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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. there it is move my ship right now also if they are caught botting there perm ban should be in place just change the term and conditions to up hold that. but in the terms and conditions now it states botting is illlegal right now or am i wrong lol out standing idea
  2. there is no ADMIN or anyone revelant in this chat just the moderator that will remove any names or links posted this thread is just here as a place holder
  3. I think the player ONLY server is defo a good idea to be honest, without it the game will soon be nothing but bots as nearly all honest players have either left or are leaving due to the cheating. A Bigpoint admin should take time out to actually engage with the DO community i.e the ones that contribute towards his/hers bloomin wages!!!
    I for one would feel better knowing what plan or roadmap they have, or if they even have any intentions at all too deal with this massive issue.
  4. I just recently encountered a botter who was able to jump at a portal in 4-5 while under attack .That's one I just started seeing.
    But, I have an idea.
    Sometimes when you are trying to log on somewhere there is that safe guard "I am not a robot" where you have to identify certain pictures or enter a code before it will let you log on or send a message. I know maybe they can get around this by logging on initially but , if you had to do this every time your ship got popped then maybe that would decrease their frequency or convenience.
    Do your quests on an enemy map(when not map specific) and the bots run away or you can at least pop them.
  5. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    Perhaps if this is read by devs, they could incorporate it when they have to redo things when flash goes away.

  6. Captcha code every time you log in and respawn will work
  7. I just recently suggested the same thing.
  8. perfect except in discord they said there way of fighting bot's is diminished rewards and since they also made it so drones don't take damage then i am assuming it's a green light to do whatever you want as it seems they are not interested in fixing the game till it becomes it's own client.
  9. DarkMarsGR

    DarkMarsGR User

    Sir, would you like everyday a new impossible event?
  10. Whatever it is your trying to say it's beyond me from what i can read it doesn't even have anything to do with what i said.
  11. Diminished rewards was not designed to fight bots. It was meant to discourage stronger players from preying on the weak and popping them over and over again. Unfortunately this now makes popping the bots less of an incentive because drones take no damage (which is good for the REAL player) but makes it impossible to make the bot an nonviable alternative of playing the game. If a bot user logged on and saw all his drones gone that might make a dent in their use. I know they can equip with auto drone repair but , at least they would constantly be reduced in level. I learned my lesson in regards to checking my drone status when I first started playing and lost all 8 of my drones because I neglected to check them after frequent battles. And I would never trust that cpu not to fail. DO will not replace your drones.
    Captcha code is the way to go in my opinion and I would gladly tolerate a mild inconvenience for the prospect of eliminating bots.
  12. This is all wrong for starters DO always replaced your drones once every 6 months with no questions, I know many players/botters who all got their drones back. And players who keep popping a player over and over get ban for pushing not diminished rewards I have been playing for years always went hunting killed several players in a row and never got diminished rewards. Also if you ask a mod in discord they tell you it's a bug that will be fixed soon haha don't think even DO tells the truth they only tell you what everyone wants to hear just to get you to keep putting money in the game. Like the fact they say bot's need to be detected by their bot program now that's a good laugh i haven't had in a while
  13. I would like to hear a DO official statement that the drones would be replaced , because I don't believe it. And yes , they may get banned , but unlikely. However here is a copy of an old thread regarding the "anti-griefing "policy on or about when it was first introduced ;
    Stop using the respawn on the same spot feature. Also 'said' player can poof ya 5 times and then get no benefit afterwards, so prepare to die 5 times and the player would/should leave you alone :(
  14. I lost -100,000,000 honour for firing warning shot at a botter didn't realise they where so low hp, and again -58,200,000 so if ur honest player you are no getting punished my rank went from Major to Capt well bigpoint you've lost a player who has been on here since 2006 !
    Unless you give me back my honour if this is how you are treating real players no point in playing anymore :(
  15. Sorry you don't just go right to being - 100 mil honor you had to have killed some players that you were not suppose to over and over and each time you kill them it shows you going down double honor each time so basically your own fault for raging on someone. I think at least it's partially your own fault so good luck trying to convince them to give you your honor back
  16. DarkMarsGR

    DarkMarsGR User

    Abusing pets much?

    Don't complain people... You know the game and the dev's skills
  17. Why bother? The guys in the to robo-clans blew by me in rank. Cant fight perfectly timed rsb/x4 combos with reflection damage.

    Got bored went on Steam and got ahold of some really fun games. Just doing the dailies now. No more uri, no more boosters no more premium. Done. 4 bots passed me this week. No point to the game anymore.
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  18. TALON_IV

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    i know the feeling everything seems to be set up for the botters they need to perm ban every botter id rather see the game die than have cheaters in it my east 3 ship was in top 30 at one time now its almost out of the top 100 makes me sick i got all the bo3 and prom lazors on it now i just do dailys and events on it and work on my west ship for the bo3 and prom lazors now if nothing has changed when i finish my west ship will be just log in events dailys thats it. i will hang on just doing that till the dwn load comes out and see whats what then. just sickning whats going on makes me feel like i have been let down violated
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  19. Out of curiosity was this player you shot at a friendly or an enemy company?
    If it was from your own company then I suggest you go to the enemy maps and shoot those.
    There are also plenty of bots in 4-5 . Enough to feast on with out diminished rewards.
    I was feeling the same way for a while and then I remember what another player told me a while back;In then end all that rank doesn't mean squat.
    If you are a better player than they are then you can pop them no matter what their rank is. They obviously haven't earned the rank they have so you should always have an advantage. I set my own in game goals and the heck with everything else . And for me the bright side to all the bots is ,there are less actual players in game to harass you during missions .
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  20. TALON_IV

    TALON_IV User

    true but when you worked hard and put alot of money in the game to get and hold on to your rank just to loose it by cheaters isnt fair lol also when they come out of zombie mode for pvp the same bot has auto lock and they macro they can pick you out of a bunch of npcs this one guy flys off when he is about to pop cloaks up come back full health in 5 seconds whats up with that
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