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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by -Argozen-, Apr 3, 2020.

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  1. -Argozen-

    -Argozen- User

    Hello all,
    I am a long time player and fan of the game, i have been and still am an active member of the game since 2012. Back in the day i would collect palladium for fueling my desires for destruction of other pilots in the game, but since tis too dangerous to do that now cause i always get popped cause im still weak (lol) and so i would more often than not, box at pvp maps. I started playing the game when i was younger and never thought of investing in the game since i was not earning my own money yet, but now i am able to. I'm subscribed to the bonus box doubler package, and enjoy(pfft) boxing for about 2-4 hours in the game with maybe 2 hr intervals? Though i've heard rumors regarding the activity of boxing as it is heavily associated with botters, and due to that, the devs have implicated a system to prevent botters from boxing somehow?One of these mechanisms is the reduction of uridium from boxes so i've heard. I just need an official response from a verified member of the developers to confirm this. And if such is true, what about us honest players who play the game honestly?
  2. AbigailCat

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    Hi, in the beginning I apologise for my bad English skills but I will try to explain it as much as I can.

    Yes, there is an "anti bot" system in the game but no one knows how it works or no one knows its features. Devs. does not explain the details due to chance of abuse.

    I a long time player and I am still weak as well. For this reason I form my skill tree for bonus boxes (tractor beam II, luckII, 34 Arge points) and I have doubler package. When I try to collect bonus boxes more than 10 hours, I clearly see that hourly uridium amount is in decrease. But as you say, if you play 2 hours a day, there will not a problem I think :D
  3. Please look for past announcements with the handy dandy search feature before making a post.

    You can find the official announcement regarding the Diminishing Returns system below, as well as search up other posts by players about it.

    Today's Sync/Diminishing Returns
  4. AbigailCat

    AbigailCat User

    I think he was not talking about it because a similar version of diminishing has been effect me for a long time. Dimishing only affects the uridium taking npcs. He mentioned bonus boxes :D
  5. -Argozen-

    -Argozen- User

    Hmm, i think that answer is perfect, the diminishing returns mechanics must be applied to those who box as well. Ty, i think my question has been answered. ^_^
  6. AbigailCat

    AbigailCat User


    As I say before, diminishing only affect npc uridiums, for example it does no effect galaxy gates, i mean if you play more than 10 hours, you will get fewer uridium from npcs but if you do galaxy gates more than 10 hours, nothing will decrease. There is a secret system for many a long day. :D

    diminishing does not effect bonus boxes