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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. On another thread, I tried to explain the same to the others, but my posts were twisted that I only blame for nothing.

    Never mind, I like your post, cause it shows the real situation of the game right now. Those who don't see this are either: blind, or don't want to accept that.
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  2. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    someone mentioned speed hack.. I haven't seen that since early 2014.. or was it 2013 :p
    a goli caught up to my prommed spearhead (mind you they were shooting me for nearly 10 seconds aswell. but i haven't seen anything of that sort ever since.

    also with regards to that vru spaceball thing mentioned, I (I'm an FE) managed to pop loads of vru by fishing them off port .. I did pop a couple of times but I didn't notice anything dodgy. (just because I popped them doesn't mean I use any dodgy programmes!!)

    I'll look out for it the next time I'm on during sb.
  3. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    Some people are just so far up their own backside it is beyond comprehension, I play on GB1 and that player knows full well that I do, he/she must be blind and or deliberately trying to provoke an argument. GB1 is full of these speed hack imbeciles, try to even mention it in chat and all you ever get is some imbecile typing back "cry me a river", and it is always the same players that I have reported numerous times to support. The "speed hack" + "Auto lock" does exist on this game and GB1 is rife with them and many other cheats/hacks etc.

    A cheating player will always say "I don't cheat" and will always defend those cheating players and or say it is lag, grow up you imbeciles. The walls are closing in on these imbeciles and they know it!
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  4. Seeing these posts about GB1 does make me laugh I often see things happen that seem to be too quick or 'Auto' but 90% of the time it can be put down to practice and the other times down to lag. As a UFE player who flies around in a vengi i get accused half a dozen times a day these days I just see it as a complement means my practice has paid off. The law of large numbers means you hunt enough and try and lock enough cloakers means you are going to get some outstanding locks but to instantly cry cheat is just sad.
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  5. Hi, I know about the tech items, that is understood. But is the ships that dont have it. You can tell when someone has shield leech because of the sound and the shield looking glare around the ship. Also, you can see when a rep bot is used when the ship displays growth of hp and even shield rep. However, NO HP means NO HP lol. And i find it odd that they have extensive shield ability when flying a enforcer goli, or venom. etc. I know what I see, and I can attribute it to lag sometimes in the sense that you might not see the proper amount of HP they have, but we all know that a ship with 6 drones and has more than 1.5 mill shields while still hitting 45K whites is a bit absurd and not to mention that they have plain irises lol. Oh well, these things come with the territory of playing any game now a days.
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  6. Well i always tell people to get a movie of that anyways. I was fighting for an [removed] of Time when i was active and i never saw such things. More the opposite of that, people told me i cheat. Trust me in Fight you sometimes don't see an Repair Robot or Energy Leech.

    Although, you shouldn't really care about those things since they aren't real, real Problems are Venezuela, Banking Bug, Seprom Bug, Acc-Sharing and those Autolocks.

    I never saw other things before to be honest like you all are talking about.
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  7. K.I.D.S

    K.I.D.S User

    Well on GB2, there's always been a person known for using super locks, and doesn't play when there around.. and now suddenly he appears again after having an ip ban and his whole clan can lock me with very far range(I have a big screen where I can basically lock anyone in shooting range, so it's not my screens fault.) This is getting to unfair and we're the one suffering the good guys with chat bans.
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  8. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    I've been accused of using programmes because I popped an mmo once. (well I popped the noob twice). Far better ship than me but because they sucked at the game they ranted off in chat.
    Bones, you might want to take a video and show us this 'speed hack'. I reckon it's been long gone. Glitches in the game caused by ice rockets or so may make it look like someone is using a hack but in fact they're not. The game just needs neatening up.
  9. Seeing all the weird stuff back, getting bad again and seeing the botters going round and round. I regret spending the little money I do spend (premium). Time to consider an exit strategy. Shame...I do enjoy the game and the friends I have here.

    I've seen the speed hack -- some folks now tell me its a bug as opposed to hack -- but I can't play and record every minute since you don't know when you'll see it. It's not that widespread, still just seeing it with certain players. The speed trick was around before ice rockets and I wouldn't doubt there is some tweak of that causing glitches. After all, it's Glitch Orbit.

    Some people dont know the difference between what a ship can do and a cheat or think so highly of themselves that they can't be killed except by cheating. I've been around long enough to see most everything so when I get popped, I can tell if something smells about it or not. I can generally tell when someone is using a program or macro to juke their ship and rotate attack elements. Then there are the outlier behaviors like a nostro with no irises being indestructible... o_O and hitting a ton.
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  10. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    double check that no iris bit. I noticed a bug in 5-3 that sometimes the asteroid bits don't appear in game or in the minimap, but when you try to move past the areas which they're usually in, it doesn't let you proceed. I didn't realise until I reported this but none of my drones were showing. (for me visually anyway. for them it was fine.) once I relogged it was ok.
    My pics to support that are here

    I stumbled across the same 5-3 bug again but the second time my drones did appear. It's a problem with the game.
    But double check that with your indestructible nostro.
  11. Seraphim, the backrounds not loading is not a bug or glitch, just refresh the page, its annoying, but all part of the flash player experience ! :rolleyes:
  12. I should have said just flaxes..I can see the drones and there is no way an all flax nostro can hit like it hit me. I was laughing at it until I saw my HP and double-boosted shields go down quite quick.
  13. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    The asteroid isn't meant to be a background thing. Put backgrounds off and the asteroids are still supposed to show up. It is a bug with the game which has been reported enough times. It crops up now and then.

    I see. . . Best thing to do is video the next encounter with that player. If they're dodgy, they'll get done for good.
  14. Seraphim, we can split hairs on what we call the asteroids, I guess they are the MID-ground, the place between the FORE-ground with your ship, and the BACK-round with the space images. Either way, ANY combination of these images not loading is just a flash player hiccup, not a glitch.

    I encounter this A LOT in spaceball, after a goal, the new spaceball will not load visually till I hit the refresh on the browser (or log out and in again). Same idea here.
  15. Just posted ....... "We will now ban 278 accounts for bot usage."

    Way to go! Keep kicking those fools to the curb! Don't let them back in the door though. No point kicking the cheats if you keep letting them back in which we keep seeing.
  16. yes they removed more bots but we wont see who they are never will, but what i find interesting is this posted in open chat, sent to support with the time, the server, the chat window which it was posted:

    (REMOVED BY OP): I have no problem saysing the truth
    (REMOVED BY OP): lmao
    (REMOVED BY OP): the way I see it though I never cheated
    (REMOVED BY OP): 90% of all darkorbit players were botters
    (REMOVED BY OP): I only botted
    (REMOVED BY OP): yo Brah 2-6
    (REMOVED BY OP): and the diff is what?
    (REMOVED BY OP): I don't think bots are cheats
    (REMOVED BY OP): oops
    (REMOVED BY OP): ill keep opinions to myself until i fill my bio and see for myself if what some of them do is possible
    (REMOVED BY OP): cheats enable you to do things a normal player can't do WHILE playing the game
    (REMOVED BY OP): a bot just plays the game for you
    (REMOVED BY OP): ^

    It has been days and yet the player admitting to using a bot still has an active account?? HMMM what kind of stuff is DO trying to feed us players? what are we supposed to really believe if a player who has been doing something for years, got UFE and high ranking status admits to using a bot to play the game for them still has an active account?? so they did not get caught by the DO script which was a joke for years and so many players got away with botting up UFE accounts quickly, but this player admitted to using a bot!!! WHY does this player still have an active account???? For years the "script" that DO has professed to use to ban botters was a joke, there are so many forum posts on the old forums about how many players used one and got away with it, now there is clear evidence to an admission that a player used a bot and they are still active!!!

    I call foul on you DO, throw in the towel players, the talk of DO promoting cheats for years is evident with the above admission and lack of the account being banned. The T&C we all agreed to was clear "NO use of outside programs", any person who used or uses an outside program to gain advantage in the game is subject to account removal and deletion??? how many times have we players seen a botter get removed only to come back a few months later with all the botted equipment? TOO MANY TIMES!!!

  17. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit


    We can't speak to any user specifically due to privacy, but at the most general possibilities as to why an admission of past tense botting wouldn't have been dealt with; have you considered that maybe the person was already penalized for their behavior? No one would want to be banned again and again for the same exact offense in chat (repeating the offense does is another matter), I cannot imagine anyone would want to have their account suspended or worse for the same exact violation time and time again. It's not something we as the moderating team strive for, and I would imagine it applies for the matter of cheating as well.

    Back in July 2013 when DarkOrbit started the current cheat detection system it was a two stage system to start to try and bring players back from playing unfairly. So for a short time users caught had a three day suspension with a loss of upgrades and pilot bio. Accounts caught a second time were, and are today, terminated.

    In short, a user cheating two years ago does not necessarily mean they are still partaking today.

    This has nothing to do with mods, admins or even DarkOrbit "protecting" these users, and if I can say so, it simply is not the case. If you want to pursue those accusations, I would ask you send any evidence to support so it can be checked out and leave the accusations out of the forums as per the thread rules.

  18. "(REMOVED BY OP): 90% of all darkorbit players were botters
    (REMOVED BY OP): I only botted"

    This is why they didn't originally ban everyone when the ban waves first went into effect, it would have killed the game. I HATE it that there are UFE and top ranked players that botted for years, got the first stage ban, then stopped and kept MILLIONS of uri....BUT the awful truth is Dark Orbit allowed botting to go on so long they couldn't ban everyone who did it. Kinda like the steroid scandal in baseball in the 90's.

    Or, like someone that has an infection in the toe, and instead of cutting the one toe off quickly, they let the infection spread through the whole body, so that if you cut it all out, you would only have the patients ear left!

    It is terrible, but the past cannot be altered. Harsh truth is either quit or deal with it.

    I would say Dark Orbit has been better with these things in the last 6 months or so, but there have been many complaints of auto locking again so I really don't know. The battle maps have been FULL of ships boxing lately, but that could be due to the low gate being nerfed and made useless.
  19. I just dont get why DO has stopped us from recording footage and sending it. I found it extremely odd that the one thing that allows us to be vigilant in this game was removed. I am sure that they got plenty of footage and probably too much to sort through. But that was what made us as players feel like we had a voice and that we were contributing to the game properly. Then they removed that option and next thing you know BOTs and CHEATS went wild for a long time. Someone once said to me, sadly he left the game because of this reason too, its that DO didnt want the video because it mean that they were purposely ignoring or taking their time to get these things removed. The problem is this, once you let a botter and a hacker play too long with these advantages, they no longer want to play the game fairly. If you let a botter play the game with the bot for 2 years straight and then you ban them accordingly, 9 out of 10 chances, they wont come back because they dont want to work on what they lost from bot work of two years. This is why servers are dying. Once the first wave and second wave of bans occured, the servers became less and less active. So its a double edged sword so to speak. Rid the game of cheater and botters, and you lose close to half of the players. Keep them and you still lose half the players.
  20. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    Cheating is cheating! So let them leave, good riddance to bad rubbish!

    They obviously paid to play as well as going AFK, looks like a case of (Protect the paying player's) regardless of their behaviour!
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