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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Its not. The botters are paying for premium and doublers. They are providing activity showing there are still players in the game. The autolocks and macro programs running are the issue ruining other parts. Nothing has been done ever in the game regarding the special groups. Many are very close to the mods and get special treatment. I watched a few go from being blatant cheaters right into a clan that had mods. They then were mods.

    When you have a player in your clan that isnt very skilled who goes to another clan and suddenly gets the ability to be faster, hit harder and take more damage... Well you can see that one right there. Retired mod showed us the toolbar and how he was able to sit at 20% health and hammer players. You see 20% of a high number displays like a smidge. Thats why we dont have numeric values like the cheat users do in the program. Along with the ability to see who is in a map.

    Then you ask: Each 'update' to the game where did it come from? Enemy locator? Check, Pet yeah, reflection of damage to player? Oh yeah. Wait till you see a cloak detector cpu.
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  2. That's what happened to me, had the guy at around a slither of his ship's hp, can't seem to take damage even though i was hitting a solid 50k x4 and i hit him 4 times, that's roughly 180k~195k of total damage and 10% or 20% of hp left can't be that much considering usual ships have only 500k to 600k of HP even double boosted (and i fought a centurion ship with a fast speed config similarly fast to a vengeance at 588 speed) and i doubt he's that tough since he was still in his suicide config.

    He knew that i was that player cloaked on that map, gone straight directly at me, didn't get it recorded since i was just thinking he was just skilled, then the moment i fought him, it was a sketchy fight.

    No wonder a lot of these shmucks are high all mighty on occasions, its because they've got a backing of a program and a MOD at best, this game is turning out like politics, which is bullcrap.

    The problem with these people, they just randomly let these strangers apply to be a game moderator, and i don't think they even have the ability to be one and just wanted to apply for the incentives and advantages (if by chance a game moderator has the ability to alter various factors in the game to take advantage from, ban a player live, or just plain mess with them.

    I've sent my video record to support, it was solid proof of botting and cheating as well if i had the other proof of him doing it, no player can damn crawl slowly like a cube does on plain site, literally the ship is slowly moving in tandem with the cube, auto lock was pretty obvious as well, only a small fraction of melee seconds before his previous target is destroyed and just moves on to another in quick succession like a damn robot, i'm not a robot but i can pretty much do that in a more advance way, leaving a target while my hellstorm is coming in hot on my previous target, quickly switching to another because i know its going to die, bots don't do that and pretty much a normal player won't know where a specific npc is on the map located.

    there's a whole lot of them on x-7 and x-6, even on Black Light maps there are some who keeps trying to probe an invoke to release its impulses and lures it on the portal that messes up the positioning of those other players that have a snug fit on the portal and shooting at attends while they aren't being shot back, then impulses comes in from these botters and just slings the burden right back at those poor fellas.

    Botters are fine, we can't really fix that if the thing is already a norm, but cheaters with auto locks, and HP modifier? damage? speed? might as well quit and just move on with it, i won't be playing the game if it weren't for my friends who still has the nostalgia of playing the game, ruined by a company that doesn't really care about their community of players, rather community of fund raisers and cheat slaves.
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  3. well guys, look at it this way: WHO DO YOU THINK HAS ALL THE CODE TO WRITE THE BOTS,
    precisely they probably make more money, than they do for the game,
    and who protects the botrs, accuse a well known boter in chat, and get a ban, kill them more than 15 times, another ban,
    as mentioned before they protect the cheats, and give them all the rewards, its pathetic.
  4. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    If there not that bothered they should give us a chart with the best cheater
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  5. I say they just reveal to us some sort of fake news about them having a new feature in the game "auto-pilot" where we pay monthly to be subscribed and we can set it automatically to do the grinding for us in the game, rather than them revealing the truth that they are the ones giving out the bots to the public, and some people making an imitation over the format of the programming of the bot, but fails miserably (or not).
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  6. There are different scripts, but yeah all those things exist depending on the bot.
  7. Please just delete the thread and put a sticky up at the forum:
    Yes we have no intention of stopping rank/alien/uri botters and could not care less to enforce/ban/regulate the app users in game. We will ban anyone speaking of the obvious hacks/cheats. No one cares and even watching players shoot aliens all day in x-7 cant be monitored in any way.
    Then put in 'hey spend money here we wont provide you any support other than telling you if you bring up cheaters you will get banned have a great day'
  8. Sagturius

    Sagturius User

    This appears to be the sad reality.
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  9. Yes i am increasingly meeting bots everywhere i go. In x-6 now there are about 6 bots in every cubi. Its REMOVED ridiculus. I suggest everybody to NOT give a single penny to bigpoint
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  10. I think that's because D.O doesn't get that much support it deserves in my opinion as to why it is turning into a pay to win game and bots are not suffering the consequences that they deserve, if players are doing things legit and D.O gets enough support and they have a stable income or a little bit more at some events they probably wouldn't resort to something like that?

    I'm also someone who has a business and understand the circumstances when your business is failing at you, yet you still keep the best quality of service to provide any customer that you might encounter, never get swayed by doing all the wrong things for money because at the end of the day everything that you do will come back at you more than what you expect it to be, that's called "KARMA".

    If D.O keeps on doing these kind of things, not knowing that trying to keep this all in the bucket and just throwing in all the complaints and pleas of the community like trash into that bucket then i suppose we don't have any other choice but to rather face it, even though i have accepted it long ago that bots won't disappear in the game, i wouldn't even have expected it to get worst over the years.

    Bans aren't gonna stop them from botting, they will keep making more and more accounts to mess up, i'd say there would be changes in the game that prevents botters from doing what they are programmed to do, something a human can only do and something a bot cannot manage to do.

    Botters have been increasing lately, and its worst than ever, each map contains a botter even at x-8 maps, or at x-5 maps, not to mention all those capable of doing Ubers all day, they bot at 4-5 map as well.

    I have proof that i filed a report about a botter in x-6 maps, even got the video recorded, yet they refuse to take actions and their response was hiding the fact that they cannot do anything about these said botters, but people who are pushing or using cheats? they actually respond with promising comments regarding the matter, that said i cannot say if they will really do something about it, i'm assuming there will be a ban wave coming along in the near future and they are just listing down these players at the moment.
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  12. I think dark should sell a auto chip for players since the do nothing about this.at least we gat fair play.
  13. Zecora

    Zecora User

    Reminds me that I previously wanted to ask a moderator for permission to post a search term for YouTube that leads to a video I made about Bots and explaining a few things about the situation. I actually did but I was accused of trying to give instructions to how to use a bot so I will just make a text variant of it. Glad I was able to post it into the German Forums at least because they actually understood my proposal. :D Anyway!

    Right now, BigPoint would heavily waste all of their resources on something that is practically unbeatable in the current conditions. Reason for that being due to the game running in a browser, specifically flash player, we are heavily restricted in how to handle anything at this point. We could block off applications, but the whitelist would become huge, as countless Windows/Linux/Mac features would access the game, there are countless of Browsers, variants and add-on that would also interfere with the detection system, and we gain more every day. It's practically impossible to only allow a certain set of applications as of right now.

    Another factor is that Bots in itself are just another browser that actually automates the process. Yes, a bot is nothing else but a browser that actually logs in through the website as usual, goes onto the map and does what it's being programmed for, with few enhancements. Due to the nature of the game being a flash, all information relayed to the browser are perfectly convertible into executions. Yes, a red dot that appears in the distance may not be detectable by a player, but since the game relays the information as a player, a bot can effectively run before the player is actually visible.

    In other words, the bots have no advantage in a sense, they can just execute way more information than a player could. And due to the game relaying information to the 'invisible' flash player of the bot, they just require coordinate information in order to work. Of course, there are also overlay bots, but that's the same thing except that the bot accesses the cache of the browser and makes use of the information that way.

    The best way to effectively fight against bots is less to try to make some attempts to make ban waves, but rather create (finally) a standalone client attached to a launcher. Advantages of a standalone client and a launcher being that the client itself would be the only thing that needs to be whitelisted. Furthermore, a program that is on the computer can much easier scan for malicious processes in the actual memory of the computer. A launcher could allow to hide the process in the taskbar, and encrypt it's memory, making it way harder to create a cheat/hack/bot for the game, if done right.

    Basically, having a standalone client would allow way more than what we have right now, and that 'way more' is not just limited to anti cheat programs or whitelisting, but also memory checks, a launcher could check for modified files every time you start the game, the game could also grey out any inputs if a certain program structure has been detected in the memory. Basically, client = Win. Not just performance wise, but also protection wise.

    Just like I said in the video, no, I do not have that knowledge because I use bots, but because I did actual research for several days and use background knowledge and logic to state my points.

    Kind regards ~ Zecora.

    PS: If the mods give the permission, I can still attach the search query of the video to this comment. I got the okay of the support for German Forum, I assume it would be no different here.
  14. HEY-YOU

    HEY-YOU User

    Dear BigPoint support team, I have been been playing this game off and on for 12 years. I would like to put in my 2 cents about Bots/Cheats and get this off my chest. Being the some people may have different opinions about the programs out there today I think that the honest players may feel the same of what Im about to say.

    Back when I encountered my first battle against cheats in 2010 I felt like it was something that there would be some sort of answer to the bots right then and there, However it was ignored and I still seen the same people using their cheats. later on in 2013 there was an announcement about how the botters/cheaters where being taken care of and I seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

    At the moment a lot of my old time friends came back to the game and started playing again after 3 years but fast forwarding a few years into the future 2018 to be exact I started to see a lot of my friends start to disappear. Cheats are something that I am strongly against in a multi-player game setting. Just this past year I have witnessed a massive increase of Bots and Cheaters on the servers that I play on.

    When I login to the game and take on that 10,000 ship kill quest I feel a since of dread when I got to the enemy maps and the only people I see really isn't what I was expecting. When I fly through the maps at night I find the maps are still dead even though they are full, I feel as if the game has became more challenging even though there isn't a single person I'm fighting against but yet Im competing against a bot that can get everything done 10x faster than I can. Words can't explain how disgusted I feel about the programs.

    I feel as if its not to late to take the action that is needed now to clean the map of the bots and the cheaters. I can guarantee that a better game is built off the players that has an actual face behind the screen. I hope to see a better future and hope to see the a better solution to this problem in the future. I wish that this the message that helps.

    Sincerely, GUNS
  15. i agree with the guys comments and feel sad dark orbit are not doing nothink .we spend on mhh 90 pounds and get very little for our money ,yet a bot gets much more and spends nothink.many players have been told by a clan called rekt who basically run all servers they have in house powers and rest us can play wen they choose .they also rubbed in some of our noses the fact they have in house help like a youger guy once called devils own from past ie his father worked for you.they will never get banned yet impressed on everyone on 3 diffent servers to stop spending and bot ...to me i feel this is bang out of order and like many i will no lonfer spend till i see these rekt clan players banned or at least punished .this is disgusting and many of us from diffent servers are not happy ,,,,a honest game has been rekted and alot hard work from many have lost heart to play ...pls sort this out fast before more leave game.goodbye 1 once loved game
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  16. koskabgd

    koskabgd User

    i log in evry day i fhite other players... and they never shoot back i kill 40+ players on evry map no ones is shooting back and they all have same formation change at the same type of life same time nice DO more bots more players quit see yaa i don't wont to say more but one of the europes are almost max bots i dont say number
  17. is the [REMOVED] a third party program i here rumors in ts and on game that its a big point bot and you wont loose your account for using it
    im holding out to see what happends myself i wont lower myself to cheating theres no honor in it i firm believer that DO is going to do something about it cause allowing whats going on now is no way to run a business i salute all you non botters outstanding just hang in there the worlds coming to an end for them
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  18. Beka

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    Hi everyone here,I am playing for 10 years already and the game is in the same situation from the very begining until now.No fairplay guys.So sad.
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  19. Can we hear from an admin on this matter, things are way out of hand now???
  20. I think this post is left open just for players to come here to rant and get out their frustrations DO Devos's already said in discord they are not gonna ban bot's that's why they came out with diminished rewards cause it's their way of fighting against them. So you have 2 choices use one or don't. I myself choose not to but am getting left behind in everything so basically both my accounts have no premium and no rebate nothing i don't give them the satisfaction of spending any more money on the game and when i feel i am left to far behind then i will be along side with all the others who have quit the game cause they choose not to do anything about the state of the game.
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