge threat for many reasons and I am fairly sure that China for its reasons and Europe/USA etc. etc. would all have issues if they could not be certain what the game was being used/abused for...
  2. RaidenxX

    RaidenxX User

    Totally agree with what has been said :) It was just my personal will to see all united, I am well aware too of all the issues and that the possibility to happen what I want is almost 0% :D
  3. Burgalche

    Burgalche User

    Bring back JPA? lol
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  4. I know the thread is "old" :D, but now it's the 23th of April.
    In this link you can read that the deal was completed on 16 April. So, does somebody know what happened? Did Youzu change something in
    D O? Maybe they intervene in the balancing of this event and create the awesome quests, which give you strangely an unnormal NOT LOW reward?
  5. bd33

    bd33 User

    as it is yes it sold but old DEVS are still running the show... so stupid decisions like assembly are still in place
    the DEVS are still wrecking the game
    it will take clearing out old wood to balance and improve the game
  6. The big item to remember is, quoted from you link;

    Update: According to Reuters, which translated an official Chinese-language statement,
    Youzu has confirmed that the deal to acquire Bigpoint's stock was worth €80 million ($89.7 million).
    So as stock holders I question how much input they are going to have with the individual games? Or are they just looking at the quarterly dividends they will receive from the holdings? I remember the actual Forums posting where D O was excited about the possibility of outside direction from YOUZO but there was really not going to be any internal changes made. I tried to find the post and I guess it was removed as I do not see it now.

    As I see the transaction, B P has been given a loan against their company to improve their games and if they fail YOUZU is out the money for the stocks and sells out at a loss (just like any other stock trade) except having 100% of the stock they can direct the company to better profitable games or terminate the less profitable money pit games (where they spend more in development than they get from the game players).
  7. bd33

    bd33 User

    The Chinese online publisher Youzu Interactive has reached a deal to buy all the available stock in Bigpoint, one of the oldest companies in Germany's free-to-play industry.
    The Chinese online publisher Youzu Interactive has reached a deal to buy all the available stock in Bigpoint, one of the oldest companies in Germany's free-to-play industry.
    well this is questionable
    Youzu Interactive isn't involved with the game yet
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  8. gogogo_12

    gogogo_12 User

    In layman's terms the board pushes the company in a direction; such as driving up userbase or (in Dark Orbit's case) squeeze every available asset out the current consumers. So, you have Mr CEO at the top end of the table pushing for the user base to be driven up. The VPs/directors/managers will then hold individual department meetings where they will say to the dev team "this is what the board want, how are we going to do it?" Once the design team have thought up an idea of how to potentially make the boards wishes possible, development begins and it's pushed out into games. You can sometimes track trends of where a company is going for a game; such as the previously owned and operated Bigpoint didn't put much effort into marketing the game and developing it into a household name because the user base Dark Orbit already had/has had a large percentage that were payers. I think Youzu have aquired Bigpoint and are having a good clean up, using social media avenues in a much for affective way (see: Dark orbit twitch streams/qnas) in preparation for a big marketing push.

    Worth mentioning, I could be 100% off the money. I would've liked a company that are generally interested in developing Dark Orbit into the great game it can be (it's pretty good already but big room for improvement), and maybe YI are. Maybe they're not. I suppose we'll see with future releases into the game.
  9. youzo has a budget of 330mill so a few company like big-point then money to spend on staff and game improvements and

    may help abit of understanding

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  10. We just have to wait and see if it makes any difference for us.
  11. well with what there games make and there no where near as complex as DO with that sort of money and staff im sure they can come up with something great
  12. I think we have to remember here that their capital available wont all be spent on BP... that is their available float and they seem to want to spread themselves around Europe, US etc Games Platforms etc etc not excluding their home market... they may offer advice but that is where the wait and see comes in... DO for one needs to clean its house before things can progress quicker, from what I can gather... maybe they will help with the needed cleanup...
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