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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. _xSlice

    _xSlice User

    It sucks that you can't get close to a botter now because they fly away as soon as you get close. This is drastically reducing my kill count.

  2. AVIT

    AVIT User

    can you copy the text the devs saying that they are not going to ban and cheats m8 ? or screenshot it or something ?

    i pop all the time with the autos and find it hard to lock on npc for my missions ,, thinking of quitting ..

    im still playing fairly .. still losing my rank also :-(
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  3. Rossi

    Rossi User

    No reason to play this game anymore, really.
    Just quit before you spend more of your precious time on this game...
    It is sad, but it's the truth.
  4. What i do know is even though players are using a bot that means they are wanting to play but can't play against wallet warriors when they can't bot, easy enough don't sell uri any more you have to farm it but raise the rewards this is suppose to be a game not someones career. If they made an event every couple weeks and payed good uri like the Christmas one then players will play more to get the uri and stop the bot's let them keep their accounts but from here on in no bot's. They will still have to buy premium rebate box doubler lot's of money for BP they just need to even out the rewards for bot's vs players
  5. Ban them all and every event etc becomes fair play again, real players will start returning as all the cheaters have been deported. New players to the game will actually stand a chance and enjoy the game for what it was.
  6. I totally agree :)


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  7. HAHA you guys are funny i got ban for 2.5 days for telling mods in discord this is garabage they don't ban bots, the only reason they let you talk about it hear is cause they are not even gonna look at this post anymore. If they do it will be a member of the team that has no pull in the game and will be told to shut up just like we are. I myself play now but BP will never see another penny from me I don't care how far behind they let my account get from bot's. Just shows us what kind of company BP is and after this game i will never choose another game run by BP. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if even mods are running bot's atm.

  8. I agree with that too.


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  9. the bad thing is they wont tell us whats going to happend to the botters are they going to do something about it or make it legal to bot better not make it legal i have lost to much money and time playing straight also lost alot in the rankings we need to know if your going to do something so we can move on and quit complaning lol
  10. They used to tell us when they would ban players and the number of players banned. Haven't done that for several years. Kinda lets us know they are doing nothing, hmmmm?
  11. Newt

    Newt User

    bots affect people ranks ,,players who have played for years building there rank ,, their equipment etc ,, and its all gone because of botting .. yu sound like you are defending botting to gain a rank and equipment because you cant be bothered to do it.
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  12. Newt

    Newt User

    on my server a guy called dents ,,the mods ban him from chat all the time for mentioning botting .. its like they dont want to let him say whats going on .. the more i listen to him when he is online the more he makes sense as i am now experiencing it all also .
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  13. AVIT

    AVIT User

    all this could have been in do pockets where all the non cheats went ,but they persist in not combating cheats ..STAR CITIZEN In December 2018, the developers announced that they had raised over US$46 million from private funding.[97] Funding exceeded $250 million, raised from more than 2.4 million backers, in December 2019.[98]

    no one wants to play with bots ,,only the bots want to bot with each each other .this is dark orbit now .
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  14. Zecora

    Zecora User

    What do you all expect? What kind of statement are you expecting from BigPoint? Either they say they tolerate bots and down their game with it, or they say they remain illegal and people take it as a joke as nothing is happening anyway. Either way, they would screw up their game. So the best option is to stay quiet about it until either a definitive way to ban bots has been found, or they eventually shut down the game due to lack of real players. (and therefor lack of income)

    The game won't become fair automatically by removing all bots. That reduces the amount of viable prey for hunters, the next group to suffer will be newbies, and therefor the hunters will become the next fix on the list. BigPoint will suffer from any action executed, no matter how many players believe the other outcome. Unless they tackle all the current problems in one single sweep, in which case a chance for recovery will be very high since Dark Orbit IS getting a high number of new players. None of them is staying for long enough though.
  15. So just seen an average looking player taking on 2 UFE and his hp refused to fall below a certain level, break out instantly from multiple ice and slow mines, emp twice in a row (instantly) fly his solace way faster than the cyborgs and come out on top. I now refuse point blank to spend another penny on this game. Over the years ive spent a large chunk of change on premium etc but now happy to let premium etc run out.
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  16. That is such a lame reason. There are many players that have worked their way up without the help of 3rd party programs. It requires discipline and perseverance neither of which exist in most of the players in this game anymore. So stop with the b.s. that it's the wallet warriors fault that people cheat. Let's call it what it is, laziness and entitlement.
  17. Where id i say it was the wallet warriors fault? I am saying it's bp's fault for allowing such a big difference between someone who can put money in and have time to play vs a player trying to farm for the uri and equipment. Believe me when i say i have put my share into the game both money and time into the game to be over run by account's gaining significantly over mine and fast, and what i have seen over the years is bp just smacking their wrist's like a child needs when learning and giving them their accounts back. I am just trying to figure out ways that i feel might help fight against the problem otherwise for me the game is over after 8 years i can't even compete.
  18. ya its got really bad i lost 3 rank positions last weekend for the gate botters theres no way to keep up with them i am perty much giving up i here how many gates they have done in ts and all the loot there getting it just make my blood boil they are making mint in low gate and if they do do something about it it will be a slap on the wrist as i was told by a reliable source oh well blue skys and fly safe
  19. i do!! i have worked hard to get where i am and pvp why pvp in 2020 they all cheat as you stated on another reply in forums by spinning now the spinning isnt nothing to what they have now.
  20. You know i was reading all these forum posts then suddenly the solution came to me. All DO have to do is create a new server, which everyone can apply to transfer to should they wish to, however anyone caught botting on this new server is then returned to the server they came from and not allowed to return. What this would essentially do is create a bot free server, allowing all the real players a fair playing field and a return to the game we all used to love and enjoy. The new server would be a little quiet to begin with but new players might actually stay and old players might well return creating a decent sized server after a little time.

    The botters , well they can stay in there own server botting to there hearts content, i doubt they would have any problem with the honest players going to a different servers. Also botters would have no interest moving to the new server in the knowledge that they wouldnt be permitted to bot there.

    From DOs perspective its a win/win scenario, they dont actually have to ban any botters, so no legal issues for them, they would only be potentially moving them as they did with the server merges. In an fair server the honest players would actually start spending again, so DO make more money from that, as well as not losing any money from the botters buying prem and boosters, who would still happily exist in the game spending money but in their own existing servers!
    So in this solution everyone's a winner really!
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