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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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    ASTRAEA User

    Thank you all for your input on to this thread,

    I have opened this thread again as there are many players that want to voice their thoughts on what they feel is inappropriate game play.
    Many see theses as Bots or program cheats and feel that we here in the forums are creating a cover-up when we answer and close there particular threads to avoid spam.

    As each of you are individual players with different gaming experiences and thoughts as to what may or may not be causing certain in game issues. We want to give the entire community the place to post their thoughts on these matters as well as get information from others in the game who have experienced like issue.

    We do realize that there was an issue in the past where Bots and in-game cheats over ran the game. When addressed, this issue was a priority and is continuing to be addressed with the running of the script. Please know that our goal is to provide a fun gaming environment for all.

    As it has been stated by some members of the community, this post is out-dated and or unnecessary. I do not think so, as the entire community has the right to voice their thoughts on how they experience certain in game issue. This thread is merely a place where conversation on a specific topic can be held.

    My hope is, that we the community... can have an Open thread where polite and friendly communication on a very sensitive topic can be held.

    I hope that you all have a wonderful day and enjoy your game.
  2. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    Hacks for this game DO exist on many different sites and have patch updates regularly. Anyone that can sit there and say that they don't exist needs a check up from the neck up. I totally understand why player's use such software, if DO a FREE to play game wasn't so expensive to get UFE then there wouldn't be any need for such software. Why do we the paying customer have to do your detective work for you? You have police ships that where designed for such a purpose as observing a player not playing fair, we just don't see these ships anymore? Every single complaint in this thread about such behaviour is 100% accurate, account swapping, x bot players top of the ranks etc etc.

    I will tell you exactly where this game is heading and this is a FACT 100%, ufe players DO NOT spend ££$$ on this game, okay you get the odd few that will, but what will happen and is already happening is the little none ufe paying players are leaving the game, very soon there will only be none paying ufe players left and the plug will be pulled! Seems to me this game has turned into a get rich quick scheme.

    I know as you know that you made a big mistake with the new client and have only just realized the full extent of the problem, it's called stabbing yourself in the foot, foot in mouth etc etc. So what now? The game is full of glitches and bugs and now they're updating the game engine, so more bugs to follow.

    The people running this forum know exactly that these hacks exist, why not use a search engine and look for yourself, you would be very surprised how many different sites offer cheats hacks etc for this game. Help us the paying playing customer rid the game of these players for good!
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  3. You are right, software exists because of the pay to win situation. D.O. is run by a company that has to make money otherwise we could not play at all, but it is too expensive for what it is, hence the desire for people with money but arent stupid to buy software that maintains/betters their accounts.

    I get and accept the pay to win aspect, but what i dont agree with is me being strong FE with upgrades and 851k tank and still getting popped in about 4 secs by boosted sepped uber with drone hull dmg formation.

    My account has had about 10 mil uri sunk into it, yet still pops like a day 1 space pilot when faced with uber, a silly power that gets abused and hardly anyone will pay to get to.
  4. Boss, are you still in "opposite land"?.....your other comments would seem as much lol.:confused:

    I have personally never seen a speed hack, nor have I ever bothered to search the web for any research about them. So no comment on that.

    It is nice to see the x-2 maps without 10 botting ships in them anymore.....

    The real slap in the face is there are SO many players who have seriously cheated that still have everything, which makes for a very bitter pill to swallow....The worst part is all the "in crowd" cheats seemed to be one step ahead of Dark Orbit's plans at every turn.....Coincidence?...Doubtful.

    Bones, your points were insightful, and I'm afraid are probably true.

    Happy Turnip, are you okay Maine? dem's fightin' words >_<

    There seems to be a resurgence of auto-locking on all servers (says the crowd), I have only had one or maybe two weird encounters, so I can't say for certain. I wonder, IF they are back, if they are using some new method to avoid being detected?

    Also thanks Okapi, your first post was a good summary, Did you say you're good friends with a dev from a prominent bot company? Is that true or did you throw it in to preempt the "Okapi denies bots" crowd, lolz.
  5. Qwsazxcde1

    Qwsazxcde1 User

    Eh in denial no, naive maybe lol. But I know theres people that use macros and theres still some people that only god knows how get away with a bot for a bit. But for the most part they are banned. Im now in clan that was widely said to be full of cheaters lol, im not gonna deny the fact that they did way back when, but the clan also contains some of the most skilled people on the server. Which is why I say people can't get over the fact that they suck, so they must cling to the fact that some people used something in the past. I just like how I get called one too when I was fighting the people in my clan way back when cheats were abundant xD
  6. Auto-lock without cheating.

    One Spearhead or more so can rotate time to respawn their feature along with Goli, Aegis and Vengi hard hitters and there you have it...this can be done over and over till the all the ships have had their 5 kills...the more in outfit the more 5 times you will poof :eek: Figure it out and stop using the respawn on the map feature of the map you just poofed out of. Take you lumps and go back base, otherwise :rolleyes:
  7. Well Qwaskakatakie or whatever that name is, most people don't care that you had some advantage two years ago, you're right that was the past. People are mad still because RIGHT NOW many old players are flying multi-million Uridium UFE ships that they DID NOT EARN. So take your skills and stuff them up the tailpipe of your "clan members" botted, cheating, scum ships.
  8. I do enjoy opposite land and my delusional fantasies. I have seen accusations of auto locks but haven't seen anything myself, maybe I haven't played enough or on the right server though -_-. Fightin' words are good words ;).

    All hacks and bots are obviously mythical, it was all a bad dream, now wake up lol. Oh and are you mad bro?

    I can't for the life of me understand why anyone uses such heinous external programs to better themselves illegally, its pathetic no matter how you argue it, we can agree that the prices and chances are awful but I wouldn't use that as justification to cheat in any way, even if you argued that as justification, would that include auto locks and other plausible battle cheats that may or may not exist. Obviously they should do their own detective work or at least actually look into claims of cheating more often when we send them in, those ships were retired because BP charged to damn much for fuel!

    I wouldn't go so far as to say every ''claim'' half of which are just unfounded accusations are all completely correct but most certainly are. More then just UFE players spend money and you should try to realize that, it might be hard to grasp though. More then just UFE players leave the game as well, I know I know another shockingly truth. This very obviously is a get rich quick scheme as are other BP games that are headed in the same exact direction and for the same exact reasons and after everyone got scammed to the point of law suits, the plug will be pulled. I think there has been some attempts to fix some issues and mistakes or at least make the now altered game somewhat better, it obviously isn't 100% about money or the game would be worse or nonexistent. What now, wait for said bugs and glitches to be dealt with or rage quit like others, they'll take notice eventually, maybe o_O.

    I looked into famed speed hacks and found nothing conclusive to prove they exist or are used in-game but since BP probably doesn't care they just might sneak through despite being as far as I know quite obvious in many ways. I won't help just paying playing players get rid of the problems because there's more then just paying playing UFE's to please, but seriously stuff should change but it's doubtful that anything will, besides, since some known cheaters spend or play, they won't be permanently disposed of unless they continue their past behavior, they play and spend and if they're banned, BP loses money/players/more money, it got real.

    Most of this is half ass arguments or probable trolling ;).
  9. My sources say otherwise boss. Not false accusations. Like I posted....it's always the same folks. Certain sites pass the script around and one of my sources claims it's a home brew code. Seen it too many times to discount it, and I always check my config and performance.
    Not saying this about you not-sexy non-dynamo but most of the cheat deniers have an agenda. I see that in game chat and I laugh.... the former botting crowd always claims there's no cheats then they do weird things in the game.... bug using. scripts, macros, etc.... Just saw a major former botter doing his thing... I can see what see what's he's doing. Tried to disrupt his flow and he just keep chugging along. lol
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  10. just wait, they will eventually get banned, DO did it already in past ;)
  11. Qwsazxcde1

    Qwsazxcde1 User

    Its Qwsazxcde1, quite easily spelled sir. No need to get upset, its just uri. You can make millions yourself by playing the game, who cares if they have a lot lol. Who doesnt now a days? Doesnt matter how they earned it, they have it now. DO wont take it away so no reason to complain about that one.
  12. I suppose what I said was complaining, but it was also meant to teach you, but you didn't get it, oh well
  13. My input is your current system is crap. If you are able to sniff out these program users monthly, you should create a script to run on individual accounts so that if you receive a certain number of reports for 1 person you can run the script? Lost 3 titles last year for 1 guy using some all in 1 program that auto-locked/auto changed rockets/auto changed RSB and x4, only for him to be banned about a month later (prior to me and other reporting him).
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  14. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    When I see player's on the server I use getting banned then I'll know the "Detection Service" actually works, as of yet I still see the same " X-BOT" "Top of the Rank" player's that I popped over n over in 2009 still playing the game, even after they had been reported numerous times they're still here! Being popped by UFE player's that most player's know have cheated and are still cheating is not going to inspire us to spend on this game, in fact it will have the opposite effect and make non UFE paying playing customer's actually leave the game never to return. Ask yourself this BP, why should we stick around when the game is full of (Bugs n glitches n cheating player's) why should we continue to spend real ££$$ on this game? You never fix the 5 year (Mini map glitch)? Complacent incompetent & arrogant, just like support!

    A paying playing customer!
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  15. Yes it does matter how they earned it. Many of us are honest, hardworking players who spend some, little or no money on a game and just want to enjoy a game that is basically good. However, it is also populated by greedy, dishonest, lazy little poops who would rather cheat than challenge themselves to meet goals or get good. For me, the effort put forth and the reward I get is what keeps me playing. My major concern is that the greedy lazybutts don't work hard and take away more and more of the fun for the majority of us. The number of company-killers as a percentage of active players is higher than it has ever been and the trolling, cheating, etc weighs down the atmosphere. Also, to see banned players keep returning to the game in their botted, account-shared, bug-using ships is just an insult to anyone laying down coin or putting in time. Can't believe this game still exists.
  16. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    Spaceball tonight full of VRU using Autolock, same player's over n over cheating, getting sick of these scumbags and that is all they are scumbags. (Detection Script) my backside, still same X BOT Top of the Ranks still cheating, still around? Love to check their IP ADD against their Username and see where it leads>>>>

    Do something about these scumbags before I seek legal advice over this corruption!!!
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  17. ...KIDZ...

    ...KIDZ... User

    ive been seeing alot of bots come back, theres a few in 5-3 everyday, and a few in bmaps too
  18. Pointless to report any cheating player's here in forums or support, I now speak to BP CEO Khaled Helioui direct through FB or Twitter, it is the only way to get results now, please follow suit :p
  19. First of all I would like to thank ASTRAEA for opening this forum and I would like to thank OKAPI for alot of the information provided. Here is my issue. I wont say its a damage hack, but I have noticed that on a few occasions a ship will hit harder than me. I am UFE with everything, full bio level 16 everything HAVOCS and HERCs always double boosted and sepped.. I come across a ship with no havocs and less drones than me and all of the sudden I find myself losing in a face to face pvp (meaning we just sit in place and shoot one another). DO has said that maybe my screen isnt showing the full damage in real time. But even so, that doesnt make sense that my ship pops when I have on one side 800k shields and 475k on the other full tank. Like I said I wont say its a damage hack because the only ones I have seen were the ones that would somewhat insta pop you, and I havent seen that in some time.

    Also I have noticed that more ships have this uncanny ability to not pop when having pretty much no HP but have shields. And unless u have the sentinel in place and use the ability, your hp and shield go down simultaneously. Shields go down faster than hp at times or vice versa depending on drone formation etc. But when a player has NO HP and more than HALF shields and the only way they pop is when the shield is gone, this is a bit too odd for me.
  20. To be honest, there are so much ways not to die with less HP - Repair Robot and Energy Leech are the well known ones. That has nothing to do with cheating, using crab formation and maybe get back 5.000 HP from Energy Leech while you dmg him like 4.200 on HP won't make an visible difference.

    As i am writing alot in German Forum i am blaming some Guys too there, i won't continue that here but still - If watch Darkorbit Movies and see an well known Buguser flying around first as greatest Youtuber of DO, you should start thinking about the Rules in this Game here.

    In Fact the Bots are coming back, Autolock is also avaible now for quite an long Time and more and more are using it again since they see that nothing happens. The inconsequence continues like hell and no one cares it seems like. Atleast for ME Darkorbit was going up again after those Punishment for Botusers took place - atleast those 2 fair Months before Venezuela have been spreaded around in internal Forums and 1 Month later in Publics. Well i stopped, i won't waste Money here anymore but it's still pretty hard for me too see how the Game dies. I am here for over 7 Years, from the Beginning and when i look back i am pretty much sad.
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