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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. I have seen bots that can escape from 4-X map while under attack. I chased it for most of the map , never lost lock on him then when it gets to the portal it just jumps away. RIDICULOUS !
    I do agree that it's not fair and not enough is being done about it.
    The only way to change things would be to organize a massive boycott of the game in an attempt to drive home the point that we will not take this lying down. But , I guess that would only work if there are more players that care than botters.
    There's not really much else I can say that will help.My next idea would be to record the bots in action and post them on FB or YT. [REMOVED] Make their clans and screen names public knowledge .
    Anyway, say the "Serenity Prayer" and hope that DO will eventually do something about it.
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  2. BP dont care, for example mention a cheat in chat, instant chat ban, its pathetic, and guess why we dont get any drone damage now, exactly the bots were complaining that they were losing the drones,
    they now look after the cheats and ignore the real players,
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  3. The drone thing helps smaller people/non pvp ready ships (like my current state, only really ever dies to the really strong aliens but gets shot down quickly by ufes that do 100k+ damage a folly) not lose there flax or iris drones quickly when UFEs kill them or if they die to an alien(s) anyway uri heavy to get to ufe and it's kinda slow going gaining uri when your not doing the event gate
  4. This event only shows how close to the end Darkorbit has come. When the zombies run the event gate from the second its open till it closes each day. Its truly sad when you here more pilots claiming you have to run 3rd party software to play this game. This infectious disease has been rampant since 2008 and has be increasing consistently with each passing year. Pushing bans at one point was used as a cloak to show players were getting banned until players have learned those numbers have been a lie.
  5. you can state whatever, they delete all the posts anyways.
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  6. Yep, and now I have experienced it first hand with a certain bidding bot. No action taken by DO. Even though it is painfully obvious that it is bidding 24 hours per day. They wont even look at their own auction house history.
  7. Well this is my last post about bot's and cheats, cause obviously BP only cares about the money they are getting and not the state of the game. There are so many bugs and cheats it's impossible to play how they say the game can be played. There are bugs that every time your in a big fight when you ship repair your ship logs back in but doesn't repair doesn't even show what formation you are using.
    Then the cheats like 1 player sits in a base with the base and 5 players attacking them but their hp never goes down, i have seen these bugs and cheats so often it's obvious BP could care less about the state of the game as long as the income stays filling their pockets. If this wasn't true we would have already seen a decline of botters but instead we see an increase.
    They seem to think their bans on the honor bug are more important than fixing the other issues in the game like the seprom bug, i mean what good is a 1 mil cap on seprom when they run out they use the bug and get 1 mil again so what good did that do.

    I really think they keep adding stuff to the game to get our attention away from all the problems and just get us to play the game but what is a game without guidelines? especially when some of these issues are in the terms and agreements, and hey BP you gonna give me the "we have to wait for the bot detection to detect them before you can ban them" hahaha what a joke that line is getting so old it's as outdated as the code is for DO,

    Anyways don't think BP's staff is ever gonna do anything about the cheats just to let everyone know i have been playing since 2012 and the bot's used to be ban now DO just want's your money even if your just a botter they don't care if you even play the game like some just build accounts to sell.

    But hey don't let your bot be killed to many times from the same player cause that is a pushing bann lmao so in other words from BP you can bot your ass off and if you want another bot to be ban just make a noob account go kill them over and over and send vid's to BP hahaha this all makes absolutely 0 sense.
  8. I've seen many posts on bots and the pvp glitches and programs people use on this game but rarely do I ever see anyone talk about the fact they took away drone damage to protect the bots. The game cheats are a no brainier anyone with an iq over a gnats can see it and I've figured out how to make it impossible for them to pop me but it is amazing how quickly they rage because they cannot in a 1 vs 1 lol. If you know what their programs can do you can in fact neutralize them by just simply paying attention to your game screen. The one I love is the one where you lose connection jumping through a port or when you jump through the port you end up mid map and they come right to where you are. Always have your pet out because it will let you know where in the map you are even when they use those glitches on you lol.
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  9. It seems to me like they aren't working towards eliminating people who are running third party programs and if they do have the ability they are not doing it. Contacting support with videos, proof, of people exploiting third party softwares to cheat in games yields nothing. Support is probable deleting the emails. I don't want to play a game that is run by third party programs. With all the hours and all the money I have put into this game, and HONESTLY, have built my ship, it is not fair.
    If enough of us make noise, eventually they are going to have to do something about it.

    I looked Bigpoint up on the BBB, turns out they moved out of the USA back in April 2018
    All you have to do on google is lookup BBB BIGPOINT and they come right up

    Because of Bigpoint leaving the US, you cannot file complaints with the BBB, however you can still go to another website the BBB listed called Econsumer
    its a .gov website and you can file complaints there instead.

    If enough of us make noise, not by contacting support because CLEARLY they aren't helping, and a lot of them might not even care, but instead go to a third party who will not take down these complaints, then maybe something will get done.
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  10. It is unfair, especially for us who are playing fairly. You shouldn't have to run a third party program in order to play the game. It says so right in there terms and conditions that you aren't allowed to use a third party program, but I don't see anyone getting banned from it! Bigpoint is going to end up with a lawsuit. People are going to want their money back and they are going to want the time they invested paid back too. When they see how much money they are going to start loosing , that might get the bricks out of their pants.
    I'm not saying we should instantly perma-ban players because, that would literally be just about everybody in my server. But yes, bans should start, and then if people dont stop sure, permanent bans should be issued. Its against the rules. You cant email support with proof either because they don't help. A goli shouldn't be able to outrun me when I'm in a solace, in wheel formation! But even if you taped a video of this occuring, emailed it to support, they won't do anything.
    So what should we do next?
    Complain our asses off to the BBB, but wait! We cant because bigpoint left the USA.
    So, go to Econsumer.gov and complain complain complain there!
    I don't want to see Darkorbit die, but I don't want to play when 75% of the players are using a third party program.
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  11. Lol im 90 hours in and I see bots quite a lot so its not exactly hard to spot about 2-3 days ago I got offered to join a clan joined for about 3 hours and within that time they had already asked me if I used a bot and then offered me said bot... what the point in playing a game if you are going to cheat to be good ? doesn't that defeat the whole object of the game in the first place to have fun and enjoy ya self ? yea people spend money I have also spent a little bit but that is what runs games I hear people in other games complaining because of people who buy... well them people who buy also keep the game running to an extent its absolutely pathetic. People want a bot because they are to lazy to do it them self For this reason all Bots should be banned hardly fair to all the legit players that work there *** off to be boomed by a god damn bot..
  12. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    I figured I'd shoot some BKs in 2-7 before I slept. I see the #1 ranked player on my server botting... Just a general flying around perfectly circling anything and going straight to the next (let's be honest, we can all point out a botter) ---- I wake up 8 hours later and log in and see he is still botting.

    Is anything happening to ban these botters? It's ridiculous! How the heck can the average player like me rank up if all these top players just let their bot kill things literally all day?
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  13. Botting is now a part of the game the sooner you accept that fact the longer your CC will stay in your wallet ....Years ago when something new is added to the game the bots go offline for a few day now the bots already know what upgrades are coming and they are already waiting for the updates
    You cannot beat the bots you can just hold on to your hard earned cash thats all
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  14. Can you give the post where it says botting will be allowed?
  15. Sorry there is no post that say botting is allowed however when was the last time you see a person gets ban for botting and how often do you see the same ship botting. They are not telling you to do it however they are not stopping you from doing it either the decision is yours
  16. I've grown to like bots. It makes doing enemy player kill missions a lot easier. I can now choose missions to kill hundreds of enemy co. players and actually get it done in a reasonable amt. of time. And if DO won't stop them , then I'll just keep popping them until I get no reward . Then I just move on to the next one. You have to try and turn a disadvantage into an advantage. And even if I don't get any reward , the kill still goes towards my mission kill count. As far as I'm concerned it's a win win situation. And since the botters don't get any consequences , they don't complain that their ships are being targeted. Once in a while you WILL run into a REAL player and you have to battle . Oh well. Go to an X-6 map and pop all the enemy botters that are Cubing. That's always fun. On a 4-5 map you don't even have to use good ammo (but I do ) because most of them can't jump away when under attack. However I have seen some bots that CAN jump regardless , so those will be the ones that got away.
    One last thing . When you , as a real player , achieve a rank or level , you will actually deserve it . So keep that in mind.
  17. Agree,, got killed last day by a guy (or whatever) that playes the game for less than 6 month, had already more hours on the clock as me, while i play from 2009, and is lvl 19 by now, i guess he has no IRL ,or is pumping his 3th party prog 24/7 to do that.
  18. pecanin

    pecanin User

    Cheating is not possible in Browser Flash based game...Big Point told me that so it must be so.

    I log on once every year just to post that .

    i'll be back.
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  19. Rossi

    Rossi User

    I've been trying to do 1000 interceptors and 600 saboteurs in Quest #41 and it's getting on my nerves. There is not a single real player on 5-2 and 5-3. It is infested with boters of all ranks and to lock a single interceptor before those bots it's superman's job!
    This "game" is a joke. If the company allows player to cheat and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, what are we, the real players, supposed to think of your company? Shame on you! I am disgusted.
    I've been playing this game since 2008 but what is enough is enough! There is no longer fun in this game, since nobody fights back and it's like shooting NPC. No thanks!
    I might do some events in future (if they are good), but I will no longer support this bot cheating infested game!
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  20. DRAZI

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    Might want to hook up with a few players and 'Milk' the Deadly Battlerays in the 4-X map. You'll have it done in no time. You'll just have to have everyone shooting the BRay and sending in Kami's. It will keep spawning more Interceptors. You may have to follow it to other 4-X Maps, so keep you BRay notifications on so you know where to jump​
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